A Regal IRA™ can reduce the volatility of your overall retirement/investment portfolio while exposing you to digital currencies, a new and promising asset class that is still in its infancy stage, which makes it the best time to get in.


Hard Assets (Precious Metals) for protection

Historically, gold and other precious metals have moved counter to the direction of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other assets tied to the dollar. Therefore, a small percentage of your portfolio dedicated to physical bullion coins and bars can help balance your portfolio and protect it when recession hits. After all, if it works for billionaires, banks and governments, why wouldn’t it work for you?


Regardless of your traditional investment preferences, a tangible asset like gold can help make the profitability and safety of your retirement portfolio far more attainable.

Including gold within an existing retirement account could improve investment performance by either increasing returns without increasing risk, or by reducing risk without adversely affecting returns.

From the traders of antiquity to today’s most savvy investors, accumulating gold stands the test of time. Gold is accumulated for a myriad of reasons, including to hedge volatile stock markets, to offset fluctuating commodities prices, and as a safe haven against falling home prices. To capitalize on consistent growth in value, gold has always proven the safest investment.


Digital Assets (Cryptocurrencies) for Profits

The rise of cryptocurrencies (also known as digital currencies) has been unlike anything else in history. Bitcoin and Ethereum have been leading the charge in the crypto space and the two digital currencies are now being used by consumers, businesses and governments worldwide.

As cryptos gain greater acceptance for personal and business transactions across the globe, the value of Bitcoin and Ethereum stands to grow rapidly. Having cryptos in your IRA is the best way to take part in this digital revolution while minimizing the risks involved with investing yourself.

Furthermore, as more investors and consumers fully embrace Bitcoin and Ethereum globally, the growing value in cryptos will not be compromised by a bearish stock market, falling oil prices, or a weakening dollar. This opens up great potential for growth and rapid expansion of value of your IRA account.

Important note: Cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others are a highly speculative and risky investment. Their value can skyrocket significantly over the next few years but it can also go down to zero. We recommend that our clients do NOT invest any amount that they cannot afford losing.
Talk to your financial advisor before making any investment decision. Keeping a diversified portfolio invested in several different asset classes is the safest way to protect your wealth.

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