Regal Assets is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to our clients and we are proud to say we have a 99.9% client satisfaction rating.

Recently all of our testimonials were verified fully by the TrustLink staff. The verification process was a 2 week period and included validating all the e-mails for the testimonials that were posted on TrustLink for Regal Assets and calling many of the testimonials and speaking to them personally on the phone.

The customer service experience at Regal Assets is unparalleled from any in the precious metals industry and is something we pride ourselves on. We really feel it shows in some of the letters and testimonials we receive on a weekly basis. We have selected a few of these letters and testimonials to share with you.

Being a bit of a novice regarding investments in precious metals I was interested in rolling over a portion of my 457b plan into a gold/silver IRA. After a little research I ran across Regal Assets who reviewed pretty highly against other companies offering similar services. I was contacted by KC Derian who immediately made me feel very comfortable with her knowledge, patience and experience. She took her time explaining the process and in assisting with starting the rollover. I really appreciated her suggestions with regards to the most potentially profitable way to allocate funds into gold and silver (my preference), and other potential options. To top it off KC Derian was a complete joy to speak with on just a human level. I hope to see my investment grow like a field of corn. Exceptional customer service skills and knowledge base! AAA+ Mike Jordan Ontario, CA
- Counta
This was my first time using Regal Assets and the silver purchase that KC and her team of professionals helped me make for my family’s legacy was simply fantastic. Her suggestions on silver purchases were both a great value and stunningly big beautiful. We will uses Regal Assets to accumulate both Gold and Silver for the long run. Great alternative diversification pathway. Dr. Terry Carothers
- Terry
This was the second time that I used Regal Assets to roll over a 401k account into a pm IRA account. Just like the first time, Christian Howard and Janette Compton were great to work with. They provided exceptional service. Thank you.
I recently transferred my Roth IRA to a PM account with Regal Assets. I researched for over a month and talked to several companies. I decided to go with Regal because of the great customer service from Christian Howard. He answered my many questions by phone and email, every time with patience and understanding. I will be making more purchases in the future.
- Paul
Not having any previous experience in buying gold I was very cautious and slow moving through this process. Christian made feel at ease with his knowledge and non pushy demeanor. It was a pleasure doing business with a top shelf firm. I look forward to doing much more business in the future. Thanks again Christian.
- Benny
Christian Howard & Jannette Compton of Regal Assets I checked many companies out on the internet who sponsored self directed IRAs and Regal Assets kept coming up as being the best. I understand why now after working with Christian and Jannette. They both made my experience very pleasant and they were very helpful in answering questions and staying on top of the transfer process. They made the whole process very easy as they explained in detail the forms, cost, and account set up.
- Bryan
I was a bit intimidated by all the options for investing in metals and setting up a self-directed IRA. Christian walked me through the process which was super easy and has been very helpful with question any questions I’ve had. He’s quick to replay and the level of customer service he provides is second to none. I would highly recommend Christian and Regal Assets to anyone looking to expand their investment portfolio.
- Ryan
This was my first experience purchasing precious metals and/or cryptos. Christian Howard was great, taking the time to thoroughly explain the process, and answer my questions, beginning with how to open an account. He carefully detailed the role Regal Assets plays, and how they relate to the custodian of the account (it's an IRA). When the time came, Christian discussed purchase options with me, and then promptly executed the trades within minutes. I could not be more pleased with my experience.
- Jim
When I decided to transfer the remaining funds in my federal Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) account to a precious metals IRA I did some research and noted Regal Assets was highly rated. I filled out an online inquiry form on their web site and expected to receive a packet in the mail. To my surprise Christian Howard called me the next day and we had a pleasant conversation. I explained that the TSP has their own process for transferring funds to a rollover IRA and he assured me he had handled that type of transfer before and would make sure it was a smooth process. When I received my investors kit from Regal Assets the 10th anniversary silver coin that was supposed to be part of the packet was not included. I called Mr. Howard's assistant Jannette Compton to notify her the coin was missing. She apologized and they overnighted the coin to me. They probably spent more on shipping than the coin was worth to make sure I got it without further delay. After submitting the proper notarized forms to the TSP my funds were eventually transferred. Christian Howard called me again as soon as the funds were available and guided me in a non-pushy professional manner through making the first purchases in my new Regal Assets precious metal IRA. I look forward to working with Christian and Jannette in the future.
Anthony has been so patient with all my questions regarding my IRA crypto account. He has succinctly and simply explained complex information to me. Moreover, he exhibits an easy-going, yet professional confidence. Anthony has been available to me when I have had a question and I have never felt rushed or pressured when talking to him. I am very comfortable working with him.
- Deborah
Our experience with Mr. Christian Howard, at Regal Assets has been one of exceptional service - his immediate responsiveness to emails, knowledge of the market and information provided for future investments with Regal. We look forward to working with Mr. Howard. Five Stars.
- Hoppy
I have never bought into the precious metals before and was looking over the net when I came up on Regal Assets. They had some very good reviews and I could not find any complaints from any of the people who choose to work with them. So I gave them a call and Christian got back to in no time at all. I had no experience and knew very little about owning PM but Christian explained to me about the process and had me feeling goog about going forward. He is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. If you are on the fence like I was and want no pressure and talk to someone that knows what they are doing then Christian at Regal Assets is the one you want to talk to.
- Dennis
I was very happy with Anthony's help getting my gold IRA setup. He is knowledgable and patient. I look forward to working with him in the future.
- Dave
Mr. Christian was an absolute pleasure to work with. The transaction was smooth and easy. He was prompt with with communication and follow ups. Thank you, Sir, for your service.
- T
This is my second experience dealing with Christian and Jannette and have had simple, seemless transactions for which I am certainly grateful for.
- martone666
I was impressed with the level of knowledge by Christian, who really showed me how to go about establishing my PM account. Jannette was always checking in with me to insure that my rollover process was smooth, so that was also really assuring. I am telling my colleagues about Regal Assets!
- K
Anthony at Regal Assets was amazing and extremely patient with all my questions. If i didn't understand something even after the second or third time he was more than happy to keep explaining all my questions. If your new at rolling over a 401k to an IRA that includes Alternative assets like Crypto...Anthony is the best! I would recommend Anthony at Regal Assets to all my friends and associates.
- Aaron
Anthony at Regal Assets was amazing and extremely patient with all my questions. If i didn't understand something even after the second or third time he was more than happy to keep explaining all my questions. If your new at rolling over a 401k to an IRA that includes Alternative assets like Crypto...Anthony is the best! I would recommend Anthony at Regal Assets to all my friends and associates.
- Aaron
Frankly speaking I was incredibly nervous and apprehensive about transferring my 401k plan savings to a gold IRA without someone to hold my hand. What the team of Christian Howard and Jannette Compton brought to the table allowed me to pursue my goals with confidence and a sense of security that was so critical to me. They guided me seemlessly thru the process and never made me feel naive ( which I certainly am). I have more business I intend to conduct with them.
- martone666
So, like many others, I would usually take the time to write about an unpleasant experience instead of a positive one. However; this time, I am writing about a truly positive experience. I was researching how to get in on metal investments and did some basic research on companies. After reading about companies who had multiple complaints, I came across Regal Assets which was much different. I reached out and was contacted by Christian who was very knowledgable and up front about pricing and process. Very important to me. I successfully rolled over my 401k into an IRA and obtained my first position in the metal market. Even after the trade, I contacted Christian again for a friend and compared a quote he was given. Not only was the price per coin much higher, I found out it wasn't even pure gold. Thank you Christian for helping me in my trade and my friend from a real scam. By the way, that company is advertised all the time as giving away free coins. Avoid FREE! It usually never is. I look forward to another transaction soon. Thank you again Christian-
- Smoothie
I want to thank Christian Howard, my acc't executive, and Janette Compton at Regal Assets for their help with another recent IRA transfer to my account. I They were both so helpful and knowledgeable. This was my 2nd transfer since opening my account recently and I was able to purchase my first cryptocurrency for my account. Thanks again & I look forward to working together in the future!
- Anne
How to get started with Bitcoin? And I am so grateful for Regal Assets Affiliate program because they gave a common folk like me a chance at financial from. And a financial freedom that I most likely could not have achieve with a normal 9-5 job. So I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to make a lot of money. By helping others that have the money, to invest in their financial freedom future with certainty. And if you do not believe the opportunity is real that Regal Assets gave me : to make some big money, and lifestyle changes. Thank You Regal Assets.
- Jah
How to get started with Bitcoin? And I am so grateful for Regal Assets Affiliate program because they gave a common folk like me a chance at financial from. And a financial freedom that I most likely could not have achieve with a normal 9-5 job. So I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to make a lot of money. By helping others that have the money, to invest in their financial freedom future with certainty . And if you do not believe the opportunity is real that Regal Assets gave me : to make some big money, and lifestyle changes. Thank You Regal Assets.
- Jah
We have had an account with Regal Assets and purchased metals through them for an IRA. They were easy to work with, professional, and provided excellent service in helping us to set up this precious metals IRA. But where I was especially impressed was the service and work that Leah did in helping us to liquidate another precious metals home storage IRA account that was no longer functioning the way we intended. This account was not even with Regal Assets, but she was of great assistance anyway. My wife and I both think that she has done an excellent job above and beyond the call of duty. Our precious metals purchases and associated accounts in the future will definitely be through Regal Assets.
Christian has been great to work with. He has been there from day one. He has answered my questions and concerns promptly. I feel that I have made a great decision to deal with Regal Assets.
- Gregory
When dealing with precious metals, Regal Assets is the group to make all of your transactions with. My personal accounts manager, Christian Howard, was a pleasure to work with not only in regards to my questions and purchases, but with just every day conversation. Mr. Howard is very professional, personable and you walk away from your transaction feeling confident and good about what you just accomplished. Thank you, Christian and Regal Assets!! 🙂
- Larry-Diane
I had a great experience with regal assets. I highly recommend purchasing your precious metals with them.
- R
KC Derrian was very helpful in walking me through my rollover to my new account. She was there every step of the way and made the process pleasurable.
I want to commend the expert service at Regal from my acc't representative, Christian Howard, and also Jannette Compton, who assisted me with the transfer & funding of my account. In just a few days, I completed a transfer of my IRA and also my first purchase of precious metals assets. I went with Regal and am so happy I did! The transfer process was incredibly easy and efficient. Christian is experienced and knowledgeable and gave very helpful and balanced advice. What a wonderful experience to find that the professional and courteous service at Regal that I had read in these reviews by others was confirmed in my own experience! Thank you Christian and Janette!!
- Anne
My agent at Regal Assets , KC Derian was a tremendous help in explaining the process of purchasing gold direct from Tegal Assets. She made it simple but giving ample advice on the process. She was extremely knowledgeable about how to purchase and gave all information on the wiring of money , etc. I look forward to working with Regal Assets in the near future Charles Duncan
- Charles
I’m writing this to express my experience I had with KC Derian while making and setting up an IRA gold account. Since getting to know KC I feel she’s become a friend and helped me make some good decisions on the purchase of gold. I give her five gold stars for her knowledge and professionalism. Thank you KC it’s been a pleasure working with you. Bob
- Bob
Christian Howard has served me several times already. He was patient and answered my questions. He returned phone calls promptly. Definitely will go back to him later for his service.
- Jing
Very professional and extremely helpful staff! Christian, Leah, and Jannette all made my life easy reallocating my IRA into crypto. They made the transition so seamless and quick that I was able to buy on a big dip! Thanks guys 😀
- The
Very professional and extremely helpful staff! Christian, Leah, and Jannette all made my life easy reallocating my IRA into crypto. They made the transition so seamless and quick that I was able to buy on a big dip! Thanks guys 😀
- The
Christian was very professional and actually called me back promptly whenever I left a message. That alone was quite a nice surprise. VERY SATISFIED WITH THE SERVICE !
- Randall
It's always a pleasure working with Christain!! Alway professional and willing to answer all your questions. Once again he helped me thru the process of opening an account and purchasing digital assets. Looking forward to working with Christian in the future.
- Mitch
Fred Horn was my account representative. He was accessible, informative, knowledgeable and handled all my requests. I recommend the services of Fred Horn and Regal Assets.
- Kevin
Fred was very professional and extremely helpful in transfer my IRA to gold and silver
- Paul
I am very pleased with Regal Assets. I had the pleasure of working with Christian Howard and he was able to answer all my questions and was very knowledgeable in this business. We even talked about Pros/Cons with other companies and he made me feel like part of the family and helping me purchase my first ever metals. Thank you Christian and looking forward to working with you again.
- Rob
Christian was helpful throughout the process and was available when i needed him.
- Justin
I exclusively use Regal Assets for my IRA needs. I was spectical at first thinking that they were like the others, over advertising and under performing. I was completely wrong. The personal level of attention you will receive is second to none. They take their time, answer all questions, provide detailed information. They help you make the decisions with thier guidance. Others, won't do that. They want to sell you on their ideas and products which may not be in your best interest. Regal Assets, is the absolute go to company!
- Bobby
Christian made the whole process of my Rollover smooth & simple. He made sure that I was informed every step of the way. Great customer service is just that easy. Thank you!
- Keith
Anthony helped a lot establishing an account and making a trade. Thanks!
- Peter
Christian was very prompt on the return phone call and answered all of my questions. Making an investment with him and Regal Assets was fast and professional. Will be working with them in the future for all my precious metal needs.
- Chris
Second Account I have set up Christian and team were superb in facilitating my investments. Frank Thomas
- Frank
will be highly recommended to anyone who wants to safe guard their IRA by investing in metals and crypto currencies.
- Allan
New investor to metals, started with another company , I thank them for their rudeness and non-transparency made me due my due diligence and ran me in the arms of Fred and Jannette. My 401 costoden was a bit difficult liquidating my account but Jannette calmness and persistence along with Fred’s aggressive informational tactics were the perfect team to “git-r-done”
- Carl
Christian Howard made establishing the precious metals IRA as painless as possible. The rules, laws & knowledge required can be daunting. Christian patiently answered my questions and explained the process in layman's terms. I think you would be hard pressed to match the combination of custodian, dealer, and storage offered through Regal Assets.
- john
KC my account manager was amazing! I feared a very long and complex process transferring my IRA but it was easy and only took days when I feared weeks. I look forward to doing more business with a company that has top notch customer service.
- Bryan
Christuan has been patient and clear and upfront explaining the process. I am excited as we move foraard with my portfolio together. Mark
- Mark
Christian was very professional and knowledgeable. He answered my questions and offered different viewpoints I had not thought of. I will specifically ask for him again.
- David
Christian and Jannette were very helpful in guiding me through the process of investing. I am very new to this and was nervous about it. They answered my questions fully and were very kind.
- Sue
Rollover from a 401K. The 401K side was a tedious pain. The Regal Assets side was a breeze! Fred H. and Jannette C. were there for me every step of the way. Top notch service. If you are thinking of Precious Metals, think Regal Assets!
- Mike
As a first time buyer, Christian did an excellent job on guiding me through the process of purchasing precious metals. Thanks again Christian .
- Terry
I am new to this kind of investing and had a lot of questions. KC took me under her wings and expained the whole process. She still makes herself available to me. Looking forward to learning and growing with this company and the guidance offered
- Yvonne
Regal has been very responsive to my needs and worked very closely with my IRA account manager. Christin always returns my calls.
- scott
Just wanted to take a minute to let everyone know my experience at Regal Assets was a good one. This is the third time I have used their service and each time they ensure I understood the process. They made the whole process easy and I will be dealing with them again.
- David
Trading crypto-currencies is new for me. Christian provided very helpful service to accomplish what needed to be done.. He was very patient and never tried to push me before I was ready. I'm very happy to be working with him.
- Tom
Regal is great and very responsive.
- scott
KC was the reason I went with Regal Assets. There are other companies offer the same service. She went above and beyond to assist and follow up with any issues and questions I posed. I look forward to my retirement and having regal assets on my side; I feel more secure. Thank you KC and team. Y'all did a wonderful job.
- Ron
I never thought I would need to purchase gold and silver. These are the times we live in where certain financial decisions are almost forced on you. Being a complete newbie to buying physical gold and silver was a challenge for me. This is where KC became invaluable to me helping to guide me through the process of rolling over a partial IRA to Regal. After that process KC gave some valuable insight on the ratio of gold to silver and suggested an awesome approach to the actual choice of coins to purchase. I couldn’t be more grateful and every day I feel more positive about the decision to move to a physical precious metal wealth protection strategy.
- Tom
I've been considering putting my IRA assets into precious metal for over a year. About 6 months ago, i started to do some research. About 2 months ago i started to reach out to some of the companies that i had heard advertising. I started to research the process to set up a self directed IRA, how the rollover was handled, what to hold, etc. I then had initial conversations with 2 broker companies. While researching those companies and the custodians to use, I came across Regal Assets. I was impressed with the information available and especially the reviews I found here and on independent sites. When I called in, I was connected with Fred Horn. I'm happy I did not move forward with one of the first 2 companies. Fred was tremendous. I thought i had a pretty good handle on things based on the research i had done, but Fred shared with me some information which i had never considered. Fred also sent me a FED-EX package with some of his own research and a couple of CD"s, which I found to be extremely interesting and relevant, Fred is very low key and I never felt any pressure. Once i decided to move forward, Fred made the process super easy. Fred followed up with me several times a day with updates and instructions to get my IRA funds moved to cash and transferred to the new custodian. We had some great conversations then Fred made his recommendations. Fred made the process for the rollover very easy. I look forward to working with Fred again in the future.
- Richard
What a great experience! I was a little nervous in transitioning my Roth into gold and silver but Christian really went above and beyond to explain the process. I would highly recommend this company and Christian. I will continue to purchase through them in the near future... thanks Christian. Eric
- Eric
Top notch service. Christian was communicative every step of the way and answered my questions quickly with zero ambiguity. The process was explained well and ran smoothly. Regal certainly delivers on their promises, and I greatly appreciate that. In that way, Christian joins gold and silver in my long-term assets list.
- Alan
Christian was professional and quickly returned my calls.
- J
Christian was very knowledgeable, and walk me through the process of purchasing gold and silver. He treated me with respect and kindness which I very much appreciated.
- JT
Regal Assets has been very helpful with the rollover of my 401k account to purchase precious metals to add to my IRA portfolio. In particular, I was very lucky by working with KC Derian, who has been a very knowledgeable and sweet person; also Jannette Compton was very helpful during the whole process. You cannot get two better representatives to work with! KC has spent a lot of time on phone calls giving me all the requested information. They both made the process easy and clear to understand; this was a no doubter for me!
- Cecil
Working with Jannette and Anthony on an old 401k roll over. They were very helpful with all the issues I had with my previous plan holder, I have no regrets switching, and would do it all over again. Thank you very much.
- James
Regal Assets has been very helpful with the transfer/rollover of several of my accounts to purchase precious metals to add to my IRA portfolio. Both Christian and Jannette have been diligent in staying on top of the companies involved. Christian spent a lot of time on the phone calls giving me much needed information on the benefits, process and buying. Thank you both
- JT
Christian was an absolute pleasure to work with he is very knowledgeable and efficient and processed my order quickly and accurately
- lorne
They were easy to deal with, handled everything quickly and completely, and offer great options.
- Joshua
picked up the phone and we talked for about a hour for starters. He knew and guided me through everything that I wanted! Between working with Christian and Jannette Compton the whole process of switching over was so much easier than I dreamed! I wish everything could be that smooth and easy! I wish I would have done this years ago with Regal Assets. These two people made me feel way more secure about my financial future and I'm looking forward to communicating with them in the future, Thanks again, Scott K.
- Scott Kelwaski
Christian helped me transfer my IRA over to gold and silver bars. He is very knowledgeable about his market and very patient with me, answering all my questions and letting me liquidate my assets in my old account. Overall it was an easy experience and I recommend Regal Assets to anyone looking to invest in precious metals.
- Jennie
I am new to Regal Assets though I have precious metal accounts with other companies. I had to get used to working strictly through an agent rather than being able to research items and prices on their website before committing to buy. Regarding my agent, Christian Howard has been easy to work with because he does not try to hard sell me on specific products, which another companyʻs agent did in pushing numismatics. Christian was knowledgeable and competent in putting my order together, providing excellent advice to get me the most for my money. I highly recommend Regal Assets for the experienced and novice Precious Metals investors alike!
- Fohpono
Just wanted to take a minute to let everyone know my experience at Regal Assets was a good one. They made the whole process easy. Especially, Christian Howard.
- John
I'm very happy with the service and information Fred Horn gave me on pm investments. He is knowledgable and reliable. Ive talked with several companies regarding my IRA roll over to pms and decided that Fred and Regal Assets were a no brainer choice. I'm looking forward to a long and prosperius reationship.
- Dan
I had a great experience with Regal Assets. Christian and his team made transferring my traditional IRA incredibly easy. There was consistent follow-up throughout the process. He explained everything thoroughly, patiently and efficiently. I'm so glad I found Regal Assets and will be doing more transactions with them. Highly recommend!
- MT
First-time precious metal purchase. I investigated a few other companies. All the brokers came off as used car salemanesque. Christain made me feel at ease and did not pressure me. The whole process was easy and non-taxing.
- Omar
This was my first experience with Regal Assets in transferring to a precious metals IRA. I had the pleasure of working with Christian Howard and everything went so smoothly that I couldn't believe how easy it was. I will not hesitate to work with him in the future, as I plan on continuing our relationship. Highly recommended.
- Thomas A.
Continuing my IRA rollover relationship with Christian H and Janette C remains a pleasurable experience. Consistently an attentive, informative,and patient team.
- Paul
It’s been a great experience with Christian and the team at Regal Assets for my IRA roll over. They helped me every step of the way from account set up to getting my metals. Thank you so much!
- Christine
First time precious metals investor. Christian guided me through the process flawlessly. Highly recommend!!!
- Florence
Christian Howard and his team make the process as easy as can be. The concept of dealing with three entities to establish a precious metal ira is a bit overwhelming at first but Regal Assets made every step clear and concise. I’m very satisfied with the service I have received and highly recommend Christian Howard and his team at Regal Assets. I look forward to adding to my position. Thank you!
- Lawrence
I had a very pleasant experience with K C. Derien. She was very informative and knowledgeable and was able to help me a lot with my request. I would certainly do business with K C. again and will recommend her to others as well.
- Lonnie
First time precious metals investor. Christian guided me through the process flawlessly. Highly recommend!!!
- Florence
First time investor in precious metals. Christian guided me through the process flawlessly and answered all of my questions. Highly recommend!
- Randol
Amazing people. Very attentive to details and friendly. Made the whole process very easy.
- Ann
I worked with KC in creating my gold IRA and purchasing both gold and silver. She is an absolute pleasure working with.
- engineerNme
This was our first purchase of precious metals .And even though our bank dropped the ball on our transfer. Once our funds cleared Christian contacted us and had everything done in about thirty minutes. He was so knowledgeable and helpful he made things so easy THANK YOU SO MUCH CHRISTIAN. And everyone at Regal
- Lorri
I had the pleasure of doing business with Christian Howard, he was very informative and kind during my 401k rollover. Thank you Christian.
- Mira Luna
2/5/19: Today I completed my first official metals purchase with my Account Executive, Christian Howard. I rolled over some old IRA’s from previous companies that I had been employed with. This was my first experience with owning a self-directed IRA. Christian is very knowledgeable and patient and does a very good job explaining each step of the way. Thank you! Brenda Gilbert
- Brenda
Continuing my relationship with Christian Howard has been simply fantastic. Began with 401k rollovers, now with my pension. A professional and informative experience always
- Paul
It has been such a pleasure working with Christian Howard at Regal Assets. I plan on repeat business. I highly recommend getting in touch with Christian at Regal Assets and start planning your retirement now.
- Mojoflyingsolo
I should have done this years ago. I had no idea how easy it would be to move my IRA from my old broker to Regal Assets. I honestly sleep better at night knowing that I have solid assets stored away. My contact person (Christian) answered all my questions and really made the entire process effortless on my part.
- Kevin
Very easy to work with! Really enjoy having gold and silver exposure in an IRA. Very happy customer!
- 1.6180339
Christian and the team at Regal Assets made the transition easy and stress free. They are very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. I highly recommend Regal Assets.
- Shannon
Christian is quite knowledgeable about the trading of precious metals. Just as important is the fact that he does not fill his speech with a lot of lingo. He speaks in a manner that helps me understand more about the process each time I speak with him. I also like the fact that he is not high pressure. His gave me the information I asked for and allowed me to make up my own mind. Thanks Christian!
- Chris
Christian Howard and Jannette Compton were nothing short of amazing. Being new to this, it was a genuine pleasure to work with such a patient and informative team.
- Paul
My consultant at Regal Assets is Mr. Fred Horn. He is very knowledgeable in the financial investments field. It was not particularly easy to liquidate and transfer my prior investment into this new one but Fred helped me at every step along the way. He remains a trusted consultant and valuable resource. Sincerely, Michael Johnson
- Michael
I opened my first gold IRA with Regal Assets and KC made it simple. Regal has the best review's among precious metals companies. It is a joy working with KC and Regal Assets.
- engineerNme
My wife has an inherited IRA which requires yearly RMDs. The expense to ship the gold each year to us has increased, so we reached out to Regal Assests for suggestions. Janette Compton suggested setting up a free storage account at Brinks to transfer the gold each year, thus saving us substantial money. Thank you Janette for your expertise, setting up our account, and being a pleasure to work with.
- Scott
Christian Howard and his team made the IRA transfer process stress free. They kept me updated on the transfer process and answered all my questions. Christian was very professional and took care of the purchasing process while on the phone with me. I highly recommend Regal Assets and Christian.
- Rusty
Great experience! They made it easy to on board and communicate very well.
- Brian
I rarely participate in online reviews. However, Ron Fricke and Jannette Compton deserve a top rating. Both were very helpful, very prompt to respond during the whole process of converting my existing IRA. I look forward to working with both in the future.
- Rick
Engaging Christian and his team at Regal Assets has been a pleasant experience so far! He has a laid back, easy-going account management style similar to my own; so I found it very easy to communicate and work through the process with him. He and everyone else at Regal were very responsive to any and all my questions. I feel at ease knowing that my IRA is in good hands. Highly recommend this group if you are interested in moving into non-traditional assets like crypto and metals.
- Steve
Allocating my 2019 Roth IRA contribution was a breeze. Investment choices reviewed, selected and confirmed quickly and efficiently.
- colin
Christian Howard always makes the process of investing easy and I really enjoy working with him. Definitely 5 out of 5 stars. Thanks Christian!
- Alison
to help you in securing your retirement needs. They were there when I had any question, and helped me feel at ease with this process. In a world of up and down Stock Market, investing in metals have given me peace of mind. I highly recommend getting in contact with Christian Howard at Regal Assets and secure your future like they have for my family.. Doris D..
- Mojoflyingsolo
I have had a great experience with regal assets. I switched part of my RRSP portfolio over to precious metals. Anthony answered all my questions and made the process go over with no stress. I would definetly recommend regal assets
- byron
I am thankful for the insight and advice that Christian gave during this process. When you are dealing with precious metals for the first time it can be a bit overwhelming. But he is professional and very knowledgeable and he was able to calm any concerns and answer the questions I had. Very pleased with my overall experience.
- Shannon
Overall experience was great. Anthony was knowledgeable and professional and quick to respond to questions I had. Fees are high, but being able to invest in digital assets and precious metals is an opportunity second to none.
- Zeth
This is my second time dealing with Christian and as in the first he was incredibly efficient knowledgeable and guided me through the process very well.
- Steve
I want to thank Christian Howard and his staff for their excellent service in regard to my IRA roll over. This was expedited and accomplished during the holiday season! Truly wonderful experience!
- Tracey
It should be noted, right or wrong, that it is very rare for me to take the time to write a review, good or bad. Given my outstanding customer service with Christian Howard from Regal Assets, I would be remiss to not acknowledge what I found to be an exception investment experience unlike any other that I have had. There are investment brokers that will often tell you what you want to hear and frankly suggest you not to monitor your investments as they will go up and down and they are all preaching from the same playbook. Christian made us feel we actually had engaged a true steward of our financial investments and it was a more personalized experience that took into consideration the many factors necessary to create what we believe to be a safe harbor for our financial resources in light of the current volatile market conditions. No one has a crystal ball but sound financial advice and planning is paramount these days when you are concerned about safeguarding your investments for retirement. Having taken a financial bath during the last stock market crash, we researched who was best qualified to advise and guide our financial planning. We found Regal Assets had some of the best reviews and engaged them to help give us some clear direction in navigating the tumultuous waters of the stock market. Having had such a positive experience that we did with Christian Howard and Regal Investments, we would highly recommend them to anyone in our same financial position for guidance to hedge the inevitable drop in stock market values.
- stephen
Christian was absolutely amazing: very helpful and professional. I am new in this and he took time and explained everything and gave me a great advice.
- Laura
I was extremely pleased with the level of expertise and professionalism that my account executive Christian Howard displayed in assisting me to roll my IRA to precious metals. I strongly recommend Regal Assets!
- Kat
I so much appreciate the professionalism and experience that I received while rolling over my IRA to precious metals. I strongly recommend RegalAssets for your precious metals purchases!
- Kat
My account manager Christian was very helpful in helping me select my precious metals mix. He was very informative with regard to helping set up my account with the custodian, New Direction Trust Company, and communicating the yearly custodial and metal storage fees. Great job, Christian!
- Robert J.
I looked into a couple different companies to do business with and made a decision with Regal Assets. I couldn't be happier with my decision and wish to thank Christian for his help. The process was smooth, comfortable and easy. He did a great job working with me and I look forward to using the company again and hope Christian is available for I truly enjoyed the experience. Thanks!
- Sharon
Christian was not only very informative, but patient with me in choosing my precious metals mix for my self-directed IRA. I highly recommend Regal Assets!
- Robert J.
Christian and Janette offer a simple and professional service that inspires confidence for the customer. Always respectful, never pushy. Highly recommended!
- jennifer
- Adin
Christian Howard was awesome to work with. Quick and efficient. Transaction painless, and easy.
- Joe
Christian Howard and Regal Assets This was my first time investing in precious metals through my Self Directed IRA. Christian Howard at Regal Assets was patient in answering all my questions (and I had plenty of "dumb" questions). I researched multiple precious metals brokers and IRA custodians but it came down to how comfortable I was with going over the investment kit with Christian. I felt at ease with the decision to diversify my investment portfolio in this type of asset class.
- Thomas
Overall a great experience. Anthony from Regal Assets respected my timeframes and patiently walked me through the process. I took several weeks to make my decision and I never felt pressured. Once I was ready to pull the trigger, Anthony and Jannette took me step by step in setting up an account and moving some old 401k funds into an IRA Metal account. Very happy with the move and their fee structure is simple. Thumbs up from me !
- Gary
Christian Howard - A+ My transition to Regal Assets was a bumpy one...only because the company that managed my previous IRA just delayed and delayed the release of funds to Regal Assets. Christian and his team worked daily on my behalf to help expedite the transfer. They kept me informed along the way and answered all of my questions. What a relief to be with Regal Assets...Thanks Christian!
- Michael
I have to admit I was feeling a bit overwhelmed at thought of what it would entail to open an account with Regal Assets. Turns out I had nothing to worry about. I worked wih Christian Howard who walked me through the entire process making it much easier then I expected. I look forward to a long and lasting relationship with both Christian and Regal Assets.
- Karen
Christian Howard and his associate Janette Compton of Regal Assets I had done some research into other gold IRA account setup and purchase agencies, when I asked those others about the fees involved I was given a lot of run around answers. Christian was straight forward with answers and this was the biggest factor in deciding to go with Regal Assets. Janette was instrumental in getting the whole thing done. and I appreciate both of their help. thanks again to both of you for the peace of mind.
- Jeffery
Christian Howard and Regal Assets Review Christian is a super friendly guy, and proved that it really isn't that hard to create a crypto-funded IRA. I was a little intimidated when researching how to set one up, and briefly considered doing a LLC-owned self-directed IRA, but after talking to Christian, he suggested sticking with the custodian-managed IRA, and gave me a detailed summary of the main points, and hoo boy, I'm glad I didn't go down that road....I have enough of a handful with federal taxes that I'm glad I don't have one more thing to pile on top of it. I was surprised how fast the process was too; I was able to access the dashboard of the fund about a week after filling out the paperwork. Give Christian a call! Like I said, great guy, knows his facts, knows the industry, and led me down the right path.
- Scott
Christian Howard and Regal Assets I had a very positive transaction with Christian Howard and Jannette Compton that made the whole process very smooth and painless. They are outstanding customer service professionals. Thank you very much for the assist in setting up my account. Martin Phillips
- Martin
Christian Howard and Janette Compton The transfer of Roth IRA Assets and purchase of crypto currencies went smoothly. Quicker than I thought it would and easy.
- Michael
The process from beginning to end was flawless. Howard and Jannette at Regal Assets took care of all the details, while communicating with me every step of the way. Highly recommend Regal Assets. Robert
- Robert
Christian Howard provided me with excellent customer service!!!!!!
- Mark
Anthony Bertolino, Jannette Compton and Regal Assets Rollover of my lifeless IRA couldn't have been easier or more professional. It was an absolute pleasure keeping in contact Anthony and Jannette as they supported me promptly and with utmost courtesy. All the papers and documentation that I needed were quickly prepared with no problems. Jannette kept me in the loop the whole way. Anthony was, and is, an excellent source explaining the Regal Assets process and how to best utilize my seeds to best reap my future financial harvest. I am very pleased with my experience, thanks to both Anthony and Jannette, and A+ for Regal Assets.
- Tommy
Christian Howard and Regal Assets I had a very positive transaction with Christian Howard. He was very informative and walked me through all of the steps to open and transfer money from another IRA. When it cam time to purchase from Regal and deposit into my account, he did an excellent job.
- Dennis
I worked with Christian Howard and he was great he patientfully handled all my queries. The overall transaction went smooth, it was long wait from my end.
- Nagaraj
Regal Assets is a highly professional organization with expertise and excellent customer service. I highly recommend Regal Assets.
- Gena
Regal Assets Christian Howard and Jannette Compton I had such a positive experience w/ my rollover IRA! Both Christian and Jannette are real assets to Regal! I would not have wished to deal with two more professional and likeable individuals! Thank you for the ease of doing business! Sincerely Mark Z
- Mark
Anthony was a fantastic advisor to help me get my IRA setup and I would recommend him to anyone. He was professional and knowledgable. He answered all of my questions clearly and was quick to respond.
- Shirley
Christian Howard and the Regal Assets Team Christian Howard and the entire Regal Assets Team was extremely professional through every step of the process. Christian took the time to answer many questions and to ensure each and every step of the rollover was done to my liking. Great job Christian and Regal Assets!
- Jason
Anthony Bertolino, Jannette Compton and Regal Assets Review Rollover IRA was easy and efficient with Jannettes support on all the documentation and file handling. She kept me up to date on how process going. Anthony was great explaining how Regal Assets worked and convinced me Regal Assets was the way to go for my Bitcoin Investments over other Bitcoin IRA groups. Thanks to both of them for very positive experience.
- Glenn
We were looking for the option to purchase cryptocurrencies within a Roth IRA. After researching a few options we settled on Regal Assets and were connected with Christian Howard. Everything went smooth as clockwork from account creation to funds transfer to purchasing of the cryptos itself. All fees were fully disclosed prior to purchasing and Christian thoroughly explained the process and was on top of everything the entire way. Steve B
- Stephen
Rollover to Regal Assets was smooth. Christian Howard was very informative, accommodating and helpful with my choice of cryptocurrency. I will recommend Christian Howard and Regal Assets. I was so impressed with the experience that I also rolled an annuity into gold and silver with Regal Assets.
- Guy
- Alfred
Kevin Synder and Regal Assets Everyone at Regal and Kingdom Trust have been great to work with but one individual in particular made it possible for their at bat, Kevin Snyder. Kevin always has time for me. He makes me feel like I am talking with a friend and shows an understanding and passion for for what we are doing. He is the reason that Regal was chosen above all the others. The whole team invluding Kevin still is what keeps you . Top Shelf, first Class service!
- David
Worked fast Once the IRA was transferred, the process moved along as expeditiously as I could have wanted. Anthony and Janette were very professional and did a good job answering the nuanced questions I had. They, obviously, know their subject. Also, the lady, Alicia Buchart, at New Directions was very nice and helpful.
- john
I found our about Regal Assets on line and when I contacted them I was contacted by Christian to discuss what I was looking for in the way of transferring funds from a current account that I had to Regal Assets. I talked to Christian a number of times and he walked me through the procedures and was professional in all aspects and answered all of my questions. We discussed the assets that I was interested in and he provided recommendations that I felt comfortable with. I will continue to deal with Regal Assets and Christian in the future when I decide to transfer more funds.
- Darrell

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