Regal Assets is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to our clients and we are proud to say we have a 99.9% client satisfaction rating.

Recently all of our testimonials were verified fully by the TrustLink staff. The verification process was a 2 week period and included validating all the e-mails for the testimonials that were posted on TrustLink for Regal Assets and calling many of the testimonials and speaking to them personally on the phone.

The customer service experience at Regal Assets is unparalleled from any in the precious metals industry and is something we pride ourselves on. We really feel it shows in some of the letters and testimonials we receive on a weekly basis. We have selected a few of these letters and testimonials to share with you.

Allocating my 2019 Roth IRA contribution was a breeze. Investment choices reviewed, selected and confirmed quickly and efficiently.
- colin
Christian Howard always makes the process of investing easy and I really enjoy working with him. Definitely 5 out of 5 stars. Thanks Christian!
- Alison
to help you in securing your retirement needs. They were there when I had any question, and helped me feel at ease with this process. In a world of up and down Stock Market, investing in metals have given me peace of mind. I highly recommend getting in contact with Christian Howard at Regal Assets and secure your future like they have for my family.. Doris D..
- Mojoflyingsolo
I have had a great experience with regal assets. I switched part of my RRSP portfolio over to precious metals. Anthony answered all my questions and made the process go over with no stress. I would definetly recommend regal assets
- byron
I am thankful for the insight and advice that Christian gave during this process. When you are dealing with precious metals for the first time it can be a bit overwhelming. But he is professional and very knowledgeable and he was able to calm any concerns and answer the questions I had. Very pleased with my overall experience.
- Shannon
Overall experience was great. Anthony was knowledgeable and professional and quick to respond to questions I had. Fees are high, but being able to invest in digital assets and precious metals is an opportunity second to none.
- Zeth
This is my second time dealing with Christian and as in the first he was incredibly efficient knowledgeable and guided me through the process very well.
- Steve
I want to thank Christian Howard and his staff for their excellent service in regard to my IRA roll over. This was expedited and accomplished during the holiday season! Truly wonderful experience!
- Tracey
It should be noted, right or wrong, that it is very rare for me to take the time to write a review, good or bad. Given my outstanding customer service with Christian Howard from Regal Assets, I would be remiss to not acknowledge what I found to be an exception investment experience unlike any other that I have had. There are investment brokers that will often tell you what you want to hear and frankly suggest you not to monitor your investments as they will go up and down and they are all preaching from the same playbook. Christian made us feel we actually had engaged a true steward of our financial investments and it was a more personalized experience that took into consideration the many factors necessary to create what we believe to be a safe harbor for our financial resources in light of the current volatile market conditions. No one has a crystal ball but sound financial advice and planning is paramount these days when you are concerned about safeguarding your investments for retirement. Having taken a financial bath during the last stock market crash, we researched who was best qualified to advise and guide our financial planning. We found Regal Assets had some of the best reviews and engaged them to help give us some clear direction in navigating the tumultuous waters of the stock market. Having had such a positive experience that we did with Christian Howard and Regal Investments, we would highly recommend them to anyone in our same financial position for guidance to hedge the inevitable drop in stock market values.
- stephen
Christian was absolutely amazing: very helpful and professional. I am new in this and he took time and explained everything and gave me a great advice.
- Laura
I was extremely pleased with the level of expertise and professionalism that my account executive Christian Howard displayed in assisting me to roll my IRA to precious metals. I strongly recommend Regal Assets!
- Kat
I so much appreciate the professionalism and experience that I received while rolling over my IRA to precious metals. I strongly recommend RegalAssets for your precious metals purchases!
- Kat
My account manager Christian was very helpful in helping me select my precious metals mix. He was very informative with regard to helping set up my account with the custodian, New Direction Trust Company, and communicating the yearly custodial and metal storage fees. Great job, Christian!
- Robert J.
I looked into a couple different companies to do business with and made a decision with Regal Assets. I couldn't be happier with my decision and wish to thank Christian for his help. The process was smooth, comfortable and easy. He did a great job working with me and I look forward to using the company again and hope Christian is available for I truly enjoyed the experience. Thanks!
- Sharon
Christian was very professional and actually called me back promptly whenever I left a message. That alone was quite a nice surprise. VERY SATISFIED WITH THE SERVICE !
- Randall
Christian was not only very informative, but patient with me in choosing my precious metals mix for my self-directed IRA. I highly recommend Regal Assets!
- Robert J.
Christain was very helpful explaining the process of opening an Gold/Silver and Cryptocurrency account, walked me through the whole process and was quick to respond back with email with any questions I needed answered. I definitely look forward to working with Christian again
- Mitch
Christian and Janette offer a simple and professional service that inspires confidence for the customer. Always respectful, never pushy. Highly recommended!
- jennifer
- Adin
Christian Howard was awesome to work with. Quick and efficient. Transaction painless, and easy.
- Joe
Overall a great experience. Anthony from Regal Assets respected my timeframes and patiently walked me through the process. I took several weeks to make my decision and I never felt pressured. Once I was ready to pull the trigger, Anthony and Jannette took me step by step in setting up an account and moving some old 401k funds into an IRA Metal account. Very happy with the move and their fee structure is simple. Thumbs up from me !
- Gary
I have to admit I was feeling a bit overwhelmed at thought of what it would entail to open an account with Regal Assets. Turns out I had nothing to worry about. I worked wih Christian Howard who walked me through the entire process making it much easier then I expected. I look forward to a long and lasting relationship with both Christian and Regal Assets.
- Karen
Christian Howard and Regal Assets Review Christian is a super friendly guy, and proved that it really isn't that hard to create a crypto-funded IRA. I was a little intimidated when researching how to set one up, and briefly considered doing a LLC-owned self-directed IRA, but after talking to Christian, he suggested sticking with the custodian-managed IRA, and gave me a detailed summary of the main points, and hoo boy, I'm glad I didn't go down that road....I have enough of a handful with federal taxes that I'm glad I don't have one more thing to pile on top of it. I was surprised how fast the process was too; I was able to access the dashboard of the fund about a week after filling out the paperwork. Give Christian a call! Like I said, great guy, knows his facts, knows the industry, and led me down the right path.
- Scott
Christian Howard and Regal Assets I had a very positive transaction with Christian Howard and Jannette Compton that made the whole process very smooth and painless. They are outstanding customer service professionals. Thank you very much for the assist in setting up my account. Martin Phillips
- Martin
Christian Howard and Janette Compton The transfer of Roth IRA Assets and purchase of crypto currencies went smoothly. Quicker than I thought it would and easy.
- Michael
The process from beginning to end was flawless. Howard and Jannette at Regal Assets took care of all the details, while communicating with me every step of the way. Highly recommend Regal Assets. Robert
- Robert
Christian Howard provided me with excellent customer service!!!!!!
- Mark
Anthony Bertolino, Jannette Compton and Regal Assets Rollover of my lifeless IRA couldn't have been easier or more professional. It was an absolute pleasure keeping in contact Anthony and Jannette as they supported me promptly and with utmost courtesy. All the papers and documentation that I needed were quickly prepared with no problems. Jannette kept me in the loop the whole way. Anthony was, and is, an excellent source explaining the Regal Assets process and how to best utilize my seeds to best reap my future financial harvest. I am very pleased with my experience, thanks to both Anthony and Jannette, and A+ for Regal Assets.
- Tommy
Christian Howard and Regal Assets I had a very positive transaction with Christian Howard. He was very informative and walked me through all of the steps to open and transfer money from another IRA. When it cam time to purchase from Regal and deposit into my account, he did an excellent job.
- Dennis
I worked with Christian Howard and he was great he patientfully handled all my queries. The overall transaction went smooth, it was long wait from my end.
- Nagaraj
Regal Assets is a highly professional organization with expertise and excellent customer service. I highly recommend Regal Assets.
- Gena
Regal Assets Christian Howard and Jannette Compton I had such a positive experience w/ my rollover IRA! Both Christian and Jannette are real assets to Regal! I would not have wished to deal with two more professional and likeable individuals! Thank you for the ease of doing business! Sincerely Mark Z
- Mark
Anthony was a fantastic advisor to help me get my IRA setup and I would recommend him to anyone. He was professional and knowledgable. He answered all of my questions clearly and was quick to respond.
- Shirley
Christian Howard and the Regal Assets Team Christian Howard and the entire Regal Assets Team was extremely professional through every step of the process. Christian took the time to answer many questions and to ensure each and every step of the rollover was done to my liking. Great job Christian and Regal Assets!
- Jason
Anthony Bertolino, Jannette Compton and Regal Assets Review Rollover IRA was easy and efficient with Jannettes support on all the documentation and file handling. She kept me up to date on how process going. Anthony was great explaining how Regal Assets worked and convinced me Regal Assets was the way to go for my Bitcoin Investments over other Bitcoin IRA groups. Thanks to both of them for very positive experience.
- Glenn
We were looking for the option to purchase cryptocurrencies within a Roth IRA. After researching a few options we settled on Regal Assets and were connected with Christian Howard. Everything went smooth as clockwork from account creation to funds transfer to purchasing of the cryptos itself. All fees were fully disclosed prior to purchasing and Christian thoroughly explained the process and was on top of everything the entire way. Steve B
- Stephen
Rollover to Regal Assets was smooth. Christian Howard was very informative, accommodating and helpful with my choice of cryptocurrency. I will recommend Christian Howard and Regal Assets
- Guy
- Alfred
Kevin Synder and Regal Assets Everyone at Regal and Kingdom Trust have been great to work with but one individual in particular made it possible for their at bat, Kevin Snyder. Kevin always has time for me. He makes me feel like I am talking with a friend and shows an understanding and passion for for what we are doing. He is the reason that Regal was chosen above all the others. The whole team invluding Kevin still is what keeps you . Top Shelf, first Class service!
- David
Worked fast Once the IRA was transferred, the process moved along as expeditiously as I could have wanted. Anthony and Janette were very professional and did a good job answering the nuanced questions I had. They, obviously, know their subject. Also, the lady, Alicia Buchart, at New Directions was very nice and helpful.
- john
I found our about Regal Assets on line and when I contacted them I was contacted by Christian to discuss what I was looking for in the way of transferring funds from a current account that I had to Regal Assets. I talked to Christian a number of times and he walked me through the procedures and was professional in all aspects and answered all of my questions. We discussed the assets that I was interested in and he provided recommendations that I felt comfortable with. I will continue to deal with Regal Assets and Christian in the future when I decide to transfer more funds.
- Darrell
Fantastically managed company.
- Nicholas Roland
My experience with Regal Assets is new , but I am a very discerning person and i expect the highest service from the representatives of businesses I engage. That being said I fell compelled to mention the highest level of service that i have received from Christian Howard. For example, he promptly answers all calls and if for some reason you had to leave a message, he returns your call prepared to take care of whatever issues you have in a very professional manner. It is a pleasure to deal with him.
- alwyn
I found out about Regal Assets online on Saturday morning and the number provided was to Christian Howard. I dialed the number expecting to leave a message to speak with someone on the following business day. Christian answered and we ended up having a 30 minute or longer phone conversation about my financial planning needs. Christian was very attentive to my needs and made to provide me with all of the information I needed to feel comfortable about the investment and how it would be completely aligned with my financial savings goals. After we spoke he immediately sent me an email as promised during the call. He then followed up with me throughout the process to get my 401K rolled over. I really appreciate his passion, customer service and professionalism in getting my account set up. The things that I read about Regal Assets were positive and further reinforced by my interaction with Christian. I cannot wait to refer all of my family and friends to him so that he can help everyone I know in diversifying their assets. If everyone at Regal Assets is as thorough and professional as Christian then the world is a better place!
- Rashid
I had been contemplating/investigating investing a portion of my IRA in Crypto's for several months trying to find the best company that would serve my needs. When I spoke to Christian and he answered all of my questions with patience and professionalism I was sold on Regal Assets. Christian did not employ any high pressure sales tactics - he went at my pace and answered all questions that I had. Once I decided to take the plunge the process went quickly and without any surprises along the way. Thank you Christian and Regal Assets. Danny B.
- Danny
Tyler is a very nice and knowledgeable man and he actually took the time to answer all of my questions about gold IRA investing. Great experience rolling over my retirement account to metals and cryptos with this company. I definitely would recommend this company to anyone that is interested in hard assets.
- Mark
Christian was professional and knowledgeable. I took his recommendations and felt very confident I had made the right decision. He took the time to explain what will happen next. I am very glad I chose Regal Assets to handle my account.Christian has great people skills and that made me feel great. Thanks for all your help.
- Linda
Christian was professional, knowledgeable, and answered all of my questions. Once I elected to create an account, it was expeditiously handled, I took his recommendations feeling confident I had made the right decision. He followed through on any requests I had in a prompt and courteous manner. A very positive experience, would recommend to my friends
- Lydia
Regal Assets is a company you can trust. Thank you Christian Howard. Regal Assets is an amazing group of professionals! All are dedicated to assisting you in making your desires a reality, and they do it with great dispatch and personability. They truly have our best interests at heart. I dealt with 3 people in their organization and was taken care from the first, they answered all my questions easily and in terms that fit my level of knowledge of precious metals. They also enlightened me and I feel much more secure in my understanding of the pluses and minuses and what to watch out for. My order was processed with efficiency and my items arrives in discrete packaging and were in excellent condition. In short, these professionals and Regal Assets are the ONLY company I will trust to handle my needs for precious metals and or cryptocurrencies. I am lucky to have found them.
- Brian
Successful and Timely, Purchase and Deposit I would like to thank all of the players at Regal Assets that helped make my purchase successful, smoothly executed, and timely. Thank you again.
- John
This is a follow up to my previous, negative review on 5/16/18 that I've not been able to edit or remove. I few hours after I entered the review, a full week before it posted, Leah ****** from Regal Assets contacted me to say that there had been an error on her part in that they were processing liquidations for two different ***** Taylors at the same time, and each time the customer service representative that I was working with ask her for the status of my liquidation she assured her that the funds had, in fact, been wired. Only she was talking about the other ***** ****** not realizing that two of us were processing orders simultaneously it's a very common name, I wish I could say that this is the first time that something like this has happened. For the past week, Leah has been in near constant contact to insure that my liquidation order has processed and that the funds have been overnighted my new custodian. It is still a little unsettling that they were referring to my account by name and not account number, but they assure me that it has been discussed in staff meetings over the past week to insure that it doesn't happen to anyone else and they have absolutely jumped through hoops to rectify the situation since realizing the mistake. I would have withdrawn the earlier review, but when I try to log into BBB with my email, I get a message that they can't identify me as a user so I've not been able to do so. As stated earlier, with a fairly common name, it is not the first time something like this has happened and all has been rectified.
- James
This is a follow up to my previous, negative review on 5/16/18 that I've not been able to edit or remove. I few hours after I entered the review, a full week before it posted, Leah ****** from Regal Assets contacted me to say that there had been an error on her part in that they were processing liquidations for two different ***** Taylors at the same time, and each time the customer service representative that I was working with ask her for the status of my liquidation she assured her that the funds had, in fact, been wired. Only she was talking about the other ***** ****** not realizing that two of us were processing orders simultaneously it's a very common name, I wish I could say that this is the first time that something like this has happened. For the past week, Leah has been in near constant contact to insure that my liquidation order has processed and that the funds have been overnighted my new custodian. It is still a little unsettling that they were referring to my account by name and not account number, but they assure me that it has been discussed in staff meetings over the past week to insure that it doesn't happen to anyone else and they have absolutely jumped through hoops to rectify the situation since realizing the mistake. I would have withdrawn the earlier review, but when I try to log into BBB with my email, I get a message that they can't identify me as a user so I've not been able to do so. As stated earlier, with a fairly common name, it is not the first time something like this has happened and all has been rectified.
- James
Very professional I worked with Christian. He was very professional and knowledgeable and I never felt pushed to purchase my silver with them. They sent their information packet in a timely manner, followed up with registration emails, and Christian made himself available at times when I don’t even believe we’re working ours for his time zone. Thanks for everything!
- Doug
Regal Assets and Associate Christian Howard I contacted Christian Howard who assisted me in opening a Roth IRA with Regal Assets. Once the account was opened I transferred funds from my main brokerage account and invested in Crypto. Christian provided great service and everything was seamless.
- Barry
From the first moment I spoke to Kevin i was treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. I knew nothing about cashing in and turning a IRA that I inherited into gold and Kevin walk me through every step even when it wasn't benefiting him he answered every question I had I couldn't be happier with the transaction except unless it was more money.
- John
Good follow through Christian was professional, knowledgeable, and answered all of my questions. Once I elected to create an account, it was expeditiously handled and based on his experience, I took his recommendations feeling confident I had made the right decision. He followed through on any requests I had in a prompt and courteous manner. A very positive experience!
- Heidi
Excellent Customer Service by Christian Howard Christian Howard was very knowledgeable and put the transaction at so much ease. He followed through from the very beginning and put my doubts to rest. Very refreshing and off to an excellent start of an outstanding relationship. And I know he is there - just a phone call away 😉
- Ella
Crypto Assets Great work from Christian & team
- John
Tyler Gallagher Regal Assets Great service. Not pushy and supported my personal decisions. Great responsiveness.
- Shannon
Christian Howard was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He answered the phone every time we called with a question, even on the weekend. He made the process of setting up our IRA so smooth and easy.
- Randy
Excellent Customer Service! They reply to emails immediately and always answer the phone. Regal Assets is a very professional organization with outstanding customer service. Personal Account Executive KEVIN SNYDER does an excellent job! He always answers the phone and is very knowledgable of cryptocurrencies. When I call he knows who I am and remembers our previous conversations. Also, Retirement Executive JANNETTE COMPTON does an excellent job! She has expedited every process and she responds to emails immediately. I went with Regal Assets over the other crypto IRA options because of the positive reviews and I can confirm that they provide excellent service. I'm looking forward to Regal Assets offering investment opportunities in newer cryptocurrencies in the future. Hopefully EOS, Cardano, and NEO become available soon!
- John
Excellent Work The entire process from beginning to end was super easy and I was kept informed through every step Christian was nice and knowledgable and about the process and answered all of my questions. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
- Angela
Very pleasant and helpful Christian Howard was very pleasant to work with. He was patient and ready to respond to my questions. I am thinking of moving more money from my IRA from elsewhere to Regal Asset...!
- helen
Excellent customer service Christian Howard was very helpful in getting me set up with my Crypto IRA. Between him and Jannette Compton, I was able to get my account set up in a very timely manner and the transfer of funds was seamless. As soon as my account was set up and the funds transferred I was able to execute my trade.
- Gerald
Very easy process; Very knowledgable Christian and Jannette were really, really helpful to make sure that 1.) my paperwork and red-tape was minimized and 2.) my prices were locked in immediately and 3.) that they knew what they were talking about when it comes to the precious metals markets.
- Jeff
Easy Day I am greatful to have access to Cryptocurrencies for an IRA. Regal Assets are persistent individuals that are looking to grow the company. The service has been top notch. The only thing that upset me was that at first purchase I was made aware of a 15% fee for first purchases. The fee wasn’t the issue but the fact that the materials I was sent had a breakdown of fees that didn’t mention this fee. Also that same page stated Regal Assets pride about transparency in fees. It said no hidden fees but that one really surprised me when it came to light. I hope the best for this company though.
- Bryan
Great Customer Service from Christian Howard!! Great Customer Service!! I just want to thank everyone at Regal Assets for being very professional and working quickly on getting my trades in ASAP. I love working with the Team and want to thank Christian Howard for all of the hard work she put in on my trade. She was very professional and a joy to work with. Look forward to doing more business with the team in the future. What a great company and they are in my home Commonwealth of Kentucky.
- chuck
Everyone we dealt with at Regal Assets was professional, patient, and very knowledgeable. I was lagging horribly with my paperwork, and they gently reminded and followed up with me for months. When I finally did do my part, they acted quickly and helped me to roll a portion of my Self Directed IRA into Crypto Currency. It was easy and efficient. I highly recommend them.
- Pam
- Elizabeth Goreta
- Бронислав
- Gheorghe
- Darren
Excellent Service, Highly Recommended I initially chose Regal Assets because of all the precious metal IRA companies I searched online, they consistently had the most positive feedback. Everyone I have spoken with there, including Christian and Jannette, and have gone out of their way to help arrange the transfer of funds from my current account custodian and they respond usually within a few minutes to my emails. Highly recommended!
- Jordan
Excellent customer service! After looking around for other businesses that work in the field of precious metal IRAs, I noted overwhelming positive feedback for Regal Assets. Christian was especially helpful in getting my affairs in order. Very good experience overall and would definitely recommend!
- Cameron
- Žiga
Great experience Working with Derrick Gordon and his team was a pleasure. He made the whole process simple and hassle free. He took the time to explain everything and was a good listener. Very pleased with Derrick and the entire process. B. Pride
- William
Professional and prompt Derrick Gordon was a pleasure to work with. He answered all of my questions. He also put me at ease during the whole process. I look forward to doing business here. Thank You, Ross G.
- Ross
Professional & Friendly Service After reviewing two similar companies, I decided to go with Regal Assets to open an IRA and diversify my retirement portfolio. It was a pleasure dealing with RYDER RAY in purchasing the precious metals needed to complete the transaction. Ryder's friendly and informative service helped guide me through the process smoothly. I also had Jannette complete the quick transfer process. Everyone was patient resolving my questions, and options. You can't ask for better service and easy transition. I highly recommend Regal Assets, and Ryder Ray!
- Cynthia
Truly Professional Christian and the staff at Regal Assets were truly professional from beginning to finish. The entire process of transferring funds from my traditional IRA to a new Regal Assets precious metals IRA was quick and painless. Job well done. I would recommend this organization to anyone considering opening a precious metal IRA.
- Melvin
Quick and Easy Creating a new IRA and rolling over funds went off without a hitch. Most of the paperwork was handled digitally, and my agent (Ryder Ray) was very helpful when it came time to purchase metals. Overall, my only complaint would be slightly high fees on purchases, but the customer service was fantastic.
- Andrew
The easist transaction ever Derrick Gordon created such a friendly no pressure atmosphere. What I first thought was going to be stressful problem of rolling over an old retirement account to a precious metals IRA turned out to be one of the most pleasurable transactions I ever taken part in. Working with Derrick was as easy as talking to an old friend. And also Jannette Compton was great support, great team effort over there at Regal Assets.
- Jason
Security With a Smile After reading about the petrol dollar I was eager to convert my savings to precious metals. I comparison shopped businesses that specialized in precious metal IRA’s and found Regal Assets, They had the highest ratings of ratings and more attractive customer service compared to others that I called. Derrick Gordon explained how Regal Assets worked including their buy back policy above spot. I am very satisfied with my decision. Beri H.
- Beri
Will do business with this company again. I was very nervous in transfering my money from my IRA to a gold IRA account. I was dealing with Ryder Ray of Regal Assets. He made my transaction very easy and at my own pace. They did not pressure me at all like another company did. He was very informative in every way. Very pleased with the transactions and will continue to do business with him and his company. Thanks again Ryder Ray.
- William
Thank you! The creation of my new IRA account went well. The roll over was a simple and painless process. Derrick Gordon was great to work with and very helpful. The Regal Assets team always responded quickly when I had questions or a concern. I encourage others to give them a call. You will not be disappointed.
- Randall
Positive experience! Derrick Gordon helped me set up our two IRA's. He was very pleasant and helpful guiding me through the process. I had one IRA to roll over and then created a new one. I would suggest friends and family give Regal Assets a call. Jannette was another person that really helped me, working with the IRA paperwork. Great team work!
- Brenda
Great doing business with this company! Believe me when I tell you that Initially, I discovered Regal Assets via a simple Google search. In doing some of my own comparisons, looking at reviews like this one, and contacting other competitors, I will willing to call and speak to someone to get more information. I called and spoke to Derrick Gordon, who was very helpful in sending me preliminary information. Based on that conversation, I called him back the same day to process a transaction for gold and silver US Eagle coins. He walked me though the entire process, made recommendations, answered my questions, all with a completely "no-pressure" approach. Great communication via email by Derrick, the company CEO Tyler Gallagher, and several of the associates there during order processing, payment, and shipping. The package containing my order arrived at my home, was well sealed, and was shipped within the designated time frame. I could not have asked for a smoother process or greater customer service in all aspects of my transaction and communications with Regal Assets. Thank you and keep up the tremendous work!
- Steven
Very Low Pressure I am extremely happy with the service I received. I am most great-full for the low pressure approach. They let me move at my own pace, when it came to funding and making chooses for my account.
- Valerie
Extremely Pleased It has been a pleasure working with everyone at Regal Assets. They have been very responsive and helpful. My most recent contact with Ryder Ray was a pleasure. He assisted with funding my retirement account when my previously assigned broker was unavailable due to a family emergency. Ryder answered questions and provided guidance regarding investment choices. His assistance was greatly appreciated.
- Mary
HOWARD AND RAY DELIVERS GREAT SERVICE After reviewing two similar companies, I decided with Regal Assets to diversify my IRA. I owe this decision and pleasure of dealing with RYDER RAY, and CHRISTIAN HOWARD to buying precious metals.Their friendly and informative service helped me guide me through the process smoothly. I also had Jannette complete the quick transfer process. Everyone was patient resolving my questions, and options. You can't ask for better service and easy transition. I highly recommend Regal Assets, and their staff!
- paul
GREAT PEOPLE TO WORK WITH RYDER RAY Just invested part of IRA in gold/silver. First time I have done this so I was very pleased to have a professional like Ryder Ray to give me great advice and answer all questions. Process was smooth and I was kept advised in all steps of the process. Highy recommend Regal Assets and Ryder Ray if you are interested in precious metal investment. They will not steer you wrong!
- Ronald
Ryder Ray As I’m nearing retirement and witnessing the falling dollar value, I wanted to protect the little value I have now. Having done economics in college, I know that precious metals are the only to go. To do this, I did some quick research and selected Regal Assets. Jumped on the web site and a few clicks later Ryder Ray contacted me. We had a good conversation and a question and answer session. Ryder is very soft-spoken, intelligent, courteous and professionally helpful, after all is said and done, I was educated and knowledgeable about Regal Assets and precious metals. After I hang up the phone, I knew I have the right company and the right rep. Thanks Ryder. We went ahead (with Ryder’s help) and setup the account and rolled over my 401k into a precious metal IRA account. Ryder also gives me some pointers and I hope to have an excellent relationship with Regal Assets, their professional team and Ryder Ray.
- David
Derrick Gordon I have been in the workforce for approximately 50 years. I have worked with many accountants, and financial advisors. But, I have never had the pleasure of working with such a patient professional as Derrick Gordon. When I contacted Regal Assets I was put in touch with Derrick. I asked about rolling over an IRA. He took the time to explain the process and made it sound so easy... I had my doubts. But, again, he was so patient and explained everything so clearly, I thought I was dealing with a friend. Once I made the decision to make the rollover, Derrick was there to walk me through the choices in precious metals, costs, etc. I would recommend Derrick to anyone considering precious metals as part of their retirement portfolio. p.s. Regal assets was not the first company I called. It was the first company whose agent took the time to help me understand the process. Thanks Derrick!
- Arthur
Very Pleased I recently rolled over part of my IRA account to physical gold and silver. Mr. Christian Howard as well as the other team members that worked with me were all very polite and professional helping me with my transactions. I had a number of questions, even thou this was my second time, all of which were satisfied by Mr. Howard via not just emails but also personalized phone conversations. There were no tactics of pressure in any way, only information was given me in order to make a choice. I highly recommend Christian and the team at Regal Assets.
- David
New to the Precious Metals Game. Great Experience! This was my first time investing in precious metals en masse. I had a lot of questions. Nick Giordano took the time to address my questions and walk me through the process with no pressure. He listened to my goals and concerns and helped guide me and encouraged me to do the research that I needed to do. I look forward to many more successful transactions with Regal Assets and with Nick.
- Kathryn
Wonderful Experience We recently rolled a portion of our retirement to physical gold. After researching different companies and getting an uneasy feeling about them we found Regal Assets. Thru must research about them and reading the reviews we chose them to handle our purchase. We can't say enough about the whole process from the first call to the last. Nick Giordano was great. His knowledge and patience thru the process was exceptional. The transaction was completed within 10 days. Could not have been a better experience for us. Our thanks to the whole Regal Staff. Have already recommended it to others.
- D.
- Danica Roebuck
Great service and professionalism I recently transferred a portion of my 401 K into a gold IRA through Regal Assets. There professional staff were very helpful and very professional. Derrick Gordon was very helpful in guiding me through this process of unknown territory. Also Janette Compton also helped with the transfer of money.
- Peter
Great transaction and investment I recently had a 401k rollover into a precious metals IRA account through Regal Assets. It was a smooth transaction with fantastic assistance from Derrick Gordon. Communication and follow up was excellent throughout the process. It was every bit the positive experience. I am going to transfer another account over to Regal in the near future. Thanks to Derrick and the team for answering all questions with clear details. Very knowledgeable and helpful. UPDATE... Second account went even better than the first!! Have enjoyed talking with Derrick on all occasions and looking forward to future transactions. The information he has given me is rock solid.
- Kreg
Great Investment and Security! I wanted to pass along a huge thank you for a great experience transferring my 401k to a precious metals IRA through Regal Assets. Nick Giordano was very professional and knowledgeable about precious metals and the process couldn't have gone any smoother. He was very pleasant to work with and finding a plan for my situation was more of a friendship with his helpfulness. I had taken several months to decide on a precious metals IRA being somewhat hesitant and feel much more secure with my retirement planning and future now. Being in my upper 30's the metals are assuring I'll have a good diverse retirement with the questionable economy and dollar value through the many years ahead. Thanks Nick and Regal Assets!
- Jeff
Awesome Company!
- John
Extremely pleased When I recently learned about precious metals IRAs I knew I wanted one but had no idea how to make that happen. Luckily, during my research on the subject, I came across information about Regal Assets. I requested information online one evening and the next day I received a call from Ryder Ray. He was amazing. He patiently answered all of my questions and gave me important information about things I didn't even know to ask. He was so knowledgeable and professional as he guided me through the entire process. I couldn't be more pleased with Regal Assets. I've even told some friends about it.
- Linda
IRA rollover Michele was very professional and answered all of my questions in helping me roll over my IRA to gold.I strongly recommend Regal Assets
- Duane
Gold buying experience Mr. Howard and the other people at Regal that I interacted with were very professional and helpfull. They answered all questions and responded very quickly.
- Scott
Thoughtful and Thorough Mr. Christian Howard, as well as the other team members I contacted, were all polite, calm, professional, friendly and attentive in all my interactions with them. I had quite a number of questions, all of which were satisfied by Mr. Howard via not just emails but also personalized phone conversations. There were no tactics of pressure in any way, only information was given me in order to make and informed choice. With over 30 years of training people in giving outstanding customer service experience, I highly recommend Christian and the team at Regal Assets.
- Walt
Impeccible services from ChristIan Howard My first foray into precious metals and Christain Howard made it as easy as possible. All my questions were answered and the transfer was made effortlessly. Thank you so much
- Ron
Great Service from Nick Giordano Nick Giordano was a great educator in regards to purchasing gold and silver assets! I was "green" in the field of investing but knew I wanted to purchase some hard assets. Nick explained very clearly to me how the gold and silver is purchased and where it is stored. He was very knowledgeable about converting a 401k investment into the IRA investment with Regal Assets. When I finished my phone call with Nick, I felt confident that my needs were taken care of. He worked very quickly with his staff to get the paperwork in place and assisted me in making the correct contacts to get my 401k rolled over to an IRA. I would recommend Regal Assets, LLC to any of my friends interested in purchasing hard metals. I would definitely suggest they talk to Nick but by all the reviews, sounds like they could talk to any of the representatives and receive a great experience!
- Nancy
Simply Amazing Service I can truly say that working with Derrick was a one of a kind experience. He is very easy to talk to and was able to answer all my questions and then some. The process of moving my IRA over to precious metals was an extremely easy process. Within two days everything was done - He immediately called me when the funds transferred and has a wealth of knowledge to provide you with in helping you choose how to invest. I felt very comfortable speaking to him and it's very evident that he has a passion for what he does and the company he represents. Nothing but great things to say about him and my over all experience. Look forward to investing more in the future. Thanks Derrick!
- Ignacio
Thank you, Michelle!!! I would like to commend Michelle Priddy, as an out standing and exceptional employee. It was her professionalism and knowledge of the process that influenced me to make my purchase from R.A.
- Dennis A.
Great service from Christian Howard From the time I first spoke to Christian I felt he was competent and trustworthy and the best option for me to convert my employer 401K to an Precious Metals backed IRA. He was knowledgeable and patient and made me feel at ease with my transaction. He made me feel I was an important client and he appreciated my business as he said many times. (Not found to often in today's business world). No question was too silly. I look forward to working with Christian to manage my IRA and I am glad I choose Regal Assets as custodian to my account.
- Donna
Excellent experience - Derrick Gordon I had a very enjoyable experience with Derrick. He was very easy to speak with and assisted me every step of the way making the overall process as efficient as possible. What I appreciated the most was that Derrick listened to what I had to say without pressuring me. I will recommend regal assets to friends and family in large part due to the interaction I had with Derrick. Thanks again!
- Gerald
Impressive, Competent Experience I have to thank Christian Howard and team for an easy, no pressure transaction to covert my personal IRA to a Gold IRA. Christian answered all my questions and made sure I was comfortable with Regal Assets and its value added services. I plan on buying physical gold next and I know I can count on Christian once again to help me make the right choices and execute the transaction. Robert Ciano
- Robert
Excellent personalized service! Ryder Ray was very helpful and it was nice to have such excellent personal service. They kept me apprised of how the transaction was progressing and everything arrived exactly as promised.
- Edward
Great Service I am a newbie when it comes to precious metals and the team at Regal Assets were very helpful answering all my questions. Ryder Ray was especially helpful when I was selecting metals that were right for me. My experience with Ryder Ray and Regal Assets has been great and I am glad that I selected RA for my precious metals IRA.
- Bruce
Thank you Ryder Ray-Great Job I would like to say just how great it was working with Ryder Ray. He is very nice and helped me with everything I needed to get started. I am looking forward to doing more business with him. Thank you very much.
- angela
Refreshing...No pressure sales tactics! Ryder was helpful and patient. It took a few tries (my own fault for not being aware of rules involved with one of my accounts) but eventually he and the team at Regal Assets helped me get my new precious metals account opened and funded. Once it was time to make a purchase, Ryder did a good job of understanding my wishes and executing them accordingly. Thanks Ryder!
- Kevin
Christian Howard has been very helpful with questions and the process of rolling over my pension disbursement into a precious metals IRA from a pension. I had a number of questions on the forms which he was very knowledgeable about the forms and process. I am looking forward to my account adding my precious metals shortly. He helped me to buy the metals I wanted and promptly issued the PO. I am looking forward to seeing my IRA balance with my metals.
- Thomas
Derrick Gordon I had a most pleasurable experience with Derrick. He was very patient with me as it was hard to find the time to get the rollover completed. When I finally made time to do it, he guided me through the process with ease. I think he will be very helpful with me or any other clients he deals with. Thanks Derrick.
- Thomas
Very Knowledgeable and Professional - Ryder Ray Ryder Ray was very helpful about patiently explaining to the benefits of moving some of my IRA funds into precious metals. His main concern was helping me purchase as much metal as possible for the amount of money I was transferring in. He was extremely knowledgable about all aspects of the process, and took the time to patiently explain them to me. I highly recommend Ryder to anyone interested in moving funds from a traditional IRA. He also answered questions about how to purchase precious, outright, that I can take possession of now.
- Michael
Good first experience with Gold...Thanks Ryder Ray Ryder was very helpful and professional and guided me through the process, flawlessly. I am happy with my purchase and look forward working with Ryder.
- C.J.
Great Service by Christian Howaard Thanks to Christian making my first purchase of gold and silver coins for my SEP IRA an efficient and trouble free experience. All of the "paper work" was handled online (which I greatly prefer). I did not have to fill in form with a pen and then mail in. The setting up of the gold IRA was quick and the purchase of the coins was just a fast. Will be do more business with Regal in the near future.
- Glenn
Good Experience Thanks to Christian Howard and Regal Assets the experience I had was very professorial and put me at ease. I had contacted other company's and was very uncomfortable with the high pressure sales and not even wanting to following my instructions.
- Kevin
Ryder Ray I really enjoyed working with Ryder. He asked me about my goals and clearly explained the pros and cons of various choices. He answered all of my questions very clearly. I have no doubt that he helped me make the best decision on what to buy. I look forward to working with him again. He definitely rates 5 stars.
- Michael
Great Service Christian was very easy to work with, and he responded very quickly when I needed him. Buying gold from Regal was much easier than I expected due to Christian's diligence.
- Jack
Great Service Christian and team! Thanks you Christian Howard and Regal Assets, I felt comfortable with the transaction and appreciated the information and support I received up front helping me to come to the decision to invest in precious metals with your company! There was no pressure to make this move, the entire team from the CEO - Tyler Gallagher's email to the support teams Janette Compton and Ashley Filgueras who expressed professionalism throughout the entire process.
- Michael
Effortless and very simple Roth IRA transfer! My first time to do business with Regal and they made it simple and answered my questions very professionally. Ryder returned my call promptly and was very patient answering my questions and helped me process my order. Thank you, Allan A,.
- Allan
Ryder Ray Working with Ryder Ray and Regal has been a pleasure. It was simple, professional, and well executed. The transfer, once I received the check, was seamless. Very nice to do business with. I would highly recommend. Ryder was very informative, and walked me through the process. He even didn't mind me ribbing him about his name! Regards, Diane Zielonka
- Diane
IRA Precious Metals Rollover It has been an absolute pleasure working with Ryder Ray from Regal Assets. I had called a competitor of Regal first and it took them a week to return my initial call. Regal returned the cal lsame day and it could not have been easier to roll over the IRA. Ryder explained all my options in detail and I now have a contact in the business I can count on. Highly Recommended.
- Joseph
Good service In spite of the difficulty with the U S Mail Christain Howard stuck with it and we got the job done. Donavon Fisher.
- Donavon
Easy to Get Started! Going into something like this can be scary, but Christian and the team made it so easy! The paperwork can all be completed electronically, and they sent me a great info packet right away. Transferring my former retirement account to their account was fast and not at all scary. They answered my questions, responded to my emails, and gave me good instructions on how to contact my prior account owners (and considering they were a state teacher's retirement account that is less than forthcoming with this kind of info and help, I definitely needed those instructions). Once my account was created and the transfer was completed, I got a call to help allocate the funds, which was also super easy. It sounds cliche, but I'm really glad I went with Regal Assets. So far, we're super happy!
- Amanda
great experience After contacting a half dozen companies about purchasing precious metals as an investment i chose regal assets.All of the other companies pushed hard for certain investments and were a but heavy on the sales pitches.After contacting Ryder Ray at Regal Assets i felt very comfortable speaking with him he was very straight forward giving me ideas to reach my goals and at the same time not being pushy at all.we actually spoke very openly as if i was relaxing speaking to a friend about investing, no strong sales pitch or pressure.He guided me threw the entire process and all went smooth.As a first time investor in precious metals i was extremely satisfied with the service i received and the personal guidance i received from Ryder Ray thanks again and i will be sure to call Ryder ray again when i am ready for my next purchase.Thankyou to the entire team Mark C.
- mark
made the transaction painless and pleasant. I am happy to be doing business with Regal Assets and Christian in particular. Thank you!
- Dennis
Fantastic Service Great People I was extremely grateful for the help received from Christian Howard at Regal Assets. He was well informed, professional and courteous while assisting me throughout the process of opening my account. I would highly recommend this company along with Christian Howard, Janette Compton and will be looking forward to years of working with Regal Assets.
- Mark
Regal is a safe and professional place to be From the start Regal was responsive, diligent, and professional. With a silver position, they answered my storage concerns, and IRA transfer without any difficulty. I recommend them for precious metal accounts.
- Timothy
Regal Assets recommendation I am grateful for the help received from Mr. Christian Howard at Regal Assets. He was well informed, professional and courteous while assisting me throughout the process of opening my account. I would highly recommend this company along with Mr. Howard and Jannette Compton who also helped. I look forward to years of working with Mr. Howard.
- Mary
Regal Assets Mr Derrick Gordon was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about all of his products and services available, he made sure to keep me updated throughout the whole process, I highly suggest this company as well as Derrick for all your gold and silver needs!
- Alex
Regal Assets I am most grateful to the team that I worked with--Mr. Ryder Ray, Janette Compton, Ashley Filgueras, and another person i cannot remember her name. They are full of knowledge, patient, professional, and a joy to work with. They get the job of transferring money done so easy! I thank them and this company and would recommend them to anyone. Sincerely, Trudy Arnold
- Trudy
Great Service Michelle Priddy and her team helped me convert my 401K to a Regal Assets account. They answered all my questions I had and helped me with all the paperwork that needed to be done. To make it even more complicated my prior company had switched my 401K to another company so we had to get through that transition before I could move my account. That was no problem for Regal Assets. They waited with me patiently for the conversion process to be completed and then helped me from that point to move my new account over. Thanks for all your help in this transition. It was something I was considering doing for quite a while and I'm glad it's done and greatfull for all the help I received from the team at Regal
- Cliff
Fiorst class end to end Mr Ryder Ray has helped us through what could have been a difficult transfer from 401K to gold IRA process. The entire RegalAssets team has lived up to their great reputation. I couldn't ask for better service. Their use of automated documentation and digital signatures helped expedite the process multiple times. I can heartily recommend Mr Ray and the entire RegalAssets team. Thanks again to them for a job well done.
- Wendell
Ryder Ray This being my first venture into this type of asset was made very easy thanks to Ryder Ray. Also would like to thank Jannette Compton and Tyler Gallagher,CEO, for their assistance. Good job everyone. Donald R.
- Donald
Great Service! Thanks to Christian Howard and Janette Compton for their professionalism throughout the entire process. Gary G.
- Gary
AWESOME SERVICE THROUGHOUT THE PROCESS Many thanks to Ryder Ray for his help in making this initial transaction a worry-free and pleasant experience. He was informative and professional in his demeanor. I had complete peace of mind and his knowledge of the precious metals marketplace was re-assuring. I also thank Ashley Filgueras for her follow-up emails as well. I look forward to doing future business.
- Domenick
Fantastic service from the whole team at Regal Assets. I was impressed right off the bat with how prompt Regal Assets handled all the required paperwork that needed to be done to transfer my 401(k). Not only did they answer all of my questions, but they did it with no delay. I feel it is hard these days to find companies that actually have great customer service so it was refreshing to experience a company that excels so well in this area. When dealing with such important matters having that confidence is priceless. When my account was funded and I was ready to purchase precious metals Christian was the first to notify me that my funds were available. Then he was very patient and helpful in answering my questions and fulfilling my first precious metals order for my new IRA. Thank you for making the transition from my old 401(k) to my new precious metals IRA such an easy and simple process.
- JB
Great service throughout the whole process Many thanks to Derrick Gordon for helping me through this initial transaction. He was very professional and at the same time a very relaxed demeanor that made me very comfortable doing business with him. I enjoyed learning about the gold IRA from my conversations with Derrick. He is a very valuable asset to the company because of his knowledge and personality. Thank you for giving me peace of mind with my investment in Regal Assets.
- Steven
Regal Customer Service Review of Christian Howard. Was extremely helpful helping us set up our account. Instructed us to the right personnel in his firm and followed our progress. Answered all of our questions in a timely manner, and gave us peace of mind for our purchase. Will be recommending him to one of our friends in town who is looking to invest as well. Regards, Gordon Gift
- Gordon
AWSOME - from start to finish Mr. Howard and the entire team on my account has made the experience of switching form a traditional IRA to Metals a simple and easy process. Christian and Jannette were there answering questions and following up on the progress of the conversion daily. Being a new investor in Metals I did have several questions which I am sure were very basic. Christian and Jannette were very good at patiently explaining the processes to me. I was also impressed and pleased to get an email from the CEO as well. Jim
- James
Exceptional Service! I am beyond thankful to the service that Christian Howard and Jannette Compton have offered me during my IRA roll-over. They were very professional and have provided me with excellent customer service. The transition was seamless! I was kept in the loop at all times and have always answered and returned all my calls. I couldn't have asked for a better service! Extremely happy to have worked with them! A+ all the way! Thank you!
- Marvy

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