The customer service experience at Regal Assets is unparalleled from any in the precious metals industry and is something we pride ourselves on. We really feel it shows in some of the letters and testimonials we receive on a weekly basis. We have selected a few of these letters and testimonials to share with you.

Christian Howard helped me get through paperwork and did had the patience to let me finish on my own time frame. He was available when needed and did not get pushy to finish the transaction at any time. Would highly recommend Christian Howard for his expertise and professionalism.
- Calvin
Ryder Ray's service was impeccable. Every need quickly and expertly handled. A+ 5Stars
- Mark
This is my second transaction with Christian. I can highly recommend him for your metals purchases. He is knowledgeable, transparent, kind and patient. He helped me through the whole process. Look forward to more business with him.
- Janet
Working with Christian at Regal Assets was great! He was super patient and explained everything throughout the whole process. I hope to do more business with Christian and Regal Assets in the future! David M.
- David
Ryder Ray facilitated an ultra-smooth transaction with Regal Assets to add gold bullion to my RRSP! Could not have been happier. Ryder is a great communicator and I will be doing business through him again without hesitation. A++ all the way!
- Sam
After much research I chose Regal Assets to handle a self-directed IRA. From the first call Christian was very personable and professional and he patiently answered all of my questions. That said I recommend that you do your due diligence to to understand the fee schedule of Kingdom Trust the custodian for Regal Assets plus the point of sale broker/commission fees you pay for the precious metals and cryptocurrencies that you purchase. Both Christian and Jannette were very prompt in the handling of setting up my account and Jannette kept me informed as to the progress of the transfer of my funds. They are also security conscious and tight about your purchases following up with emails and even another phone call by accounting to verify your identity and actions. All in all I feel good about my choice to use Regal Assets and recommend them.
- Lynn
I have been working with Christian Howard since 2018, and appreciated his help initially to set up a Roth IRA to invest in Crypto-currencies. His help was instrumental in placing my initial investments in that space. Recently, I called him after lunch his time, and he was able to place another investment before the close of business that day. I appreciate his helpfulness and efficiency and recommend him without hesitation. Rate him 5 stars. Jannette Compton also was very helpful in guiding me politely and efficiently handling my questions. Rate her also 5 stars.
- Roy
Jannette Compton was persistent in keeping me informed and updated as my previous custodian dragged their feet and delayed in transferring my funds. Christian Howard was quick and efficient in executing my purchases. So glad I am now invested and diversified into cryptocurrency.
- Gordon
Regal assets is respectable company
- Ashish
Thank you Christian and Janette for your excellent customer service! Always helpful and informative. Thank you so much!!
- Andrea
I worked with Christian Howard who was excellent in helping me navigate the process, knowledgeable about the options available and helped me when an issue arose. It was a pleasure to work with him and I'm excited about my investments!
- Jeni
Working with Mr. Ryder Ray has been a pleasant experience. He has been very informative in answering all my questions and I've also been very successful with his investment strategy and recommendations. John T.
- John
I have been working with Ryder Ray of Regal Assets to buy gold and silver. It has been a pleasure. He is well informed and keeps his customers well informed. He is very patient with a very novice client. Carla MacDougall
- Carla
I have been working with Ryder Ray on setting up an RSP Gold account with Questrade and a cash Gold and silver account with Regal Assets. Ryder has been great! He gave great advice and was in touch with me through out the process. I highly recommend Regal Assets and Ryder Ray. Afra MacDougall
- Carla
See L. Christian Howard has been super attentive and responsive to my questions and has assisted me with the purchase of my metals very step of the way. Jannette Compton helped me setup my account with Kingdom Trust and also assisted with the rollover of my 401K from my previous company. Both of them exhibited top notch professionalism and provided great customer service. Definitely recommend Regal Assets if you want to move into precious metals.
- CEsophia
During this time of uncertainty due to COVID and my concerns about the up coming changes to the economy, I wanted to invest in precious metals. I reached out Ryder Ray and explained my plan to move to precious metals. He listened patently, provide advise and responded to all my emails. Ryder was a tremendous help is getting my precious metal goal accomplished! I'm working the second part of my plan and will again reach out to Ryder to help me successful reach my goal! Again, my Thanks to Ryder a great advisor working with a great company! Eustaquio Chris Lucero
- Eustaquio
Couldn't be happier with how Regal Assets help me out. I had many questions and Ryder Ray was able to set me up with an RRSP transfer into a physical gold account. I would recommend Regal if you want to move into the precious metals.
It was great having Christian take care of my rollover. He walked me in my son through every step of the process.
- Mallory
With impending election and uncertain financial implications, I wanted to diversify investments into precious metals. After researching brokers I was impressed with Regal Assets. Christian Howard impressed me as a capable and dedicated broker. As a neophyte in precious metals, he patiently explained the process and answered any and all questions and concerns I had. He followed my application thru the process along with Kingdom Trust and Jannette Compton. Both showed me they are informed professionals guiding me thru application and fund transfers process to final acquisition. I couldn’t be more pleased with their services.
- Tom
Christian with Regal Assets did a fantastic job for us!! Easy transition to metal options/crypto with high kindness and patience for us as we made transitions. Thank you so much for putting us at ease highly recommend. TChaharis
- Tonj
10/27/20 just got to listen to your gut feeling and go with it! I did a g00gle search on the best companies in the #Gold business/ #GoldIRA and Regal Assets was the first on the list and after speaking to Christian Howard; I was comfortable doing business with Regal Assets and Kingdom Trust... Christian was very knowledgeable and sincere and Janette Compton made the administrative process a smooth one... Transferred my #Fidelity & #TRowePrice accts. with Christian and Jannette! #GreatTeam
- Brian
Christian and Jan Compton were great in helping me setup and transfer funds into my Precious Metals and Crypto IRA. Looking forward to a long relationship with him and Regal Assets.
- Aaron
Christian was very helpful in getting my account set up and funds distributed. He was knowledgeable and polite. I am pleased with the interaction I had with him and am looking forward to working with him.
- Tom
I have been very pleased with the work of Christian Howard. He and Jan Compton have been very helpful in guiding me through the process of setting up a precious metal IRA. Some outside glitches were handled very nicely for me.
- donald
Great experience with Christian so. Timely responses to questions, etc.
- An
Christian and Jeanette were awesome to work with! They answered all my questions and my 401k transfer went very smoothly! I am very pleased with my choice to go with Regis!
- Kevin
It was an absolute pleasure doing business with Kristian Howard and Janette Compton. It can be a daunting process selecting a company of this nature for your nest eggs but with each step of the process I knew immediately I was in the right place. I initially made my decision from the material we received from Max Wright and the Success Council that highly recommended Regal Assets. Both Kristian and Janette were professional, patient, and caring, answering all my many questions with knowledge and confidence. The process was seamless with continual updates to my satisfaction. I would refer this AAA+ Company to anyone!
- Ingot
We have been looking into making this move for some time, but were a bit unsure of which group to go with. We then came across Max Wright and the Success Council who highly recommended Regal Assets. Upon further evaluation, we decided to make the move. We appreciate the streamlined process provided with the assistance of Christian Howard and Janette Compton in answering questions, setting up the accounts and transacting. AA
- Round
We are a new investor with Regal Assets. Christian and Jannette were the ultimate professionals, keeping us up to date regarding the necessary steps and providing guidance as needed. We would definitely recommend Regal Assets to our friends. LM
- Clark
I have been investing in precious metals for more than 12 years. Christian Howard made the the process of taking my wife's 401-k and investing it in a precious metals IRA a seamless and smooth transaction. Christian listened to all of our questions and concerns and was quick to respond to all of our inquiries. We appreciate his warm and caring demeanor. Jannette Compton is also a joy to work with. She "held my hand" a couple of times and walked me through the steps needed to get the IRA setup. Regal Assets has a great team in place and I would recommend their services to anyone looking to invest in precious metals.
- Larry
Frank M I am a new investor in gold and I did a lot of looking around and found Regal Assets. Christian Howard and Jannette Compton made the whole experience very easy to see how the whole system works. Looks like I made the right decision going with Regal Assets do to the people they employ. I will be back for more.
- Frank
Worked with Christian to get my IRA transferred over to Regal Assets to set up my gold IRA. The process was smooth, and Christian kept me in the loop and was available for any questions I had. Christian is knowledgeable and provided good advice. Looking forward to working with Christian on other Regal products.
- Sedric
Christian and Jeanette were very helpful in setting up Kathy's precious metals Roth IRA. Our thanks to them both. R G Springer
- windypass
I would highly recommend Christian Howard and Jeannette Compton. They helped me navigate transferring my IRA over to Regal Assets! Great people!
- Patrick
Christian Howard helped us greatly to become clients of Regal Assets in our effort to open a Silver bouillon account.
- George
I highly recommend Regal Assets. Christian Howard and Jeanette Compton were great!
- Amy
Christian Howard and Jeanette Compton were a pleasure to work with. They were professional and knowledgeable! I highly recommend them and Regal Assests!
- Amy
to anyone interested in investing in Precious Metals. Kurt Reaume
Tom W., Both Christian Howard & Jannette Compton exhibited a high degree of professionalism during the process in setting up a precious metals IRA. Christian offered solid insight on options available based on market conditions & Jannette was excellent with account set up with Kingdom Trust. Both demonstrated timely communication specific to next steps & successful closure.
- Tom
Royal Assets provides a much needed service of buying gold and having it deposited in one of the numerous secure vaults around the country. This is my second transaction using their service. Thank you Christian and Janette for your awesome help in accomplishing my goals.
- Bill
Regal Assets has created a straight-forward easy process to move into new realms of investing. Christian Howard was patient and helped me through each step of the way. The entire staff was kind and caring. They are the complete package for anyone who wants to check them out.
- Phyllis
When my mother passed away I inherited half of the IRAs she left behind. After some consideration I decided to roll those IRAs into gold and silver. Christian Howard and Jannette Compton made this process easy. Although I was nervous about the move at first I am now absolutely glad I did.
- Kenny
Christian and Janette were great during my transfer of stocks in my IRA brokerage account to their account with a hard metal IRA. They are very professional and everything went smoothly. I would give them a five star review and would not hesitate to refer anyone I know to them who want to invest in heavy metals. Michael R.
- Michael
I decided to seek the stability and security of a precious metals IRA. I conducted considerable research to find the best company to work with. Regal Assets came out on top with their up front, flat fees, even waiving the fees for the first year. Christian Howard was fantastic to work with. He is exceptionally knowledgeable, no pressure, professional, personable, polite, respectful and truly cares to help you make the best decision for your goals. Jannette was wonderful to pull all the processes and paperwork together, and she walked me through the rollover of my 401k. Christian and Jannette are the team you want to get this done!
- John
I recently switched jobs and decided to roll my 401k into a precious metals IRA. Regal Assets consistently came up at the top of my searches for top IRAs so I decided to give them a shot. Janette was great as she helped me through the rollover process. Christian helped make my first investments. He wasn’t pushy at all, just gave recommendations and allowed me to make the decisions on my own with no pressure. I am glad I selected Regal and look forward to growing my wealth with them.
- Shawn
My wife lost her job of 22 years because of COVID and we decided to roll her 401k money into metals and crypto. Janette helped us to get the process started and Christian immediately got us invested when our money posted. It was a very positive experience and way much easier than thought because of their work of guiding us through the process and responding to our questions along the way.
- Dwayne
I had an awesome experience working with Christian Howard in opening up a new IRA with Regal Assets. He and Jannette Compton were very professional and communication with them was awesome. I highly recommend them and look forward to working with them moving forward. Ray B.
- Raymond
This was my first time purchasing precious metals. Christian Howard and Jannette Compton were professional and helpful. They not only answered my questions in a timely manner they also set expectations of the process. I would recommend friends and family to work with each of them as they made this transaction a pleasant one.
- Janice
Christian Howard and Janette Compton Cooperated fully to help us roll over a SEP IRA and structure it for bullion. Alvena M
- George
Excellent service and very professional communication from Christian Howard and Jannette Compton. They helped me so much in setting up my investment account.
- Raymond
My account manager was Christian Howard. Christian was easy to reach, very informative and made my transaction process very smooth. When dealing with very large sums of money, it is important to have excellent communication throughout the process. Christian has a way of building trust and putting you at ease.
- Douglas
Donald ass I would like to thank Jannette Compton and Howard Christian for the help in my first foray into the world of precious metal IRAs. They have made things a lot easier than I thought they were going to be in this somewhat complicated world. They have answered my questions quickly, ,reasonably and competently. I feel I am in good hands.
- donald
for their professionalism and expertise in guiding me through the process of investing for the first time in precious metals. They were a pleasure to work with and answered all calls, texts and e-mails promptly. There were extremely knowledgeable and answered all questions and concerns decisively. I would highly recommend both to anyone interested in this type of investment.
- John
I recently purchased gold for the first time and was guided through the process by Ryder Ray. He was extremely knowledgeable and personable and he answered my questions candidly and without any pressure. Moving funds from my existing IRA to Regal Assets was handled smoothly thanks to Ryder and Jannette Compton. It was a pleasure to work with both of them. I am relieved my investments are in gold at this time.
- Phoebe
Christian Howard was our rep and he was the reason Regal Assets was our top choice. I had contacted many other companies reference investing in gold. Christian was the only rep that answered our questions and provided useful information without "hounding" us to go with his company. The other companies were more interesting in selling us than informing us. Thanks to Christian we became well informed Regal Assets customers. I will definitely recommend him to our family and friends. Thanks Christian!
- Bettie Huff
Christian Howard and Janett walk me through opening a self directed IRA and a custodian setup. As a first time customer I had several questions and all were answered. I'll add funds to my account in the future. Great people to work with!
- Dennis
I was looking for a gold IRA and was pleasantly surprised to find Regal Assets offering the ability to have an IRA with precious metals and Crypto. I called and was introduced to Christian Howard who expertly explained the mechanics required and, on my go ahead, promptly sent me the paperwork to start the process. Janette Compton was my contact through the transfer process including the funding of the account. Thank you Janette for your responsiveness on all my queries. After the account was funded, Christian texted me to advise that he was available to do the trading to precious metals and crypto. He was always clear and straightforward detailing each transaction and every fee was meticulously explained. His professionalism helped me to have confidence that I had been correct choosing Regal Assets.
- Bill
Regal Assets made converting funds from a former employer's 401(k) fund to a self-directed IRA investing in gold easier than I ever expected. I called with a list of questions regarding purchase of precious metals types, forms (bullion or coins), storage, fund custodianship. The representatives at Regal Assets were answering my many questions before I could ask them! Very informative. If you have been thinking about investing some of your retirement funds in non-traditional assets, don't wait as long as I did. Do it today. Regal Assets makes it simple! I am recommending them to my friends and family, and you!
- Philip
Selected Regal Assets from 10 other precious metals companies to set up my Precious Metals IRA. Christian Howard made the initial contact with me and has been very informative, helpful and guided me through the initial setup process with Regal Assets and Kingdom Trust and my first Crypto and precious metals purchase. I highly recommend Christian Howard and Regal Assets for your Crypto and Precious Metals account.
- Steve
Great shop good staffing service
- Logeshwari
I tried once several years ago to purchase gold with another company. They were very pushy and tried to unload overpriced coins for their historic and/or intrinsic values. That turned me off of purchasing metals for a long time. However l once again decided it was time to invest in precious metals. I did much more research this time. I decided to give Regal Assets a call. I immediately felt comfortable with Christian Howard. It didn’t take long to make a move on a direct purchase of gold and silver. I am also in the process of rolling an inherited IRA to Regal Assets to be backed by gold. Christian was alway available for questions and made this new investment simple worry free. 5 stars!!!
- Kenny
Not going to lie, I was definitely nervous about my first purchase into the Gold and Silver market. However, Regal Assets was able to set my nervousness aside with their very knowledgeable staff. I had the pleasure of working with Christian Howard. Very knowledgeable, and what a great experience, felt like I was buying precious metals from a close friend of 20 years! Will definitely come back to buy again!
- Chris
I had the pleasure of working with Christian Howard from Regal Assets. He was very helpful, knowledgeable and always available on time to answer all the questions I had. Christian and his team made the transaction of my old IRA to new one very easy, fast, and flawless. I highly recommend Regal Assets, Christian Howard, and his team to anyone who is looking to invest his money into IRA with precious metal or cryptocurrency. Petya Koeva-Dobreva
- Petya
One year in as an ASSET HOLDER brings me a peace of mind during the storms of life that keep me reasonably calm and securely collected. As I grow my portfolio with Regal Assets I am confident that they will assist me to make the soundest decision as I diversify and plan for a retirement one day. It is meaningful also to be in polite company and receive perks of conversation that are person-centered and intimately caring. Thanks Christian.
- Kyle D.
Excellent company! Christian has been informative, very nice, and extremely helpful. He made our transaction effortless.
- Suzanne
This was my first-time purchase of precious metals so I had no idea what to do. I told Christian I would be asking a lot of questions (which I did), but he was so patient guiding me through the process and explained everything so I could understand the purchase....the transaction went through so easily to my satisfaction. I am so grateful for Christian's help and I will be purchasing again with him.....Christian is an asset to his company!!
- John
Regal and Christian we great. Easy to work with, professional and responsive.
- Tony
I had a very positive experience working with Regal Assets. The process of transferring IRA proceeds and then purchasing crypto and precious metals was smooth. Christian and Jannette were very knowledgeable and communicative throughout - highly recommend.
- John
A as jajsjshs
- John
Just rolled over some of my Traditional IRA to a Regal Metals IRA - it was a great experience. The Regal team quickly answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable in moving the assets.
- Chris
Initially, I misunderstood the process and thought I had to fill out this long confusing form. After seeing it was taking me longer than usual, Christian called me and helped me do everything over the phone very easily. Excellent service. I would definitely recommend Christian.
- Daniel
It was so nice working with Christian and his team of professionals. He and Jannette were very helpful in transitioning to a precious metals IRA. They were there every step of the way with guidance and advice. I highly reccomend them and I am so glad I chose Regal for my IRA needs.
- matt
Couldn’t be more pleased with my investing experience with Regal. Christian is a very experienced professional who greatly simplified my IRA transfer to gold and silver. This was my first precious metal investment but it won’t be my last. Highly recommend Regal and Christian!
- George
Christian was very professional and informative when discussing my account. He was also, very accessible. I recommend him and this company highly!
- Quarlan
This was my first time investing in cryptocurrency, so as expected -I was in need of guidance. Christian is knowledgeable, professional, and explained everything on a level I was able to understand. Both him and Jannette have made the process easy and efficient. I highly recommend Christian and Regal Assets for anyone looking into crypto/metal investments.
- Jen
Christian is very pleasant, helpful, knowledgeable and thorough. He was promote in answering phone calls when I had questions about my gold investment. I would highly recommend Christian as an investment adviser.
- Laurel
Christian has been very helpful guiding me through the process of purchasing gold and silver in my IRA account. He made it easy, understandable and efficient. I'd recommend Christian and Regal Assets to anyone interesting in investing in metals.
- Jim
I entered the market in 2011. Christian was knowledgeable then. Now I invested again, and turned to Christian for my go to advisor. Jannette has also been super helpful and I feel confident in Regal Assets.
- Alia
Christian provided excellent customer service. He was very professional.
- Harmon
I decided to go with Regal Assets because a competitor made things way too complicated (in terms of fees). I called Christian and in about 15 minutes everything was done with no questions left unanswered. Thanks!
- Bryan
This is the first time for me to invest in Gold and Ryder Ray helped me a lot for me to understand the process. I'm planning to invest in Gold and Silver regularly to diversify my investment portfolio.
- Sooyun
This being my first experience in this field I felt confident thanks to the wonderful assistance received by Ryder, Chris and Janette. I aim to keep my relationship with them for many many years. Wish you guys the best!
- Suzette
As a first time buyer of gold and silver, I needed a lot of direction on my purchase and Christian not only provided it, he helped put my mind at ease in regards to the entire process. Christian is very passionate about this business and I highly recommend him and Regal Assets. I look forward to receiving my order in the coming weeks.
- Jim
I was on the fence for awhile regarding a move to precious metals and although I lament my hesitation, Christian Howard made it clear that now is a great time to be invested. From early conversations through to my actual commitment, Christian was always very forthcoming about what Regal Assets could provide. Although I doubt I would have taken this step without him, I am now very glad that I did.
- Jeff
I had a great experience with Regal Assets. Christian and Jannette provide good advice and do a nice job managing my account.
- Brian
Having a great experience with Regal Assets so far! I wanted to reposition my IRAs and my advisor Christian Howard was an excellent navigator for me. Today I’d say i look forward to his calls, because it means I’m in touch with my portfolio and see this as a partnership. Well done and here’s to ever rising precious metals!!
- KC
and Jeanette Compton have both been extremely helpful with all of our transactions.
- Connie
The process was simple and seamless. Regal was there to answer any questions they came up.
- Larry
Like everyone who sees the state of the world, I knew i needed to reconsider my investment strategy and chose Regal Assets based upon my research if several companies. I have received top notch service from my Advisor Christian Howard and my Kingdom Trust advisor Jannette Compton., I was able to roll a number of old accounts into a precious metals IRA and I feel confident I’ve received a great service at a reasonable price, as well as a sense of security. Regal Assets business practices and security guarantees gave me peace of mind about shifting from a market based retirement plan to metals.
- KC
, my asset manager, to help clients achieve financial security. Dave Milliken Pacifica, California
- Mary Elena
Had some trouble initially, but Leah made sure to get the issue resolved and rectified.
- Sam
Had a great experience getting a new IRA account opened....great service from Christian and team walking me through the considerations
- John
I just opened a precious metals IRA and my experience with Christian and Jannette been excellent thus far. They've answered all my questions comprehensively and respond quickly to texts and emails. The whole process has been flawless. I look forward to doing more business with them in the future.
- Steve
Christian has helped me establish my 1st Crypto IRA account and I was able to successfully purchased 6 different Cryptocurrencies in my portfolio. Thank you Christian for guiding me thru the process and also answering hundreds of questions.
- Harry
After taking with Christian about a 401k roll over for almost 2 years I made the move and he was most helpful in answering questions and providing insight. No sales, no pressure just solid information.
- John
Regal Assets helped me set up my new self-directed IRA. They easily answered my 100 questions, and explained how investing in metals & crypto work. They walked me thru all the parts. I'm very grateful and have been very impressed. Thank you, Christian, for making this retirement journey easier. I highly recommend them. Also their fees are reasonable compared to the other IRAs with crypto investing.
- Laurie
My experience with Regal Assets has been great. Christian spent a lot of time explaing everything about opening a Gold IRA. I had a lot of questions which he answered and made sure I understood all of them. Jannette also was very helpfull with the paperwork.
- Steven
Our experience with Regal has thus far been extremely positive. Our broker Christian Howard was very helpful in terms of learning about the process of opening an IRA for crypto currency, and was able to answer our questions as new investors in this market. His assistant was very responsive to our questions during the transfer process as well. As a result, we feel very confident in Regal and the security of our investment.
- Connie
I was not very familiar with investing in gold coins. Christian and Jannette helped me navigate the setup and initial investment without pestering me to complete the process. I received a lot of good counsel and feel like I’m investing with the right group.
- Tim
Christian was very helpful and fulfilled his promise of a quick and easy transfer for my Crypto Ira.
- Brian
Christian was very helpful in navigating me through this process. He was very knowledgeable and patient with my questions. Great experience.
- Hakeem
Christian helped me get my IRA transferred over to RA & then invest in some crypto fot the first time. Very knowlegeable, great at answering my questions, personable, highly available, responds right away. He works seamlessly with the woman who set up my acct at RA. Totally automated system, I never had to leave home to get the transaction completed. All internet, email & cell phone. Great service program... now lets make some money Please! Lol
- Laurel R.
Worked with Christian and Janette to set up a Gold IRA. It was a real easy process and Christian answered many of questions patiently. I liked the fact I did not feel pressured to do anything at any point in time. It was a transparent process throughout and had an overall pleasant experience with them.
- Rich
Christian has been absolutely wonderful in helping me setup my IRA account. He is very informative and walked me through the process without a hitch. He gives his direct line in case you have any questions at any time. I highly recommend him and his team. Regal Assets is a great way to diversify your portfolio.
- Rick
was like a good waitor who services everything you need without hovering. A pleasant competent experience.
- Evelyn
Christian helped me set up a gold IRA in 2016 and with his investment knowledge and Jannette's administrative know-how the process was simple and easy. When I discovered that regal assets started providing cryptocurrency IRAs, they were my first choice without a doubt. Again the process of opening and funding a Roth cryptocurrency IRA with Christian and Jannette was simple and straightforward. Thanks again !
- Melvin
Wonderful experience. Christian was very professional and knowledgeable. He and Jeannette made my transfer seamless. I look forward to working with them in my account management.
- Lisa
I received excellent service at regal assets, very satisfied with the way Christian and Janette help me to open the account, and with the transaction, they are very knowledgeable and professional, i highly recommended to friends and family.
- Alberto
. Chris guided me to a correct understanding of what I should be investing in despite the fantastic offers from the other companies. I chose Regal because of the patience and professionalism of Christian.
- Victor Sevilla
Very satisfied with the way Anthony helped me set up my account. He is very knowledgeable and professional. He answered all my questions and then some. Would recommend him to friends & family
- John
Christian is very helpful and made our transfer an easy process!
- Michael
I recieved excellent service at regal assets. Christian helped me with the transactions i wanted done effortlessly and swiftly. I am very satisfied.
- chenary
Christian was very helpful and made the transaction seamless.
- Amber
Christian helped my wife and I with transferring some of our IRA funds to Kingdom Trust to take advantage of investing in Real Assets and Cryptocurrency. He was prompt, courteous, and extremely professional in helping us navigate this transaction.
- Gian
Recently my wife and I decided to move some 401k funds to a precious metals IRA. We investigated and spoke with several companies in the business and decided to use Regal Assets. Christian Howard is the agent that assisted us. We found Christian and his team to be very patient, helpful, responsive and transparent. The new account was created and funded without any glitches or surprises. While we are now waiting notification of the physical assets arriving at the storage location we remain confident all will go as planned. This was a huge decision for us, involving what we consider to be a lot of money. It was essential we have confidence and Christian was able to instill this. Christian spared us some of the hype and sales speeches we were hearing elsewhere which was welcome as we had already performed our research.
- James
Christian Howard and his associate Janette Compton of Regal Assets Once again, I received superior customer service from Regal Assets. Christian and Jeanette were very helpful and prompt answering my questions and assisting me with my precious metal acquisition. Thanks again Christian and Jeanette!
- Rick
Christian is friendly, knowledgeable, motivated, and eager to help customers with their needs. A delight to work with!
- Mikel
Christian Howard was extremely helpful in assisting me through the process of establishing a self directed IRA and purchasing metals through Regal Assets. He was very patient with all of my questions, and always prompt to call back and keep me informed as to the process. Jannette Compton was also prompt with assisting me with the various forms and procedure that need to be accomplished. I would highly recommend them and Regal Assets. Linda F
- Linda
I had a great experience working with Christain - he was helpful, informative, and easy to reach! -Sam Harris
- Sam
Christian Howard was very knowledgeable and patient during the transfer of my Roth IRA to crypto. He also did not pressure me into making the decision before I was ready. Pamela Johnson
- Pamela
Edward Griggs Christian Howard provided incredible customer service from my initial phone call through the end of the process which was a little more detailed than I initially thought. I called a couple of times with questions and he always got back to me in a timely manner and explained my questions in detail. I highly recommend Christian and Regal Assets. Jannette Compton provided excellent assistance with completing all the paperwork involved with rolling over my IRA. I would recommend Regal Assets to anyone looking to invest in gold or silver.
- Edward Griggs
I highly recommend Regal Assets. Jannette was able to open up two accounts for me quickly and was able to answer all my questions. Christian took over when it was time to start setting up my trades. He handled everything quickly. Even though they were working from home everything went smoothly. Thanks to Christian and Jannette for making this easy!
- Michael
Christian answered all my questions in clear and concise language that I could easily understand. Jannette effortlessly guided me through the process of setting up my account and funding it. I HIGHLY recommend Regal Assets to anyone getting started in self-directed alternative investing. Their AAA rating is well deserved.
- drake
Christian is a really good person to work with. Real pro. I've done many roll overs in the past. This one was the best. Thanks Christain for the excellent service.
- ru42112
Christian was Great ! I felt he was honest, which is hard to find in today's world. I'm looking forward to doing more business with Regal and Christian...
- Richard
Christian was excellent to work with. He constantly kept me informed in the process. He was very friendly and very helpful explaining what was being done and when. It was a pleasure to work with him.
Anthony has been top notch assisting me with with diversifying my retirement assets. He has always made himself available and is great to work with. His knowledge of the cryptocurrency market has been especially helpful. On top of all of that he has been kind and patient with my questions. Highly recommend!!!
- Neal
Jannette and Christian helped us move our second traditional IRA into metals IRA during the recent market crash and just like the first time, it was a smooth sail. Very happy to be with Regal Assets!
- Carlos
My advisor Christian Howard has been great!!!! He helped me to set up my precious metal IRA and answered all of my questions. He continues to support me with relevant input regarding precious metals investing. I highly recommend Christian to anyone looking to set up a precious metals investment.
- Peter J
Christian Howard made sure I was well taken care of- from our very first phone call all the way through my first purchase of cryptocurrency! Christian's calm, polite, and patient manner made what could have been a daunting experience super easy. Thanks again, Christian!! Nancy N.L.
- Nancy
Anthony was very helpful and informative. Would have no problem working with him or Regal Assets again.
- troy
Christian Howard is easy to work with and I learned a lot from him. I look forward to the future. Thanks. Gene Johnson
- Gene
Anthony was extremely helpful in getting me setup with an account. He is also extremely knowledgable about the space and a great writer. I highly recommend working with him and think he is doing a great job. Overall, I have been happy with Anthony and the work he has done on behalf of Regal Assets
- David
After I researched companies for precious metals, I choose Regal Assets because of their unblemished record of excellence. During the process I was assisted every step of the way by Christian Howard and Jeanette Compton. Being someone who has never been through this process before Christian and Jeanette were very responsive to my every question or requests. Upon receiving my distribution I was contacted by Christian and everything was setup smoothly and seamlessly without any uncertainty. They have truly exceeded my expectations in not only provided a valuable and professional service but in how they treated me as a person. I would highly recommend Regal Assets to anyone.
- Kevin
. They answered my questions in a timely manner and handled my transfer with ease and no stress. I'm happy and relieved to know my pension is in a good place where it's value is protected in the best possible way (physical metals). I'm very happy with my decision and am grateful to Jannette, Christian and Regal Assets.
- anching07
I wanted to transfer a portion of my IRA to precious metals and came across Regal Assets. I contacted them because of all the positive reviews that I saw online. Christian Howard and Jannette Compton facilitated the transfers and account set up, with ease. They were both very helpful and prompt in communicating. Every step was explained, even being transparent with their fees. I got good advises and suggestions from Christian as regards the fund transfer and even for my non-retirement investment inquiries as well. It was a pleasure working with them and I’m very pleased with this IRA-PM transfer experience.
- Paz Ida
I reached out to KC Derian while doing due diligence on the metals industry. I spoke with many people and companies over a several week period. When I spoke with KC she was clear, direct, very helpful in getting things clear in my mind. When speaking with other companies and getting the run around. KC's approach was refreshing. In the end I went with KC, she did what she said she would do, she followed up and made the process simple, and saved me from making a huge mistake. I highly recommend her and Regal.
- James
Christian was very helpful. He answered all my questions and concerns. A great experience. Steve F
- Steve
Great experience, and Christian was super helpful in answering any of our questions!
- Sensible
Leah Donoso and the entire team at Regal Assets provide the kind of customer service we all wish we could receive. Leah takes the time to explain whatever I might have a question about, delivers what she promises, and keeps me up-to-date about whatever process we have in the works.
- Deborah
Christian made it easy to work with. He explained my options and kept me informed every step of the way. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that he will continue to be available for any questions I may have in the future.
- Larry
Excellent service of a caliber that matches this company's name. KC Derian was wonderfully accommodating of my very specific gold/silver requests. By the lights of many, Regal Assets – in partnership with The Kingdom Trust Company and Brink's Global Services (security-vault protection backed by Lloyd's of London) – is the industry's best SD-Precious Metals IRA brokerage service. Regal Assets provides valuable advice and a service that can safeguard a lifetime of hard-earned wealth against the looming economic storm gathering now at the edges of a precarious global landscape. Regal promises to be there for me and for you – as a veritable silver lining – when that financial storm hits with a fury. They may indeed be the entity that essentially throws a lifeline to smart investors in the aftermath of this nation's troubled, multi-trillion-dollar-debt economy's inevitable coming "reset".
- Craig
I wanted to purchase several thousands of dollars worth of gold coins and contacted three dealers advertised online and in magazines I read. Regal Assets was most responsive and helpful. Within hours, I had a quote on my desired purchase and a confirmation that the coins were on hand for shipment. As soon as I completed my wire transfer of funds I received confirmation and a projected ship date. In a few days the coins were delivered to my house by FedEx. Regal sales rep was friendly and professional. A positive experience in all aspects!
- Ivan
i chose regal assets to use after reading all the positive reviews during my due diligence process. after my research i felt comfortable about rolling my 401k account into a precisous metals IRA account. my account manager was Christian Howard who helped me set up the account easily and efficiently. they made it easy for me to set up a trust and get my money moving into that account. and then share the options of the assets that were available. very professional and great safe service. someone you can trust.
- greg
Regal Assets helped me invest in digital assets for IRA. Really appreciate the ability to do so and broker was courteous and attentive.
- Tianen
As a successful professional I was amazed at the character and quality of the information i received from Christian Howard at Regal Assets. After discussing my interest in a Gold/Silver IRA with several other firms I decided to go with Regal Assets and couldn't be happier. Forget the hype most Gold/Silver vendors are spewing and go with a company who clearly knows what they are doing and they deliver quickly. Every question I had was answered and filing out the paperwork was super easy as they have a person assigned just for that purpose. Go with Regal as they are the exception in the precious metals market. .
- Michael
Christian was very knowledgeable and gave me the information I needed. I did my first transaction with Regal into my self managed IRA and will likely buy more.
- R Wright
helping to decide on a good investment mix, I am very pleased with the service they provided and happy I chose Regal Assets.
- Kenton
We moved our IRA from another IRA plan that had variable storage fees based on percentage of total value. We liked the very quick and easy rollover process at Regal Assets. We also like the flat fees and flexibility in choosing storage location.
- Firletka

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