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Client Testimonials

Regal Assets is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to our clients and we are proud to say we have a 99.9% client satisfaction rating. Recently all of our testimonials were verified fully by the TrustLink staff. The verification process was a 2 week period and included validating all the e-mails for the testimonials that were posted on TrustLink for Regal Assets and calling many of the testimonials and speaking to them personally on the phone. The customer service experience at Regal Assets is unparalleled from any in the precious metals industry and is something we pride ourselves on. We really feel it shows in some of the letters and testimonials we receive on a weekly basis. We have selected a few of these letters and testimonials to share with you.

4/9/14 - Regal Assets - Colin Blume I recently transferred my old 401k to a Regal Asset IRA. I worked with Collin Blume and the transaction was smooth and flawless. The whole deal was done via phone and internet. Phenomenal service and knowledgeable people. Thank you!

- Stephen B.

4/9/14 - Christian Howard was very helpful to me. I was new to this type of investment and he slowly walked me through it until I was comfortable to proceed to next step. I would highly recommend him for others who are "built" like me when it comes to uncharted seas.

- Timothy J.

4/7/14 - Regal Assets - First Time Buyer. I was unsure of exactly what to purchase as a first time buyer of gold/silver. Colin P. guided me and was very comfortable to work with. Everything was processed and delivered as promised. I am extremely happy with my purchase of beautiful(uncirculated)gold and silver eagle coins. I will definitely be using them again.

- Mary Anne W.

4/7/14 - Regal Assets provides fantastic service. This was my first experience buying metals and I really wasn't confident in whom to buy from so I did a bit of research and made a few calls to various companies. I decided to make my purchase from Regal Assets because my representative (Christian) was informative, courteous, and he did not harass me with a ton of phone calls and emails to sell to me. I also received my order when they said I would without any problems. I was so pleased I made a second purchase and will use Regal Assets for all my metal purchases.

- Claudia L.

Regal Assets (and precious metals) is a smart way to further diversify your IRA or 401K This company is a precious metals investment option for people who have an IRA or idle 401K that is presently in the volatile stock market. I worked with Christian Howard and found he was very helpful and upfront with me. The cost of every aspect of my 401K roll-over was explained in detail. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to my friends or relatives. In our present economy precious metals makes a great hedge against future inflation. My husband and I both have metals in our portfolios.

- Patricia H.

4/3/14 - 401K Rollover....seamless! I was looking to roll over my 401K and Regal Assets had the best reviews by far of all the companies we looked at. Our excellent experience proved to just what we expected...EXCELLENT!

- Lisa S.

4/3/14 - Buying precious metals for the first time, ask for Christian Howard, Account Executive at Regal Assets. This was my first time buying precious metals. I searched the internet looking for answers to questions. Christian Howard from Regal Assets contacted me,answered my questions, and assured me the process would go smoothly. He was correct!!! The entire experience was exactly how Christian explained it would be. He helped me with the transfer of funds and followed up with me several times to keep me informed. The entire staff at Regal Assets was very professional. They definitely provided a five star service to their customers.

- Roger B.

4/3/14 - Repeat business. I am presently completing my second purchase of precious metals with Charles Thorngren. I found him to be very knowledgeable, patient and courteous. I would recommend him highly to other customers. I now consider him not only my advisor but my friend.

- Richard N.

4/2/14 - Taking the plunge I would like to make a public acknowledgement of the swift, concise, professional service that was provided for myself with regards to the reallocation of my 401k portfolio through Regal Assets. Leah Kendrick and Charles Thorngren both led me through a process that was nothing less than first rate. Two well polished individuals who know their business and made me feel as part of their financial family. I feel very confident with them, which is a relief for me, especially in this day and age. thank you very much,

- Kathryn B.

4/1/14 - Excellent experience working with Regal Assets. Christian Howard recently helped establish a retirement account with a rollover from a previous custodian. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I had a hard time getting my money in a timely fashion from my previous custodian and the people at Regal Assets were willing to conference call with me and my former custodian to help resolve the funding delay. I really appreciate the time they took for my calls and the frequent follow-ups from those at Regal Assets. Christian is able to explain things in a way that helps me make informed decisions regarding my investments. Because of Christian, I have the upmost confidence in my investments and in Regal Assets as I know I will have the help and the expertise that I need for my investments.

- Donna M.

4/1/14 - Collin Plume - Great Account Executive! Collin Plume, Regal Assets Account Executive, has been an absolute joy to meet via our telephone conversations. He has helped me learn about investing in precious metals, something I've wanted to do for quite awhile. He gave prompt attention to my questions and concerns. He explained the process in detail, provided step-by-step instructions in working through the process. As Collin and I were finishing our initial visit, I was ready to rollover my IRA account without any misgivings. A new adventure began. And, Collin made this all possible. I am thrilled to have him as my Account Executive. My experience was educational and fun. All the transactions were quick and easy. Collin is the greatest!

- Nancy C.

4/1/14 - Roth IRA rollowver Christian from Regal Assets helped me through the process of rolling my Roth IRA out of a mutual fund into a precious metals Roth IRA. He is knowledgeable about his products and he helped me decide upon a product mix that I was comfortable with.

- Wade B.

4/1/14 - Very professional and simple IRA rollover process I enjoyed working with Christian Howard on my rollover IRA account. He was knowledgeable, courteous, and very professional! I highly recommend him!

- Kevin D.

4/1/14 - Plesant experience and without stress. After doing a fair amount of research online I choose Regal Assets as my first choice to rollover a traditional IRA into a precious metal IRA. I was set up with Christian as my account rep and he introduced me to the two people in the office that handled all of the steps involved. They explained the process and then followed the process and it was both pleasant and painless. They obviously have done lots of these, as they prepared me for each step and made each step very simple. Thanks.

- Jerome G.

3/31/14 - My first time buying metals I had started once before but got 'cold feet' as the dealer started getting pushy, so I killed that deal. After searching the Internet for metals dealers and reading reviews I decided to go with Regal Assets. and was pleasantly surprised. My account exec, Collin Plume, was patient as I asked many questions, and never talked down to me. The transfer of funds was a start and stop operation due primarily to the old company wanted paper and used snail mail. The money finally rolled over, the metals were purchased, the receipt was delivered and loop was closed. Communications with Regal Assets was fast and easy. My account exec had answers to every question I had, and stayed in touch. He did not push, or badger me to buy immediately, but to take the time needed to settle my nerves. Overall the experience of spending half my life savings was easy and not as stressful as buying a car. Regal took the ball and ran it in for me. I'm very satisfied with Regal and Collin Plume my exec.

- David H.

3/31/14 - Rothe IRA Conversion I set up a Roth IRA, transferred funds to it and then purchased ingots and coins through Charles Thorngren at Regal Assets. Everything was smooth and effortless, and my gold and silver are safely held on my behalf. It took a few days for the funds to be transferred, but everything worked out perfectly!

- Thomas M.

3/30/14 - Professional and Trustworthy. I was very impressed with Charles Thorngren when I spoke with him and asked him questions about purchasing gold and silver and how Regal Assets operated. I felt that I could trust him and follow his advise without any hesitation. He spoke with authority and knowledge but was not pushy at all. I am very satisfied with Charles and his team and their availability when I have questions or need assistance. I highly recommend Charles and Regal Assets for purchasing precious metals.

- Donna S.

3/27/14 - Great Service - Always ready to help. Regal Assets have been a great help with my 1st move into purchasing precious metals. Both for an IRA and in-hand metals they have been so helpful and made the whole process so easy -- and removed any fears I had. Collin Plume is my Account Executive and has been their with every step of the way and always ready to quickly help and answer questions. The 1st year no fees is also a great bonus with Regal. Thanks Collin and the rest of the Regal team!

- John T.

3/26/14 - Excellent team of professionals at Regal Assets. I had been concerned about the deflation of the dollar for some time. Charles Thorngren, Leah Kendrick and Jannette Compton led me through the process of transferring funds from my 401K to a precious metals IRA with ease. My picture will soon join others on Charles' "Wall of Satisfied Clients".

- James F.

3/25/14 - Amazing People I’ve been trying to get my employer to allow me to move some of my 401K money to a self-directed Metals IRA for a long time now. I did a lot of research and knew that if I was ever able to move some of my money that I would check out Regal Assets first! I was so impressed with Regal Assets’ reviews that I actually didn’t even bother to research a second choice. I finally found an option that allowed me to move a portion of my money. I contacted Regal Assets and talked to Collin Plume. I felt like I was his only customer. On the rare occasions that Collin wasn’t available to take my call, he called me back within five minutes! Collin, Jannette, and Leah made the whole process amazingly simple. They e-mailed me the forms that I needed to file with most of the boxes already filled out. I simply had to fill in a couple of boxes, sign it electronically and submit the form. They kept me informed of my progress throughout the entire process. When I contacted the custodian of my 401K plan, he tried to talk me into staying with them and their precious metals plan. He went on line to see what Regal offered and admitted that they couldn’t come close to matching Regal Assets. I knew a lot of the tricks and schemes that less reputable companies use to maximize their commissions and profits. During my first phone conversation with Collin, he warned me about all of them. Not only can I whole-heartedly recommend Regal Assets and Collin Plume to anyone reading this review, I hope to convince all my friends and family to contact him as soon as possible! If I could, I'd give Collin MORE than 5 stars!

- Fred B.

3/25/14 - 401K Rollover I recently changed jobs and had the opportunity to move my money around. I knew I wanted to put some in precious metals. After hours and days of research it kept pointing the same direction, Regal Assets. I called several company's and compared rates, custodians, product available, etc. The other company's I talked to were very pushy and tried high pressure sales tactics. When I called Regal they told me all the answers to my questions with no pressure. They were the lowest cost for the best value but I didn't tell them that. So they put me through to Leah to help the rollover process. Leah was absolutely delightful to work with. Again, there was no pressure just explained opportunities. I had two different 401k's and an IRA so I took a chance with the smallest one. The process was seamless with Leah's help. NOW, there was an error with the amount I was charged, so I contacted Tyler Gallagher CEO. He did not push me off to someone, he personally called me and agreed there was a mistake and immediately corrected it. He assured me it would never happen again and was very hands on. This was my small dollar amount 401K and likely small potatoes for them. It didn't matter to them they treated me as if it were millions. I was and am so impressed with them, I moved both of the big accounts over to my new account and invested what I feel is an awesome opportunity. The best part, I hit the market lows and maximized my investments. I can't say enough about my experience. If you contact me through trustlink I will tell you in person my experience...

- Kenny C.

3/25/14 - Completely satisfied and highly recommend Regal Assets to anyone looking to invest in precious metals After performing substantial research on investing in precious metals and researching available precious metal companies, I was very fortunate in selecting Regal Assets as my precious metal company of choice,and having Charles Thorngren assigned to answer all of my many questions and concerns. He was totally knowledgeable in every aspect of precious metal investing and extremely helpful in assisting me in every step of transferring my existing IRA to a self-directed IRA based in precious metals. Every step of the process was expertly handled and accomplished with great efficiency and ease. I highly recommend Regal and Mr. Thorngren!

- Roy Q.

3/25/14 - True Professionals! I wanted to diversify my financial portfolio with a tried and true "GOLD IRA". With an uncertain future on the horizon, Regal Assets was the answer. Christian Howard is the definition of a true professional! Very low pressure, and no fluff. Christian answered all my questions with patience and respect. His attitude going forward with the process was impeccable. All of the paperwork was done within a couple days without my help. I only had to review the documents and Veri-sign the copies! Christian definitely knows his job inside and out. Thank you Christian Howard, and thank you Regal Assets!

- Thomas G.

3/25/14 - Finally! Thanks Christian Howard and the Regal Assets team. I had contacted Regal Assets last Fall with the intention to roll over a 401K from a previous employer. Unfortunately, the administrator for the prior 401K was not accessible, and I finally had to contact the Federal Dept of Labor. The staff at Regal Assets was very helpful, asking if there was anything they could do to help. It took over 4 months, but I never felt anything but genuine concern as they waited the long wait with me. Once the funds were received, Christian Howard led me through the process, and my money was converted to precious metals. The process was smooth as silk, quick and easy. They are upfront about all fees and everything is transparent. The only thing that would be better is if I could see and touch my precious metal! Thank you to Christian Howard, and Leah for all your help.. I had researched several other companies that manage precious metals IRA's, and am very happy that I selected Regal Assets.

- Terri K.

3/25/14 - Fast, Professional Service After researching precious metal options for an IRA conversion, I decided on Regal Assets. Once I contacted them, Charles Thorngren answered my questions and assisted me with the paperwork. These guys are professional and the conversion couldn't have been easier.

- Stephen G.

3/25/14 - A helpful hand I experienced some difficulty with my former 401K caretaker but Collin Plume and the staff at Regal Assets helped guide me through the process for a successful transfer to metals. I would recommend him and Regal to others looking for a good experience.

- Gerald V.

3/25/14 - Very smooth and extremely proficient I have felt a burden to invest in precious metals for a long time but lacked the confidence to move on it. After researching the top ten candidates I decided to call Regal and talked to Collin Plume. Within minuets the conversation bore fruit as Collin unfolded the layers of my misconceptions. Information is power and having an expert in the field who can streamline complicated information and make it understandable is huge. Empowered to make an educated choice and armed with full baking of an industry leader I pulled the trigger. What followed was prompt and extremely courteous service and a very tight time line.

- John H.

3/24/14 - No pressure/easy transaction. The other companies I contacted about Gold IRAs before I contacted Regal Assets bombarded me with phone calls and e-mails. I sent an e-mail to Regal Assets. I received one e-mail and one phone call from Charles Thorngren that day. I didn't call him back until the following week. I was pleasantly surprised that he left me alone until I called him back. I asked him many questions over a period of days. My phone calls and e-mails were answered promptly. I did not feel any pressure at all to open an account. Once I had made the decision to open an account, the people at Regal Assets arranged the transfer of funds from my 401k. It was easy. It was always a pleasure to talk with Charles and get all of the details worked out. I recommend that if you are thinking about opening up a Gold IRA account, contact Charles Thorngren first.

- Monica H.

3/24/14 - Nervous in NC. I had considered some investment in precious metals for a couple of years. Talked to friends and did some research. I decided to contact Regal Assets to consider the next steps. Christian Howard called me back and was very helpful in answering questions while explaining the investment process. It all took less than 2 weeks including a rollover from my old account to having a precious metal investment. When it came time to buys the metals and decide the ratio of gold to silver, Christian offered several options. It was easy to decide and I am looking forward to a long term investment that will most certainly gain solid value compared to the declining dollar. Thanks again Christian Howard!

- Erich M.

3/24/14 - Novice needing help So I knew I wanted to move my 403b and I finally figured out what to move into but I couldn't figure out the how. I am so glad I found Regal Assets. They helped me every step of the way and although some portions became harder it turned out it was my fault. Once I cleared that up it flew right by. Leah helped me get started and Christian brought it home for me. They are amazing to work with and I highly recommend them.

- Carlos S.

3/23/14 - Collin Plume is outstanding! Collin Plume had guided me through the process of converting my non-performing IRA and converting into a Regal Assets precious metal IRA. He, and the Regal Asstet made it easy, fast, and very well organized. His guidance through the whole process was confidence-inspiring and flawless.

- Chris A.

3/23/14 - Professional and friendly! Christian Howard with Regal Assets made it easy to establish my precious metal IRA. Very professional and knowledgeable. Answered all of my questions and is very friendly. Thank You

- James T.

3/23/14 - Great service and expertise provided by Charles Thorngren. After doing weeks of,online self-education on precious metals, I contacted Regal Assets, and was fortunate in being assigned to Mr. horn green to roll some of my 403B portfolio over to a precious metals IRA. Mr. Thorngren and his capable team walked me through the steps and it was accomplished with efficiency. I found him to be a great source of information and he did not pressure me to make a decision. He did answer all of my questions and helped me better understand the options for choosing specific types of metals. I highly recommend Regal and Mr. Thorngren!

- Claire R.

3/23/14 - Regal Assets My 401K was a real disappointment. My adviser was never available when I had questions concerning my stock options and I just wasn't feeling secure making my plans to retire in a few years. After extensive research, I found Regal Assets. I watched videos and read numerous testimonials before I made my call. So glad I did. Collin Plume made the process so easy for me. He was very informative and answered all my questions precisely. I like knowing that if I need anything, he's a phone call away. I am very confident I made the right decision by going with Regal assets. Kudos to you Collin!

- William K.

3/21/14 - Many Thanks to Collin Plume and the Team at Regal Assets!!! Collin Plume was the very first person with whom I spoke at Regal Assets. My wife and I needed to transfer our IRA's to preciuos metals. He explained the entire process in absolute clarity and assured us that Regal Assets would handle all the details. Collin was true to his word. There was very little we had to do to accomplish this. The team at Regal Assets kept us informed every step of the way. Collin was very helpful with the ratio of gold and silver and made it clesr that the final decision was ours. We feel very fortunate that we have Collin Plume as our representative.

- Joseph M.

3/21/14 - Excellent experience! I was referred to Christian Howard by a friend of mine, who moved her 401K into to Gold & Silver. I found Christian to be honest, caring, helpful, and informative. He was honest and a great listener. He also knows his stuff, so he had made some suggestions for me given my situation. He was always very prompt in returning emails and/or phone calls, which says a great deal about a person. I would highly recommend Christian and Regal Assets!

- Ash Y.

3/21/14 - Great first time business experience into the precious metals market. Trying to wade through unfamiliar territory, I tried to get the proper research done before I started moving investments around. I started off with one company but was put off by the high pressure pitch and the attempted upsell. Moving on, I ran into reviews for Regal Assets. I contacted them and spoke with Collin Plume. He was excellent to work with -- answered all my questions without any hint of sales pressure. Once I decided to make the rollover, Regal Assets pretty much took care of everything. Leah Kendrick, Adam Maguire and Jannette Compton handled all the necessary paperwork to make it happen. It was a great first time experience and I certainly will do business with them again.

- Steve S.

3/20/14 - Excellent customer service I wanted to roll over a portion of my traditional 401(k) account to a precious metals IRA. I did a lot of research online, because I was new to this type of investing. Charles Thorngren was very helpful and patient, and the process could not have been easier. I highly recommend their company for this type of service. You will not be disappointed.

- Genevieve S.

3/19/14 - They Are Who They Say They Are!!! After researching Gold IRA accounts and the top 10 Gold IRA Companies, I decided to go with Regal Assets. Besides the over the top reviews, the BBB A+ rating, and the zero complaints with BBB. Note, anyone can give (1) star and write a negative review but to have (0) complaints with the BBB gives one a certain level of confidants. As you consider a Gold backed IRA, let me suggest that timing is very important. I am pleased with the process and working with Charles Thorngren and his team. Charles is patient and knowledgeable and is there through the entire process. It is your responsibility to research the market, precious metals as well as RA. I am happy I made the move, and I believe you will be as well.

- Leonard W.

3/19/14 - Outstanding Customer Service from Collin Plume and Everyone at Regal Assets. After much research, I found the perfect company to help me roll over my 401K into a gold IRA - Regal Assets, LLC. Collin Plume is quick to respond to any questions I may have and provides exemplary service in explaining the whole process of creating a gold IRA account from A to Z. In fact, the entire staff that I was in contact with provided excellent service including Leah Kendrick, Jannette Compton and Adam Maguire. All encourage me to call with any concerns I may have and the response time is phenomenal. My gold IRA was set up within a few days. I trust the staff at Regal Assets and I highly recommend them to my family and friends.

- Rhea H.

3/19/14 - Very easy transaction. Thanks to Christian Howard and the Regal Assets team...truly a team transaction, for assisting me in transferring my traditional 401k which has been losing for some time to the Precious Metals IRA. I look forward to increasing the value over the years and leaving something much more valuable than the decline paper dollar to my family. Thank you!

- John B.

3/19/14 - An easy conversion from 401K to self directed precious metals IRA I too researched the internet to find the right company to work with. I narrowed my choices to three companies to contact to compare fee structure/commission as well as future costs. After talking with them and reading reviews my choice was clear - I went with Regal Assets. There I dealt with Collin Plume who answered all of my questions and let me move at my pace. Collin was easy to deal with and I was easily able to handle the entire conversion from my desk as I had time. The entire process went smoothly and much faster then I had expected. Meanwhile, I have been continually harrassed for the last 4 weeks by the other two firms I initially contacted. Even after replying to them via email that I was no longer interested they continue to call....

- Jeff P.

3/19/14 - Ready to answer questions. While looking into Gold IRA's I talked to Christian Howard at Regal Assets. Howard was easy to understand, and laid out the steps of setting up an account. He talked about all the fee's, time line and sequence of events, how to get the best deal, and made the rollover very easy to do. I had confidence that he was knowledgeable, and found out it was exactly as he told me. I would recommend Regal Assets to my friends.

- Doug O.

3/18/14 - Great,friendly and professional service from Colin Plume for my precious metals IRA I was very pleased with my experience in setting up my precious metals IRA. Colin Plume spent time answering all my questions and did not rush me through. It's very refreshing to do business with someone who treats his customers with dignity and respect. Thanks again!

- Carl W.

3/18/14 - Smooth & Easy Conversion from 401K to Self Directed IRA I researched the internet to find the right company to work with. I first settled on another company that had high recommendations but after talking with them and then being harrassed for about 2 weeks I finally told them to delete my contact info. I was still reviewing my situation and didn't need any pressure from them. I then went to Regal Assets and talked with Charles Thorngren. He was very informative and left me alone after each conversation. He let me do the contacting. He was very informative and after talking with him 4 or 5 times at my discretion I decided it was time to pull the trigger and move my money from my 401k to a Precious Metals IRA. Regal Assets pretty much did all the paperwork and made the transfer very easy. I initiated the call to my 401k company and they issued me a check made out to the IRA company. While waiting on the check, Regal Assets emailed me the prepaid shipping label so when I got the check all I had to do was send it on to my IRA account. Once they got it Charles gave me the recommended ratio between gold and silver, 40/60, but said it was my decision. I went with my own thoughts, 50/50, and worked with Charles to decide what I wanted to purchase. It all went very smooth. I have since referred them to my brother whom is retiring in two weeks and will be wanting to move some of his retirment funds into precious metals. I didn't even hesitate on recommending them to my family members.

- Dale M.

3/18/14 - Very easy to work with I wanted to buy silver for my 401k. After searching the internet, Regal Assets came up as the one with the best reviews. I talked to Christian Howard and he set the whole thing up. I had to call a few times to ask some questions, and he was very easy to get a hold of and answered what I needed to know. It was very easy, and the transaction went smoothly, so now I have silver as an investment.

- Alan H.

3/18/14 - Regal Assets and Collin Plume Offer Outstanding Knowledgeable Friendly Service. My wife (Brig) and I decided to roll over our legacy IRAs into precious metals. We did our research and both concluded Regal Assets would be a wise move for us. Brig rolled hers over first and we were both very impressed with the expeditious transaction. I rolled my IRA shortly after Brig. Same experience on my end. Collin Plume worked with me helping me to determine how to spread my assets. Collin was very patient and thoroughly answered all my questions making me feel at ease and confident I made the right choices. Thank you Regal Assets and Collin Plume, I look forward to future business.

- Michael J.

3/17/14 - Regal Assets and Collin Plume provide superior customer service I recently had the pleasure of doing business with Collin Plume and Regal Assets rolling over a conventional IRA into a precious metals IRA. I "shopped around" with other precious metals brokers but found Collin Plume at Regal Assets to be the most personable, honest and professional person to deal with...without question. Thanks, Collin; Your approach and style is VERY REFRESHING!!

- Michael Y.

3/17/14 - So far I am impressed with the service I did a lot of research before decided to go with Regal Asset. they charge a fix amount per year for both gold and silver which is a wonderful thing. customer service was also very courteous and prompt. they actually guide you well and provide your with choices. so far it has been a very good experience

- Kashif S.

3/16/14 - Fantastic customer service. As a law enforcement officer for many years I’ve witnessed many things. This experience makes one skeptic and less trusting than most. So by nature with due diligence I fully investigated everything about Regal Assets and soon discovered they have a great reputation. As I’m getting closer to retirement my wife and I decided it was wise to pull the majority out of the stock market and invest in precious metals. My first call to Regal Assets I was connected to Christian Howard. He answered every question with confidence and set my skeptic mind at ease. I started the process and from that point on it was the most painless transaction I have ever been through when dealing with banks and retirement institutions. Christian would call and email every other day keeping me informed. Shortly thereafter my hard earned money was safe from the ever growing inflation. Christian Howard, Leah and others involved at Regal Assets are top notch professionals that have great customer service which seems to be lacking more and more in today’s ethics. Way to go Christian. Thank you for a job well done.

- Tom M.

3/14/14 - Outstanding Customer Service, Collin Plume! I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Collin Plume and the other associates at Regal Assets for assisting me in the process of rolling over my 457 account to a gold and silver IRA. Never before had I worked with a TEAM of individuals who truly exemplify excellent customer service each step of the way. As someone who had not been involved in an assets rollover, or in the purchase of precious metals, I was a bit apprehensive in the beginning. My concerns were completely allayed with my initial contact with Collin, and my confidence in Regal Assets continued to increase with each interaction. Thank you so much for your professionalism, patience and concern for my financial well-being.

- Charlotte H.

3/14/14 - Outstanding Service! Having spoken with other companies and done some research, I came to find Regal Assets as the best choice for me to roll my IRA into a precious metals IRA. Christian Howard helped me with my rollover and the tough decision of which precious metals to go with. After answering my questions and giving me some suggestions, we started the transaction. During which an error was caught and he contacted me immediately to take care of it, ensuring a smooth transaction. Highly recommend Christian for your Personal Account Executive!

- Christine L.

3/14/14 - Gold IRA Rollover - Charles Thorngren I did a lot of research when I decided to move an existing IRA over to gold-backed. Regal Assets was highly recommended so I approached them. Charles was great! He and his team handled all of the paperwork, and transferred everything over in a timely and smooth fashion. He also advised me on how to apportion the funds and followed up to make sure everything was fine. All in all the whole process was really easy thanks to Charles and his team. I have some more funds to invest and right now I am watching the prices and, when the time is right, I will be coming back to Charles for help with that too.

- Andy K.

3/13/14 - Regal Assets and Christian Howard the way to go for your precious metals needs. After searching the internet for a company to handle my IRA conversion, Regal Assets kept coming up number 1 on all the reviews for companies handling gold accounts. I summited to Regal Assets for more information. It wasn't long I had an email from Christian Howard. The rest is history.Christian did an outstanding job with my IRA conversion. Kept me informed through the entire process and on what was happening with my account. The whole thing from my end seemed easy and straight forward. Thanks for all your work, and I would definitely recommend Regal Assets and Christian Howard.

- Wesley B.

3/13/14 - IRA rollover through Collin Plume. I recently rolled a 403B account over to a Metal IRA. It was my first time dealing with precious metals in this way and Collin was very helpful in that he addressed all of my concerns in a courteous and prompt fashion. Other precious metal companies I discussed this with tried from the start to get me to buy the products that they were pushing. I often got the feeling with them that I was getting the "hard sell' on a used car rather than sound advice. I would recommend him to anyone interested in getting into the precious metal market.

- Mike B.

3/13/14 - Collin Plume and Rolling Accounts. I did a lot of research and asked a lot of people a lot of questions. I didn't want to roll my accounts without getting my questions answered. Regal Assets and in particular Collin Plume answered my questions with patience and professionalism. I highly recommend their services.

- Gail B.

3/13/14 - Regal Assets/Collin Plume. Recently, I had a great experience with Collin Plume moving part of an IRA to a precious metals account. I compared Regal Assets to several other precious metal dealers but was impressed with Collin and his knowledge on the subject and making me feel comfortable as a customer. I would highly recommend Regal Assets, they have a lot to offer someone looking for a precious metals account.

- Barry F.

3/13/14 - Charles Thorngren #1 I didn't know a lot about precious metals IRA's but I knew it was important to get one. Charles Thorngren was very helpful and courteous answering my questions and working with me through the process to get my IRA set up. He is very easy to talk to and I appreciate him being my account manager. Thanks Charles.

- Nancy W.

3/12/14 - Outstanding Customer service!! I had been researching investing in precious metals for some time and one name came up time after time as one of the best - Regal Assets! The customer service staff was outstanding and the process for creating and rolling over an IRA was effortless. Christian Howard did a fabulous job answering any questions we had and promptly responded and returned our telephone calls and emails. He is extremely knowledgeable about investing in precious metals and was able to help me with a balanced portfolio. He is definitely the person you should ask for when you call Regal Assets to establish an account!

- Kathi R.

3/12/14 - Christian Howard was GREAT with my IRA Rollover! I had been researching Precious Metals IRA rollovers for awhile and when I found Regal Assets, Christian was so great at taking the time to explain everything! I had many questions and was new to Precious Metals, also. I was hesitant with rolling over my IRA, but Christian was so patient and made sure I understood everything and was comfortable to move forward with the process. Thank you so very much Christian Howard & Regal Assets!

- Karen O.

3/12/14 - Fast, friendly, professional! Just wanted to give some positive feedback to all of the folks at Regal Assets that I interfaced with in the transfer of my orphaned IRA to a Gold IRA. The fast, friendly handling of this process was key and they took the extra time to answer all of my questions regarding the process. I will recommend them (beyond this testimonial) to friends and associates looking to do the same! Thanks again! Paul

- Paul J.

3/12/14 - Thank you Regal Assets & Collin Plume I recently decided to purchase some precious metals for my portfolio and researched several companies. For me, the company to invest with was evident after speaking with Collin Plume at Regal Assets. Collin is a wealth of knowledge, explained everything and was very patient with me in answering all my questions. The process is very streamlined and everything went exactly as Collin said from day one. I never felt pressured or had any doubts. I am thrilled with my choice to invest in a world class company, led by world class customer service. Thank you Collin and Regal Assets!

- Herb O.

3/12/14 - Courtesy and Respect / Christian Howard. I was interested in moving assets from a traditional investment-based IRA to a precious metals IRA. The long term safety was appealing. Multiple companies are glad to assist with the transaction and almost immediately tell you their prices are best. Christian took the time to respond to questions, provide information, assist with metals purchase options and stay in touch throughout the process. I look forward to the next transaction and highly recommend Christian and the Regal team.

- Doug L.

3/12/14 - Collin Plume = excellent customer service. Collin Plume was very helpful in answering all of my questions and there was never any kind of "hard sell" and Collin answered every question without hesitation. You can tell he knows his job and proves it with his valuable advice. The whole Regal Assets team are all very customer focused and always seem willing to help. Thanks for all of your help.

- Richard P.

3/12/14 - My experience With Regal Assets was a very positive one. I was helped by Collin Plume with all sorts of questions and the purchase of precious metals, mainly gold and silver. Collin was very patient and helpful. I would recommend Regal Assets and Collin Plume with total faith and trust for this type of transaction.

- Michael B.

3/10/14 - There was a mix up on my order, but it was quickly corrected by Christian Howard. I plan to do more business with Regal Assets.

- Ken F.

3/9/14 - I want to take a minute to say thank you for Colin Plume for all his help. He was very professional, and helped me step by step through the process of setting up my account. Since I had no experience with a gold IRA, I was very hesitant and had a lot of questions. Colin was very patient with me, and answered all my questions without pressuring me. He not only has been very professional, but very personable as well. I feel like I am dealing with a good friend, and I would recommend him to all my friends. I look forward to a long relationship with Regal Assets, Colin Plum and his team. Thank you.

- Frances L.

3/9/14 - I made several calls to Collin before completing my transaction. He spent as much time as needed to patiently answer all of my questions make any changes requested. Everything was done in a timely and precise manner. I would recommend Collin to anyone wanting a contact at Regal Assets.

- John P.

3/2/14 - Great job Christian Howard I really liked the paperless process and efficient work of Christian Howard, Tyler Gallagher and the team at RegalAssets. Good job.

- Greg G.

2/28/14 - Awesome customer service/ Christian Howard. I was referred to Regal Assets and especially, Christian Howard by my financial advisor. She recommended him highly. My experience with Christian was outstanding! This is my first experience with purchasing precious metals.Christian knew exactly what my advisor usually recommends having worked with her before. Christian was courteous, kept me informed, answered my questions and he even called me during the Christmas holidays. I will recommend Regal Assets and Christian Howard to my friends. Thanks for a great experience.

- Sophia M.

2/25/14 - Great Customer Service. I would like to commend the Regal Assets team and Christian Howard in particular. From the first contact to completing the paperwork and follow-up calls, the Regal Assets team showed me the utmost customer service. Christian always called when it was convenient for me and even contacted me on a sunday which was very unexpected. Christian, please try not to work weekends, it's important to get away from the job too. Thanks for everything.

- Douglas C.

2/25/14 - We Trust Regal Assets. Working with Regal Assets was great! Collin Plume was extremely helpful and informative in a no pressure way patiently responding to our questions, and acting promptly when we were ready to move forward. Regal Assets is the only company we feel comfortable working with based on our research and prior experience. Thanks Collin!

- Michele G.

2/24/14 - Opening am account with Regal Assets was a nice experience with Collin Plume as a representative. He was professional, personal and cordial. He applied no pressure to buy and gave detailed information with pertinant investment advice. Rating is 5 Stars indeed.

- Rodney Z.

2/23/14 - My recent experience with Regal Assets was outstanding. Collin Plume is a true professional. His goal was exceptional customer satisfaction and that goal was met. Thanks Collin.

- Michael B.

2/18/14 - I was referred to Collin by my sister and brother-in-law, who were already his clients. Being a novice investor in precious metals, I had a lot of questions and some concerns. Collin and his team were very knowledgeable, patient and understanding. The paperwork required to set up my account and transfer my IRA was very easy to complete on line. Once my account was funded, Collin contacted me to finalize my purchase and kept me informed of the progress until all transactions were completed. I highly recommend Collin not only for the novice investor, but also for the experienced investor. My thanks goes to this 5 Star, A+ team for their help and guidance.

- Pat B.

2/17/14 - Look No Further My first foray into precious metals investing nearly met with disaster. A family member recommended a financial adviser who used a different company for Gold and Silver purchases. In short, there was a stressful and protracted period where I thought I was going to lose the money I wired to them! Needless to say, I was pretty gun shy afterward and way less trusting. After a lot of research I made the decision to contact Regal Assets. Charles Thorngren is the representative I worked with and I couldn't recommend him more highly. He addressed all my concerns in full, gave me resources to follow up on if I chose to, and NEVER pressured me! As a matter of fact, Charles always encouraged me to take my time, call whenever I wished, and to let him know how he could assist me. He has a calm, confident and professional demeanor which makes him a pleasure to work with. Once I started the process of setting up my IRA, Charles and his team were very helpful, thorough and responsive. In summary, I can now attest that the high marks and rave reviews so easily found about Regal are indeed legitimate and well deserved!

- Harold P.

2/17/14 - Collin Plume at Regal Assets. I highly recommend using Collin Plume at Regal Assets. He is extremely knowledgeable in precious metals & patiently answered our numerous questions, as this was our first experience with purchasing precious metals. Our dealings with Regal Assets were executed with attention to accuracy & detail. I would recommend this company, hands down, without reservation.

- Dennis P.

2/17/14 - Exceptional Service From Collin Plume. I couldn't have asked for a more knowledgeable, efficient representative. Collin was extremely helpful & opened my eyes when I was thinking about going with another precious metals company. I felt like he was actually helping me with my decision, rather than convincing me to purchase from Regal Assets. That in itself, told me what kind of a person he is. I genuinely appreciated his sincerity & guidance.

- Chrysanthie P.

2/16/14 - Outstanding service and Knowledge I have wanted to roll over my 401k into a self directed IRA for some time. I contacted several companies to find information and can say beyond any hesitation that Christian Howard, and the team at Regal Assets are at the top of their business! I have recomended them to my family and friends and look forward to doing business with them again in near future! Awesome Job!!!

- William B.

2/14/14 - Christian Howard Helped Me to Realize My Goal of Owning Gold. It's comforting to know that I now own something "tangible." Retirement accounts and homes can disappear in a bear stock market or from unscrupulous mortgage scams. Gold is forever. Christian helped me to rollover my IRA from Fidelity to Regal Asset with ease. Thanks Christian.

- Charles M.

2/13/14 - OUTSTANDING SERVICE. Once I decided to invest an old 401k in precious metals I started researching and kept coming up with Regal Assets as the best place to do businesss with so I gave them a call. All I can say is that it was the best decision I could've made. Collin Plume and the staff at regal were very professional and took care of everything.I highly recomend Regal Assets if your in the market for a precious metals IRA

- Matthew I.

2/13/14 - Excelent service from Regal Assets. I decided to convert some off my 401K assets into Gold IRA.I have never purchased precious metals and didn't know how to begin. After researching companies that buy and sell precious metals, I was impressed with the reviews for Regal Assets and decided to contact them by email. Charles Thorngren called me the same day. Charles was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. He always promptly returned my calls and kept in contact, but never made me feel pressured to make a purchase. He gave valuable advise on the purchase and explained how the gold can be retrieved if I will need it. Once I decided to make a purchase, Charles walked me through the process, and connected me to Adam Maguire and Leah Kendrick, who helped complete the delivery in record time. This has been a very positive experience. Thank you Charles for your patience and help!!

- Anna S.

2/13/14 - Great service! It was a simply easy on-line process to transfer my 401(k) to a gold and silver 401(k), dealing with professional educated people like Collin Plume who helped me pick out my metals, I now have peace of mind knowing my retirement money is safe in case of an economic disaster!...Thanks Regal Assets

- James M.

2/11/14 - Praise for Christian Howard. It is my pleasure to commend Christian Howard for his courteous interactions with me. He was very informative and helpful in making my decisions. He stayed in contact with me throughout the entire process of rolling over an annuity into Regal Assets. In addition, his directions as well as his guidance enabled me to go through the process without any apprehensions. I recommend Christian Howard and Regal Assets without any reservations.

- Robert S.

2/11/14 - Exceptional Dealing with Charles Thorngren and the staff at R/A made my 1st time investing in gold very easy. They are professional, informative, and responded to all my questions in a very timely manner. To all who are considering investing in gold, look no further than R/A.

- Arthur N.

2/10/14 - Gold IRA My recent experience with Collin Plume of Regal Assets was an pleasant and professional interaction. The information provided and the steps needed to complete my IRA transfer and purchase were clearly explained and easy to follow. The communication from his office was accurate and thorough and at no time in the process did I experience an attitude of too busy to answer questions or concerns. I would recommend and utilize their services again.

- Richard B.

2/10/14 - I have been extremely pleased with the help provided by Mr. Howard. He has answered all my questions, returned my phone calls, and even called New Directions without me asking,(glad that he did)! I can tell that he really wants to do what he can to help. I would recommend Regal Assets to everyone who is considering a precious metals investment. When you contact them be sure to ask for Christian you won't be disappointed. He is a 5 !!!!! star man.

- Randy A.

2/9/14 - I recently transferred additional funds to my existing account, and the process was extremely fast and smooth. They called me in 2 days when funds were available to purchase more precious metals. The people who work here are great and I look forward to doing business with them.

- Rasila P.

2/9/14 - Regal Assets Christian Howard, a Clear and Concise Guy. Who Makes Investing Simple. Christian walked me through my IRA roll over, explaining each step so I would feel comfortable along the way. He is personable and wants you to know all the details of your investment. I won’t hesitate to call him in the future. He is easy to understand and a real joy to work with. Investing with Regal is smart move that I would recommend to anyone.

- Jeff H.

2/9/14 - Regal Assets avoids the high-pressure sales tactics I inquired with Christian Howard on Nov. 4, 2013. He sent me out their investment kit. I didn't move forward with my IRA until Jan. 21st 2014. Christian didn't pressure or inundate me with lots of emails. He was very helpful in directing the team of Regal Assets employees from start to finish converting my 401K to a IRA. I am very happy with my decision to choose Regal Assets.

- David T.

2/9/14 - Patience and Determination. I began trying rollover a 401K from a previous employer 8 months previously. I knew I wanted Regal Assets to receive the rollover, but I did not know how difficult and long it would take. I am sure Legal Assets did not know either. The paper work was slow to receive and confusing to fill out. A representative from Regal Assets assisted me and sent off. Instead of a confirmation of the rollover, I received a notification that the Administrator of the 401K had changed. I started over again! Regal Assets was patient, helpful, and did not give up on me and my 401K. It took a team of three from Regal Assets and each were personable, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with on such a frustrating process. I am very happy to be a new client of Regal Asset as of January 2014.

- Kate V.

2/8/14 - Collin Plume from Regal is Top Notch. From the moment we began working with Regal Assets there was nothing but pure customer service. Collin Plume was the representative we worked with from the beginning and I'm glad we did. He was very knowledgable of the metals market and patiently answered all of our questions. He provided guidance by laying out the pros and cons for each scenario but ultimately allowed us to make the decisions that were right for our situation. Collin made our experience with Regal Assets a pleasant one. We highly recommend him and Regal to anyone considering diversifying into the precious metals market.

- Madeleine M.

2/8/14 - Everyone involved with my rollover were patient and professional while waiting for my rollover check to come. My old retirement account took about a month and a half to send out and Regal Assets and Christian and Leah got everything rolling immediately as soon as I sent the funds to them. Thanks for making this big decision smooth and stress free.

- David F.

2/7/14 - The folks at Regal Assets are customer driven and great to work with! My recent experience with Regal Assets has been great. Their service is prompt and efficient. Collin Plume is very knowledgeable and explains things in an easy to understand manner. I especially like his no pressure approach of explaining the precious metal investment options. In short, I am so impressed with the service I received from Collin, and the entire Regal Assets team, that I plan to recommend them to my friends and family. Thanks Collin and Regal Assets, and keep up the great job!

- Bruce W.

2/7/14 - I'm happy about my decision to get a gold & silver IRA. I felt really good about my decision and I was relieved when it was done. I would recommend it to everyone. Regal Assets were very quick to answer questions and great to work with. Thanks.

- Roger H.

2/7/14 - Collin Plume Regal Assets. What a great company to deal with. No problems, easy roll over of my traditional IRA to Regal Assets. Quick and I never had to leave home I did it all over the Internet. If I emailed a question I was answered promptly. I did my roll over during the holidays and Collin still took care of me like it was any other day of the year. Thank you Collin and Regal Assets, as far as I am concerned you are a 5 star PLUS.

- Donna M.

2/7/14 - Excellent service. No worries. I am very pleased with both Christian and Leah. They were clear on what had to be done and they took care of it expeditiously. I highly recommend Regal Assets.

- Nancy B.

2/7/14 - Peace of Mind. My husband and I have been interested for a while in rolling over an old retirement account into a metals-backed IRA account. We are nearing retirement age and the economy is a bit scary right now! I did some research and Regal Assets had a great rating for their services so I called them. Collin Plume was the first one I spoke with and I immediately felt at ease in working with him. He made the process quite easy. Their service was quick and we were able to handle the transaction over the internet. He was on the phone with me as we conference-called the organization who held the traditional retirement account and we were able to efficiently have that money rolled-over to the metals-backed IRA account. This has given us a lot of "peace of mind" to know that our hard-earned money is a lot more secure now. I have made a couple of other transactions with Collin and he has always been professional and efficient.

- Scarlett S.

2/6/14 - Awesome Service. I am greatful for finding Regal Assets online. I did some research and they came up #1. I gave them a friendly call being that this was my first experience purchasing precious metals. A fellow by the name of Christian Howard answered and it was an absolute pleasure talking to him because in no way did I feel pressured to buy. He wasn't even pushy at all. He answered any questions I had and made me feel real comfortable from the get go. I now own precious metals and look forward to the future. Mahalo braddah Christian. Aloha!

- Dean L.

2/5/14 - I have never purchased precious metals and didn't know how to begin. After researching companies that buy and sell precious metals, I was impressed with the reviews for Regal Assets and decided to give them a call. I was connected to Charles Thorngren. Charles was very knowledgeable and willing to answer my many questions. He always promptly returned my calls and kept in contact, but never made me feel pressured to make a purchase. Once I decided to make a purchase, Charles walked me through the process, answered all my questions, and connected me to Adam Maguire, who helped complete the delivery in record time. This has been a very positive experience. Thank you Charles for your patience and help!!

- Grace E.

1/31/14 - My husband and I are thrilled with Regal Assets and Colin Plume. We are concerned about the economy and having too much money in the stock market. We decided to look into precious metals and quite by accident connected with Colin Plume. He sent us a precious metals investors package and, after we read it, answered all our questions. He was helpful and informative without being pushy. Purchasing gold through Regal Assets was remarkably easy . We highly recommend Colin Plume and regal Assets and plan to purchase more precious metals from them in the near future.

- Gail P.

1/29/14 - Regal Assets,LLC and Mr. Plume earn 5 Stars. We live in uncertain times when thinking about "OUR MONEY" and the future. I researched and listened to adviser's for months "about purchasing precious metals" before contacting Regal Assets LLC. The very first adviser I spoke with was Mr. Collin Plume, a very knowledgeable investment adviser and easy person to feel comfortable with. Collin was able to clearly explain a number of different purchase options available to me that proved helpful and made my final purchase decision effortless. My confidence in Mr. Plume's knowledge, advise and listening skills have remained very high for more then a year and two more precious metal deliveries to my portfolio. I will continue to recommended Mr. Plume and Regal Assets LLC. To all my friends.

- Bill A.

1/27/14 - Second Purchase from Regal Assets. I just completed my second purchase of gold coins and am completely satisfied with the service and the material. My agent Collin Plume made the transaction very easy and I felt very comfortable working with him. I would Collin a five star rating for his help. Thank you.

- Grady D.

1/12/14 - Easy Process and Expert Service for setting up Gold IRA Account. I was new to gold investment and was looking for a company that would help with opening a gold IRA account. Christian Howard with Regal Assets is very knowledgeable and was able to explain to me the transfer process in clear and non-technical terms. All the people I dealt with at Regal Assets were very professional and courteous. Both Christian and Adam Maguire did a great job guiding me through the process and following up with me to make sure the transfer gets handled efficiently and quickly. They did all the paper work and I only had to sign a couple of documents online. A very easy and painless process. I never felt pressured or talking to a sales person that just wants their commission. Howard took time out of his busy schedule to clearly explain to me the options and the process. He also helped me put together my precious metals portfolio for my new IRA account. I can only recommend Howard and Regal Assets for anyone considering investing into precious metals.

- Tom A.

1/11/14 - Great experience and easy transaction! Collin Plume made my IRA rollover to gold coins easy and seamless! I had been planning on moving money into gold and this company came very highly recommended. I normally drag my feet doing things like this because I find the paperwork and phone calls to be a hassle. But this whole transaction was easy and I had to do very little which makes me happy! Thank you Collin for doing all the heavy work for me!

- Heather W.

12/30/13 - Business made Easy. With the economy looking rather grim, my husband and I realized the necessity to be more diverse with our investments. After several months of research we concluded that Regal Assets is the direction we must take in order to secure our future. We connected with Christian Howard and the team at Regal Assets and have swiftly moved through the process of diversification. Christian has been a complete pro, answering all questions without hesitation, and offering insight into this realm of investing. Never once had to wait on a return call or email. Prompt efficiency throughout the entire process. Thank you Christian Howard and team at Regal for the wonderful experience and this avenue of diversification. All the best in 2014!!!!

- LaVola B.

12/27/13 - Superior Company Providing Superior Customer Experience. I consider myself one of those people who research everything online before they do anything. I have been planning and researching to move my IRA into gold and silver for several months now. Regal Assets name consistently came up as one of the most recommended and trusted. That plus the fact that everyone involved made this process so easy has made this a very positive customer experience. Charles Thorngren was my assigned advisor. He pretty much kept in touch and guided me every step of the way. I always felt he was there if I ever needed his help or advice. He really made the whole transition trouble-free. I will definitely recommend Regal Assets (and Charles) to my friends who are also looking to invest in precious metals. Charles, thank you so much for your help! You rate 5 stars in my book!

- David M.

12/26/13 - Researched several physical gold investment companies online. Spoke to many on the phone. Regal was the only one that was upfront with ALL the costs associated with purchasing gold for an IRA. Collin Plume was very respectful, honest and up front with answering all my questions. He made me comfortable with trusting Regal Assets with my IRA money. They did not badger me with multiple harassing phone calls; unlike several other companies who still are calling me. Thank you Regal Assets and Collin for a super easy transaction. Look forward to expanding my stake in precious metals outside of my IRA in the near future.

- John C.

12/26/13 - Precious Metal IRA. I just finished completing my transfer of funds into a precious metal IRA through Regal Assets. This was done so in a professional and extremely helpful way which removed any doubts about the process and its intricacies. I found Christian to be courteous and competent as well as Leah Kendrick and the rest of the staff whom I dealt with. I would highly recommend them to anyone asking without reservations.

- Joel W.

12/26/13 - Christian Howard at Regal Assets when I first called I was weary of exactly were my money was going. I had surfed the Internet and found Regal Assets. Upon calling Regal Assets the person chosen to help me step through this frightening process was Christian Howard, what a wonderful person and complete gentleman, he help comfort me in making the correct decision and answered and thoroughly explained any question I had. Though it has been a few months I am very happy I made the investment. Thank you Christian for your help. I also would like to express my gratitude to Leah Kendrick, helped me throughout the process of transferring my money, has a wealth of information, very, very helpful and a pleasure to work with, took a lot of the stress out the process. You are a great asset to Regal Assets, don't know what I would have done without you. Thank you Leah for all your help.

- Ismael P.

12/25/13 - Precious Metals IRA Made Easy. My transfer of assets couldn't have been easier with Regal Assets, specifically Collin Plume. Regal Assets handled all the paperwork, making the transfer as painless as possible. Once the account was fully funded (transferred from my previous custodian), Collin worked with me to come up with a precious metals order customized for me. I would highly recommend them for all of your precious metal needs.

- Joseph H.

12/25/13 - Easy to setup, easy to get going. I had no problems setting up my precious metals IRA via Regal Assets; their staff went out of the way to make the process easy, and within two weeks I had transferred my IRA from a major brokerage house to them - seamlessly. I worked with Collin, who was completely helpful and I highly recommend asking for him if you decide to go with regal (which, obviously, I highly recommend!).

- Theodore M.

12/25/13Regal Assets provided great service. I would like to thank Regal Assets,LLC and Charles Thorngren and Adam McGuire in particular for the very professional manner in which they handled my conversion to a Gold IRA with New Directions. I would fully endorse Regal Assets and the firm to deal with for conversion to Gold IRA accounts.

- Ronald S.

12/25/13 - Professional Experience with Precious Metal IRA. I recently decided to establish a precious metal backed IRA. I investigated the various firms and found Regal Assets while doing some of the investigations. Everything I read and found about this firm was positive down to the independent audit to ascertain the validity of the client reviews. Although my primary financial adviser was not really happy about the decision since he is a “paper type” guy, he checked out Regal Assets while I was in his office and confirmed that my decision to go with them was a good one since he could not talk me out of establishing the metal backed IRA. I received a telephone call from Collin Plume, an account executive at Regal, who provided detailed support through the whole process. He continues to be available should questions arise. The whole process was completed professionally and timely without any problems. If someone is looking to establish a precious metal backed IRA I would recommend that Regal Assets be seriously considered.

- Lee R.

12/19/13 - Dealing with professionals Dealing with Collin P. and Adam M. from Regal Assets LLC turned out to be a first-class experience.They were knowledgeable about the products and services offered and always there to answer any questions.

- Scott M.

12/18/13 - Precious Metals Purchase. Fearing the decline of currency I decided to invest in "solid" assets. As a 1st timer I contacted Regal and received a prompt reply from Collin Plume. Collin was personable, knowledgeable, & most of all not pushy in any way. I was given information & time to make a decision. Explanations of details and assistance in selection of product & why each was a proper choice were given. Overall Collin made the experience easy with professionalism.

- Bernie M.

12/18/13 - Working with Regal I found working with Collin Plume at Regal very easy and was one of the reasons I dealt with them. He answered all my questions and everything went as he said it would. I am looking forward to working with him again.

- Grady D.

12/18/13 - Had a very good experience with Regal Assets. Collin Plume helped me with ALL my questions promptly. My first experience with such a purchase and I am very pleased.

- Brad B.

12/17/13 - Good Experience. I submitted a request for information online and was contacted in less than 24 hours by Collin Plume. He explained how the process worked of transferring my TSP account to a precious metals IRA. He explained that it could take a few weeks but after submitting my initial paperwork the process took only a couple of weeks. I talked to Collin after the transfer and he gave me suggestions on what metals to buy. Had a good experience with the company and would recommend them.

- George B.

12/17/13 - First class professionals. New to the precious metals market and Collin Plume took the time to explain everything in a non-pushy manner. No high pressure techniques. I was also very impressed with the service after the sale. I will be making future purchases and Collin and Regal Assets will be my choice. I have already referred then to my family and a few friends. Keep up the great service.

- Bryan K.

12/16/13 - Regal Assets - My best decision in a long time! I'm a fairly nervous investor and tend to do a good amount of on-line research before I invest. I had 4 companies on my list of those in the business of precious metal IRA's, and Regal Assets was the first I called. I was immediately connected with Charles Thorngren, who quickly put me at ease with his explanation of the process, and his ability to answer all my questions to my satisfaction. After talking with Charles, I decided I didn't need to bother calling the other 3 companies, and started the ball rolling immediately. Throughout the process of getting my account set up and rolling the funds from two different accounts, both Leah Kendrick and Adam McGuire were wonderfully efficient and congenial. I would sincerely recommend Regal Assets and Charles Thorngren & his team to anyone considering this type of investment.

- Pamela B.

12/15/13 - After much research I decided to transfer some of my IRA into precious metals. When I contacted Regal Assets, Charles Thorngren promptly called me back. I am new to this and Charles was very patient in answering all my questions. There was no pressure at all, which I appreciated. After I made the decision to go ahead, Charles explained all the steps and took care of everything that needed to be done. Leah Kendrick and Adam McGuire were very helpful as well. All in all, Charles made this a pretty easy process and I am confident I can call him at any time in the future. I highly recommend him and Regal Assets.

- Debbie T.

12/14/13 - I researched the choice of companies in the GOLD IRA industry and found what I needed with Regal Assets. Collin Plume and his team made my IRA rollover into precious metals very comfortable and easy. Our conversations were educational and they were very patient answering all my questions. Once the papers were signed I was constantly updated as the process was taking place and within a very few days everything was completed. I recommend Collin and Regal Assets to anyone who is interested in opening a precious metal account. I will certainly be using them again as I convert more assets.

- Betty C.

12/14/13 - Real Easy and Helpful!! I'm working in Afghanistan and contacted many IRA and Gold Companies. Regal was the most detailed and helpful. Getting my IRA transferred into P-metals with their guidance easy. I can highly recommended Regal Assets for you P-metal and IRA needs.

- Anthony A.

12/13/13 - Extremely Pleased with the service. When I called I spoke with Christian Howard. He quickly got me up to speed with setting up an account and guiding me through the asset transfer process. I was very impressed with his knowledge and ability to explain everything clearly and concisely. I would highly recommend using Regal Assets and Christian in particular for acquiring precious metals.

- Michael B.

12/12/13 - Helpful and professional. This was my initial foray into the precious metals world. I was drawn to Regal Assets after finding their BBB rating of A+. The endorsements listed on their site also helped convince me to give them a try. I provided my info on their web site and was contacted within an hour by Christian. He succinctly answered all my questions, elaborating when I missed something. Not once did I feel pressured, even when he offered his advice to this newbie. After several promptly returned emails and phone calls over the next day or two, Christian helped me make a purchase decision. A slight hiccup with my shipment because of the Thanksgiving weekend was remedied to my full satisfaction by an attentive Adam. All further communications with them have been quickly dealt with; they didn't make a sale and then drop me. Their support has been a pleasure. I would definitely recommend Regal Assets to those both new and experienced in precious metals.

- Alan M.

12/9/13 - Quick and Easy! Have the pleasure of having worked with Collin Plume in creating an IRA roll over account with precious metals. Collin was professional and was well informed on this service. It all processed perfectly and was glad I contacted Regal Assets to assist me with their program. Thanks! 

- Gerald W.

12/9/13 - Thank you Regal Assets Regal Assets made the rollover process from my existing IRA very easy. They processed all the paper work needed and ultimately only needed my signature. Christian Howard served as my account rep and he couldn't have been more helpful in making suggestions to fit me into the right precious metal purchases.

- Justin W.

12/6/13 - Highly professional service Bought gold for my IRA for the first time. Service from Charles Thorngren was very professional and purchase was made simple. My wife is now about to buy gold from the same company as a result of this experience.

- Trevor N.

12/4/13 - Working with Christian Howard at Regal Assets was a pleasure. He was helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable in his field. I had several questions and he took time to answer my questions and sent me information so I could do some research on my own. I would highly recommend Regal Assets for anyone interested in adding precious medals to their assets.

- Tamara S.

12/2/13 - IRA Rollover. My husband and I have been researching the Gold IRA industry for a few months and was not able to comfortably make the investment until we spoke with Christian Howard at Regal Assets. Our Gold & Silver IRA purchase was clear and simple thanks to Christian and the staff at Regal Assets. This is a 5 Star experience! Thank you Christian!

- Lisa T.

12/2/13 - Rollover IRA. This is my first experience with precious metals investments. It was exciting and terrifying at the same time. At the last minute I almost backed out. Collin Plume was assigned to my account. From day one he has been patient, willing to educate, and supportive. His co-workers, Adam and Leah, kept in constant contact letting me know where everything stood. I could not be more pleased with the service. I give them 5 stars for service, knowledge, and excellence. I would highly recommend Regal Assets because of the team they have put into place. Thank you,

- Gretta K.

12/2/13 - Worried about the US and the future Federal Reserve policies, printing money that could cease being the world's currency, and a rising stock market for a country that is becoming a welfare state, courtesy of President Obama and the Democratic Party, are some of the reasons I've explored precious metal investments. After studying Regal Assets and other competitors, I contacted Regal and Christian Howard was assigned to help me switch to this type investment. He explained precious metal investments, took me through the rollover process. Leah Kendrick, Adam McGuire, and Christian's team promptly answered several pressing problems that arose, and helped communicate with previous IRA and 401K companies. No question or problem was considered an obstacle and all was resolved in a manner that gave me full confidence in Christian, his team and Regal Assets. Couldn't be more satisfied.

- Tom P.

12/2/13 - Best of the Best. When i decided to rollover some of my IRA savings and i dealt with Charles Thorngren,Adam McGuire and Leah Kendrick i knew i was dealing with the most professional people and the best company in the retirement services business! Many Thanks to Regal Assets and the associates that work there.

- Rick R.

11/25/13 - Excellent Customer Service! November 25, 2013 Christian Howard was very informative and professional through the entire process of my rollover. He promptly returned all my phone calls and e-mails and all of my documentation was sent to me via e-mail which made the process much easier for me. When it was time to purchase my precious metals, Christian was honest and forthcoming about his recommendations on what I should buy to get the best value for my dollar. I had done some research on different IRA rollover firms and found that Regal Assets, was the most reputable and maintained the best reviews from other consumers. I am very pleased to have done business with Christian and Regal Assets....I would highly recommend this firm and Christian to friends and family interested in pursuing an IRA rollover.

- Kathryn D.

11/25/2013 - The assistance I received from Collin and Adam was awesome. From the very beginning of the transfer of my IRA to the day when my shipment was delivered, I was provided with excellent assistance from both these guys. Collin is very knowledgeable about gold and silver and I especially thank him for explaining lots of things and following up with my emails and phone calls so expeditiously. Adam was right on top of my shipment from beginning to end. Thanks Collin and Adam!!!

- Carol H.

11/25/13 - Regal Assets I would like to express my gratitude to Charles Thorngren for the professional and efficient way he handled my transfer. He was prompt in returning my calls. Charles was very knowledgeable and patient in helping me to understand the process of the transfer into precious metals. Based on my experience I can tell you that Charles is a five star representative and real asset to the Regal Assets Company. I would also like to mention how helpful Leah Kenbrick was in handling the paper work and staying in touch with me to keep things moving. Leah as well as Charles were a real pleasure to work with. They both helped me through "all" the paper work required to get everything approved - As I mentioned earlier Charles and Leah are the kind of employees that help a company stay competitive and successful.

- Mary Lynn K.

11/22/13 - FANTASTIC. Colin Plume made everything so easy. It was a seamless transition moving our IRA accounts and purchasing Silver. Thank-you.

- Eric B.

11/21/13 - This company made my transition as smooth as possible. The account was set up within days. They keep you updated on the process closely. When the money is transferred, Christian Howard contacts you to go over the various options you have in terms of purchasing the metals. He makes sure you get the best deals. I highly recommend this company!

- Mukesh P.

11/21/13 - I recommend Regal Assets to anyone that is thinking of opening a IRA in metals. Collin and Adam work hard to make your transition as smooth as it can be. I now have a nest egg I feel will grow. Thank you for your help.

- Gregrie L.

11/21/13 - After serious consideration and research, I decided to open a rollover IRA with Regal Assets LLC. I was pleased with the entire experience. My initial contact was with Christian Howard. Christian and his team guided me through a very efficient process every step of the way. Within a week the rollover was complete, resulting in a diverse precious metals portfolio. I am looking forward to additional investments in the future.

- Robert D.

11/20/13 - Investment Plan Rollover Success. My first contact with Regal Assets was with Christian Howard. I highly recommend his services. He took all the time I needed to explain all the fine points of IRA Gold and Silver investing. The roll over process was made especially easy since a representative from Regal (Leah) created a 3-way conversation with me and my retirement plan custodian and together we were able to initiate the transfer without any difficulty what-so-ever. I will definitely be recommending Regal Assets to all my friends and associates.

- James D.

11/18/13 - Great Doing Business with you Mr. Thorngren. My experience with Mr. Charles Thorngren was absolutely fantastic. He was very direct, honest and well knowledgeable about the precious metals business. I liked his character as well. He was straight to the point and made doing business very pleasant. I admit I would like to stay in touch with Charles wherever he would go in business. Keep him Regal Assets. Thanks Mr. Thorngren.

- Kevin B.

11/16/13 - I was skeptical at first, but after plenty of research I learned that Regal Assets has maintained an excellent reputation since it's existence. They set up my account within a week and once the account was funded, Christian Howard was nice enough to educate me on the best deals in terms of buying assets. They kept me updated on the progress of my account through phone calls. The company has amazing customer service! Things are done very promptly and efficiently. I look forward to continually doing business with this company.

- Rasila P.

11/15/13 - Individual Retirement Account / Precious Metals I recently opened a rollover IRA with Regal Assets. Christian Howard and Adam McGuire were exceptionally helpful to streamline the account creation process online and assist me with selecting the appropriate precious metals for my account and investment goals. Mr. Howard was especially knowledgeable and explanatory about the differences between metals, bullion vs slabbed coin products, and bullion vs numismatic values. I really appreciated his expertise in this area and Adam's computer savy in helping through the application and transfer of assets process. Overall, it was a great experience, especially since I had never done this before. They made it look easy. Kudos to both. I highly recommend both gentlemen and Regal Assets to anybody wanting to invest their funds in precious metals.

- David E.

11/8/13 - Regal Assets, LLC and Thrift Savings Plan. I wanted to transfer my Thrift Savings Plan to a gold and silver backed plan. During research I found Regal Assets, LLC and I am very happy I decided to go with them. My first contact with Regal Assets was through Colin Plume. He was great. He explained every step and how the process worked. My account set up and transfer of funds was completed with the able assistance of Adam, Leah and Christian. I'm very happy with the outcome and would recommend Regal Assets to anyone wanting to invest in precious metals.

- Dennis R.

11/7/13 - Regal Assets - Working with Colin Plume Hi, I just wanted to share that working with Colin Plume from Regal Assets was a pleasant experience. He was not only prompt and courteous, but also seemed professional and knowledgeable. I got a sense of dependability and trustworthiness in working with him. Thanks Colin! In general, the staff from Regal Assets seemed helpful and polite.

- Anand K.

11/6/13 - Precious Metal IRA info for the uninitiated. After doing my homework on these folks I contacted them and Christian Howard was assigned to inform me and guide me through this type investing. He explained the particulars of the type of precious metal investing I could do, took me through the process of this rollover, sent me info about the specifics of plans & what I could choose to purchase, followed up to answer questions and was readily available to handle emergent questions as I worked through deciding on investing. Adam McGuire helped us out as did Leah Kendrick's, particularly when we had some email communication problems. Everything was very professional and efficient in executing my roll over. In my limited experience, it's apparent their reputation is warranted and their ratings are well deserved. 

- Scott R.

11/5/13 - IRA Transfer With the economic uncertainties I wanted to make some changes to my current IRA and reviewed my options on the Internet. I found Regal Assets to be rated very high as a company and contacted them. I spoke with Collin Plume and was very thankful for his help in answering all my questions. His professionalism along with his associates Adam and Leah, made my transfer to my new IRA go very smoothly. I am also very grateful for Collin's assistance in choosing the precious metals for my new portfolio. Thank you again Collin and I look forward to working with you in the future.

- Mary

11/4/13 - IRA ROLLOVER I want to thank Collin Plume and his associates Adam M.& Leah K. for making this transaction a breeze! It was warming to have the trust on the other end of the line. Thanks

- Curtis H.

11/4/13 - Great People and Easy Setup - Thanks Collin I was interested in moving some of my traditional IRA to gold and precious metals. I am not someone who believes everything should be moved to gold but wanted to diversify my retirement savings as much as possible. I requested more information after reading reviews on Regal Assets and looking at other Gold companies. The overall consensus was that they were the best and after my experience I would agree. In speaking with Collin Plume on what I wanted to do it was very easy to move cash from my existing IRA and into the Self Directed IRA that Collin had setup. Most of the work was done with electronic signatures and Docusign and was a breeze. I ended up with a nice mix of Gold, Silver, and a bit of Palladium to diversify my portfolio. Overall I was very pleased with the service and the support I received and couldn't see ever doing this with anyone else at this point.

- Adam S.

11/4/13 - IRA Rollover I would like to thank Charles Thorngren for all the help in rolling over my IRA . He was very helpful and everything went great looking forward to working with him again in the future. Thanks again

- Eric W.

11/3/13 - Christian Howard is fantastic!!! I just love Regal Assets. I recently ended my employment and had to roll over my 401K. I decided to put it into a precious metals IRA and did lots of research. I found Regal Assets to be one of the better companies regarding customer satisfaction. I made some calls to many different companies, but none treated me as well as Christian Howard of Regal Assets. He did not behave like a cheap car salesman who wanted to grab my money. He is a professional. He was honest and up front about all the materials, process, and answers to my questions. He treated me with care and respect. When it came time to do the roll over, the process was so easy and well explained. Regal Assets took all the pain and worry out of it. When our funds became available to buy our precious metals (about 10 business days), I was so excited to buy. Christian once again was fantastic. He was able to get what I was interested in and made me feel well-informed. If I had to choose a brief description for Regal Assets, it would be "clear communication." They are excellent and leave no questions unanswered. I look forward to having a long, healthy relationship with this company.

- Andrea L.

11/3/13 - I had a great first time experience buying precious metals. With the uncertain economy, I wanted to roll my IRA over into a precious metal investment. Regal Assets was highly recommended by several sources. I could not have asked for a better experience. Collin Plume handled my account. He walked me through the whole process, explaining each step thoroughly and answering all my questions to my satisfaction. He called every day with updates during my account set-up. Adam Maguire handled the paperwork and also did a fantastic job. My account was set up, my IRAs rolled over and the metals purchased in a 2 week time frame. Regal Assets is a first-rate company that I will recommend to family and friends. Thanks!

- Mary M.

10/30/13 - If I had one word to describe these guys the word would be awesome. The guys at Regal Assets were wonderful, I knew nothing about investing in metals whatsoever and the team walk me through the steps to complete the process of a rollover metal IRA, they were so patient with all the question I had for them even when I was unsure I felt no pressure from them. I would recommend them to anyone, talk about team work, I wish I worked for this company. Thank you: Christian Howard, Adam Maguire & Leah Kendrick for a great job, hope I mention everyone. You sparked an interest in me to start collecting coins as a hobby as well as an asset. Thanks again.

- Victoria S.

10/30/13 - Very Professional and a Great Experience. My wife and I took several weeks to research information about purchasing precious metals. We decided to use Regal Assets to purchase our precious metals. Colin Plume was our account executive and was extremely professional, knowledgeable and excellent to work with. We are very happy with our decision and found the process to be easy and well worth it. Thanks again Colin and Regal Assets! 

- Mark O.

10/28/13 - Very knowledgeable and helpful. My first experience with purchasing precious metals was very pleasant, smooth, and hassle-free due to the expertise, and professionalism of Charles Thorngren. Not only is he knowledgeable, but Charles is patient, and customer-friendly in his approach. Thank you, Charles!

- Leslie C.

10/28/13 - Regal Assets, LLC Regarding Regal Assets, my wife and I are just getting starting with investing in Gold with the Gold IRA options, and so far it has been an excellent experience mainly due to the pro-active and very friendly communication skills of Mr. Charles Thorngren. He represents the best in customer service and timely information needed to make a good decision in my opinion. Thank you Charles!!!

- Paula & Don W.

10/27/13 - Thank You Adam Maquire and Christian Howard at Regal Assets!! As a first time precious metals buyer, I couldn't have asked for a smoother, educational and pleasant experience with these two gentleman at Regal Assets. What a great team they have that work together so we'll amongst themselves but most of all with their customers. Not once did I have to wait for either a return phone call or email response to any of my questions. Will recommend them to everyone that inquires about precious metal buying! Thanks!

- Mike T.

10/26/13 - Rolled over my IRA I was skeptical on rolling over my ira, did a lot of internet research, until I found Charles Thorngren from Regal Assests. Talking with him gave me peace of mind on my decision to make my move. He was very helpful about explaining everything that was involved in the process of the transfer and set up of my metals.The whole process went so smoothly and easy I wish I did this soon.

- Linda M.

10/25/13 - Thanks Charles Thorngren for helping and average guy enter the world of silver & gold. I'm thirty six years old, my dad got me investing my own money at a very young age. He owned a small well drilling company,so I learned how to work,and learned about people. I don't make much money , maybe 50k. Most of my savings is in the stock market, I'm not really counting on it being there when I need it,I'm hopeful but unsure. I was looking to diversify. I saw an add at the bottom of a page saying now was the time to invest in silver, it was a gold IRA advertisement. I give them a call, they started ringing my phone off the hook. I decided to check reviews,they didn't check out. I still wanted to invest so I started searching, regal assets did check out. Charles is not a high pressure salesman,"FAST TALKER" he slowly and methodically walked me through the transaction. No hurry,I had time to think,learn and be sure. Yes I had questions and even second thoughts Charles answered my questions told me to take my time. I called several times always got a real person. My money has gotten bigger and it's only been 2 weeks. And oh yea we bought American. Double eagles,baby. Can't wait to buy some for my pockets.Thanks Charles!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

- Jason K.

10/25/13 - I would like to thank Christian Howard for assisting me with my IRA rollover. I am new to PM investing, and Christian took the time to answer all my questions. I look forward to doing more business with Regal Assets.

- Richard B.

10/25/13 - Took my Husband's advise and went with Regal Assets LLC. Regal Assets gave me some great advise which saved me thousands of dollars. Giving me some guidance regarding a purchase I was going to make with another company. Mainly my representative at Regal Assets Christian Howard, was able to give me much needed advise. As a result I wanted to thank him and Regal Assets buy purchasing a Gold IRA from them. I plan on being a life long customer of Regal Assets.

- Nina E.

10/25/13 - Regal Assets, Great Advise from a Great Company Regal Assets gave me some great advise which saved me thousands of dollars. Giving me some guidance regarding a purchase I was going to make with another company. Mainly my representative at Regal Assets Christian Howard, was able to give me much needed advise. As a result I wanted to thank him and Regal Assets buy purchasing a Gold IRA from them. I plan on being a life long customer of Regal Assets.

- Matt E.

10/20/13 - Regal Asset, The right choice. My name is Fred Smith, I recently had the pleasure of being assisted by Christian Howard with the rollover of my traditional IRA to Physical Gold. I was a little apprehensive because I had only dealt with my current financial adviser. I was very comfortable with the level of expertise that Christian Howard has in the knowledge of this market, since I have zero! I will definitely advise friends and family to contact Christian. Great job, I look forward to having you advise me in the future. 

- Fred S.

10/19/13 - Best Company to work with on securing precious metals/IRA. I found this company on Internet researching to add some precious metals looking at the BBB listing and looking more on Internet and getting info show me were a good company. After I talk with Collin we started the process to roll over some of my company 401K to precious metals IRA they keep me constant contact on the whole process. They help me set up conference call with the 401k company so the rollover could be done in a timely manner in which was great. They help on setting up the IRA and I did not always get my original contact but that did not matter after they look up info I was able to get it all taken care of with no problems. Even when I found out that 401k would not send check to them direct even though it was made out to them this company help me get the check to them over night no problems they are all very helpful at this company. I will enjoy doing business with this company and highly recommend them to any one else to try them.

- Mark C.

10/18/13 - Smooth sailing opening up my percious metals IRA. After considerable research before and after the "Liberty Mastermind" conference in Dallas, TX by my husband and I, we decided to go with Regal Assets to purchase our precious metals. While at the conference, Kerry Lutz also told us about his experience with Regal Assets and he recommended using you for the purchase of our precious metals. Dealing with Collin, Adam and others was always a pleasant experience and everyone was helpful, patient, great educators since this was our first time in purchasing actual precious metal coins and answered any questions that we had. The process of changing my IRA into precious metals was very quick, easy, and was an excellent experience for us. I enjoyed the experience and recommend Collin Plume and everyone else in Regal Assets. This is a great company with excellent people who are fantastic to work with. Thank you all.

- Wendy H.

10/17/13 - 401K Rollover to IRA - Great Experience. I had searched worthy IRA investment options to rollover my 401K into for about 4 months. I compared several precious metal investment companies and ultimately decided on Regal Assets. After speaking with Charles Thorngren many times regarding the process and options, I had and have full confidence in making this decision/rollover with Regal Assets. At no point did I feel pressured by Charles or anyone else on his team. Charles and Leah Kendrick were comforting and walked me through the paperwork, and Charles provided professional knowledge in helping me select my investments. I highly recommend investing in precious metals with Regal Assets. I am confident that my investment and my family’s future is safe with Regal Assets.

- Nicholas G.

10/17/13 - Outstanding Service Great Choice. I want to thank Collin Plume at Regal Assets for all his time, patience and help with getting my account set up. I knew nothing about Regal Assets or how to go about investing our money in gold and silver even though my husband and I felt it was the right time to do so. We came upon their website and read the reviews and ratings while actually checking out another company on the BBB website. I called and after speaking to Collin we felt extremely reassured that all our questions were completely answered to our satisfaction. Collin took great time and efforts to make us feel very confident and relaxed and not pressured. Collin walked us through each step of the process and we knew we had made the right choice and that we were in good hands with our investment. It was far easier than we expected and the entire process was completed in a matter of days. Everyone we had contact with was wonderful. Collin actually took the time to make us feel like we were right there with him in an office, not on the phone. It was wonderful customer service. We couldn't be more pleased with our decision and recommend this company to anyone who is trying to get going with this kind of investment like we were. They are the perfect company to work with!

- Deborah C.

10/18/13 - Christian Howard and my IRA rollover I had an excellent experience in getting my gold IRA established with Mr. Howard and his staff. Being new to investing in precious metals I really appreciated the instruction and advice I received and the pressure-free environment they created made for a very low level of stress while completing the process. All my questions were answered (many before I even asked them) and the entire matter was handled in an extremely professional and timely manner. I look forward to working with Mr. Howard and Regal Assets in the future.

- William L.

10/16/13 - IRA transfer I would like to thank Collin Plume. For the assistance and advice on transferring my traditional IRA to a gold and silver IRA. He is a first class advisor and Regal assets is a great company to do business with. I would also like to mention Leah Kendrick who was very patient and helpful in the process. Regal is a first class organization because of these type of people. Wiley Pearson

- Wiley P.

10/16/13 - Charles Thorngren of Regal Assets goes above and beyond helping his clients! I had no previous experience with precious metals investing. Charles Thorngren of Regal Assets went out of his way to explain the process and guided me through the roll over of my investments. He fully answered all my questions and was very helpful. He went above and beyond helping me. I have never been treated so nice by a company. He is an asset to the company!

- Carroll D.

10/16/13 - I recently had an opportunity to roll over an investment into a precious metals IRA. I spoke with Charles Thorngren of Regal Assets and was very pleased with the service I received. He was very helpful walking me through the entire processes. I hope to do business with him again.

- Randal G.

10/16/13 - First I'd like to express my gratitude to Collin Plume. He helped me set up an IRA Gold / Silver Account. Mr.Plume explained every aspect of the process, and handled all of the details. I reviewed several companies before choosing Regal Assets. Their ratings are outstanding, offering 5 star service. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in Precious metals as an investment.

- Susan C.

10/7/13 - Professional, Courteous Service Without the Sales Pitch. I was very pleased with my experience with Regal Assets and account manager Collin Plume. Collin is informed, helpful, and never made me feel pressured. He answered all my questions and helped me put together a package that I'm very happy with. I had inquired at other dealers and felt that their approach was pushy and heavy-handed rather than informative and helpful. Other staff members at Regal were equally professional and pleasant to work with. All in all, a very good experience.

- Rhonda D.

10/7/13 - Regal Assets I just recently opened a precious metal IRA with these folks. The transfer activity coincided with a major transition on their part with new partners, so I became concerned and called Mr. Plume at Regal Assets. He responded to the issue by assuring me that the transistion would be smooth, followed by a couple of folks calling me personally to walk me thru it all. Great service! Glad I picked them.

- Chris C.

10/6/13 - While I was eager to start diversifying some of my retirement assets into precious metals, I was a total "rookie". Days of "research" on-line turned up more "sales hype" than solid information. In the end I ended up going with Regal Assets, LLC. I was immediately contacted by Charles Thorngren,who was very patient and not "high pressure". As a matter of fact I even told him I was busy at the time he called and would just like to request some info via email and would get back to him later. No pressure, just a "I'll send it right over. Call me back when your ready to discuss it more." I'll point out that several other companies were the opposite. They would go on about how delaying may cost me in price changes, "monthly specials" that might expire, etc. "Standard High Pressure Sales" techniques in my book. Again, I'm very new in the precious metals investment game, but so far, Charles Thorngren, Adam Maguire, and Leah Kendrick have all been super.

- Pete C.

10/6/13 - IRA Transfer Regal Assets handled the transfer of my IRA into precious metals professionally from start to finish. Having never invested in precious metals before, doing so with my IRA funds was very concerning however, Charles Thorngren's in-depth explanation helped assure me and my husband that we were doing the right thing. Prior to and during the transfer Lea Kendrick, head of the IRA Department at Regal Assets, was very helpful ensuring the transfer of my assets from my bank was handled promptly despite poor customer service from the bank. I look forward to a rewarding and prosperous relationship with Regal Assets and would highly recommend them and Charles Thorngren to anyone contemplating investing in precious metals.

- Rhonda S.

10/5/13 - Trustworthy and great customer service. This was my first time purchasing precious metals. From my first phone conversation Collin Plume was extremely helpful and willing to answer all I my questions. He never made me feel like I was asking a dumb question since I was new to the process. He told me how the transaction would work and that is exactly how it went. I will definitely work with them in the future and let friends and family know about my experience. Thanks again.

- Adam F.

10/1/13 - Regal Assets, LLC I did check out several gold companies, and not knowing how they would have performed, I can say they Regal Assets met my expectations and guided me along the experience of opening up a Gold and Silver IRA. There several individuals involved in the set up process. All were professional.

- Jim S.

9/28/13 - Regal Assets I am new at precious metal Investing. I went through 4 other companies before settling with Regal Assets and Charles. As an international airline pilot who is gone out of country 50% of the time Charles and his team made my experience quick and trouble free. Nothing short of superb service! These folks are at the top of their profession.

- Tom O.

9/26/13 - Trustworthy Regal Assets LLC Experience, Thanks to Christian Howard in getting me setup with the first time purchase of silver. This was very easy and the silver arrived as he had said. I will purchase more silver & gold from this fine firm.

- Curtis U.

9/24/13 - Trustworthy I was doubtful at the beginning but the rep Charles T. patiently walked me through and answered my questions and concerns. Not one time but over the course of a few months to give me clarity and build my trust. I would recommend again.

- Jimmy Y.

9/20/13 - Smooth Transaction I am very pleased with the service from Charles Thorngren. I would recommend Regal Assets to anyone who plans to invest in precious metals. Charles made it a smooth and easy transaction. Thank you.

- Byran K.

9/19/13 - Very Professional Christian was very professional and with Adam met my expectations as they quickly transferred my IRA to Regal. I was very pleased in how everything was handled and recommend Christian and the team to anyone looking to get into precious metals.

- Sandra R.

9/16/13 - Customer Service is a plus. All of the employees at Regal Assets made a potentially confusing job less complicated when we transferred some of our IRA funds to precious metals. Collin Plume was especially attentive to our needs. He has responded to every question and concern that we have had during the rollover.

- Sylvia D.

9/15/13 - Excellence in customer service. Collin Plume and Adam Maguire at Regal Assets were quickly responsive, very professional and highly knowledgeable in helping me to transfer a portion of my Traditional IRA into my new Precious Metals IRA. As a novice to investing in precious metals I was looking, above all else, for a company and individuals who I feel I can trust to look out for my best interest and that of my family. I am confident that I have found just exactly that in Collin, Adam and Regal Assets.

- Robert B.

9/10/13 - Thank you Christian! I was interested in rolling over my Roth IRA to silver to maximize my investment. I am not experienced in the market and have had bad experiences with online dealings before. I admit I was nervous about buying silver online - it seemed like a big risk. Christian was so professional and yet casual on the phone. I understood everything that was happening and felt reassured every time he called. Absolutely everything he said happened the way he said it would and he called quickly at every step to let me know that everything was ok. I appreciate that he is so knowledgeable and could help me understand things that are not in my area of expertise. I would recommend to anyone who is thinking of investing in silver or gold to talk to him. No matter how little you know, he will walk you through it and you will be glad you trusted him. Thank you Christian and Adam!

- Elisa G.

9/10/13 - Collin Plume at Regal Assets made it happen. I wanted to provide a brief summary of my dealings to date with Regal Assets and specifically with Collin Plume. Collin's help has been first rate. He took care of all the details to transfer my retirement funds from a languishing 401 account I had and coordinated not only the transfer but also the creation of a precious metal account and designating a depository. Moreover, taking advanatage of the arrangements that Regal has with the depository, they have saved me some in the annual fees and just made everything easy. I highly recommend regal Assets and Collin plume idf this is the way that you'd like to transfer some of your retirement funds into metals.

- Gregory V.

9/7/13 - IRA Rollover. I recently worked with Collin Plume and Adam Maguire to roll over a portion of my IRA savings to a precious metals account including gold and silver. Both Collin and Adam were helpful with my questions. They were very professional and friendly which makes a potentially stressful situation more comfortable. It was a pleasure communication with them. I would have no problem with referring anyone to these gentlemen for help with an IRA rollover. Thanks to the both of you.

- William S.

9/6/13 - Great Service by Charles and Adam. I am extremely pleased with the service and response from Charles Thorngren and Adam Maquire of Regal Assets. I had no idea how easy this could be. They took care of every detail along the way and guided me through the paperwork process. Within a few days everything was done. Wow! Thanks Charles and Adam. I would recommend Regal Assets to everyone who wants to hedge the inflation woes with a portion of the IRA invested in gold and silver bullion and coins.

- David R.

9/5/13 - Excellent Service. I am very pleased with the service and response from Charles Thorngren of Regal Assets. I was looking to roll over some of my IRA into precious metals and he along with Adam Maguire have been very helpful at making the investment transfer. I would recommend Regal Assets to anyone who plans to invest in precious metals. Thank you.

- Byan K.

8/29/13 - Regal Assets made it easy to transfer my IRA's to a precious metal IRA I was hesitant to trust my conversion of mutual funds IRA to an online precious metal IRA. However, I found that Regal Assets was very professional and helped me through the process "painlessly." Christian Howard and Adam McGuire worked with me on the asset transfer and setup of my IRA and were very prompt and accurate in all their dealings with me. I was so impressed with them that I bought additional metal from Regal Assets outside of my IRA. I would recommend anyone considering transfer of their IRA's to a precious metal IRA to use Regal Assets. They always did what they said they would do.

- David K.

8/23/13 - Satisfaction PLUS If you are looking to purchase Gold or Silver, I highly recommend REGAL ASSETS. It was such a pleasure to find a company that provides excellent service: helpful, quick responses, pleasant attitude, and NO aggravating automatic telephone system, but a very friendly, LIVE receptionist. It makes sense to deal with a company that does not spend multi dollars on TV advertising. Kudos to my account representative, Christian Howard!

- Elaine C.

8/23/13 - Great friendly service for my first PM purchase This was my first major precious metal purchase, I was looking for a new investment direction for a couple of my IRA accounts, and Collin Plume and Adam Maguire were both very professional, courteous, and friendly to deal with.

- Joseph R.

8/17/13 - Learning the game the easy way My dealings with RegalAssets and Collin Plume in setting up an account and receiving my first shipment of goods has been highly satisfactory in every respect. As a neophyte investor in precious metals, I received outstanding information and guidance from Collin; It was a pleassure to do business with RA through him, and I look forward to continuing a relaltionship with the company.

- Thomas C.

8/15/13 - Patient, kind and very knowledgeable of the metals market I cannot say enough nice things about Charles Thorngren and the way he handled my account. When I decided to do this, I had a lot of questions and Charles was so nice and patient with answering them all, no matter what they were and never did he make me think any of my questions were not pertinent. Charles is a truly a REGAL ASSET to your company. He and Adam McGuire, as well, made my rollover to metals an easy, stress free process.

- Ruth P.

8/14/13 - Excellent Service of Regal Assets, LLC. The service provided by Regal Assets was top notch. They helped explain the metals market to me and assisted me in moving my IRA. They took the time to inform me of all the options and handled all the legal paperwork involved. My account manager Colin Plume, was a pleasure to work with and extremely quick to respond.

- Glenn G.

8/2/13 - Dedicated and helpful! I was so impressed by the amount of time Christian (and Adam) took in answering our questions, checking in with us, returning calls, emails, etc. They were extrememly responsive, professional, and kind. I feel very good about using this company and can't recommend them enough.

- Jessica G.

7/26/13 - Regal Asset helped me convert my IRA to a Gold IRA. Great experience! Buying metals with Regal Assets was a great experience. Christian Howard provided me with very personal and excellent service and advice before I knew I was going to buy. I was kept me informed on a frequent basis about my order and when I was ready to close, Christian was able to keep me interested after I searched several companies for my purchases. My order was shipped with constant communication, making my investment into gold and silver a seamless transition. I would recommend Regal Assets to anybody ready to move their retirement money to gold and silver. I will definitely be buying from them in the future and look forward to our business relationship for years to come.

- Bill C.

7/24/13 - Precious metals IRA with Regal Assets. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Collin Plume and his staff for making my account setup easy. As a new investor to precious metals Collin Plume was always professional, courteous and knowledgeable while answering my questions. I would highly recommend Regal Assets to all my friends and family. I was very satisfied going with Regal Assets and Collin. Thanks

- Edward R.

7/23/13 - Most enjoyable experience I have had investing. I found Regal Assets through a Google search. I had been recently laid off, and wanted to roll my 401k and pension into gold and precious metals. I had no idea how the process works and looking it up online only made my head spin. I decided to give Regal Assets a call and I was set up with my own personal finance executive. My personal account executive, Collin Plume could not have made this process any easier or more enjoyable!! A very professional packet was sent to my house with all kinds of information explaining the process in terms I could understand. From the very beginning, Collin explained the whole process in a way that made sense to me. Once I had all my monies transferred over, a process that could not have been any easier, Collin advised me personally over the phone on what the best investment options were. The money was rolled over and the next thing I knew I had purchased precious metals. The whole process went so seamlessly, it was truly an enjoyable experience. I feel very comforted knowing that every time I had a question, I could call up Collin and he would be there over the phone to answer them. I like not having to deal with any machines, and this company prides themselves on excellent customer service. I also love that all my fees were waived for the first year, and are not too expensive thereafter. I cannot wait for my pension check to get here so I can give Collin a call and invest that with Regal Assets as well. I have recommended them to my family and would recommend them to anyone else as well!!

- Travis I.

7/23/13 - My experience with Regal Assets. I would like to express gratitude to Collin Plume, Adam Maguire and Christian Howard for helping me with my precious metals IRA. I wanted to diversity with my savings because of the way the U.S. economy and dollar was going backward. Being an new investor, I had a lot of questions and they answered all of them and more. I did a lot of research and all of them led me to Regal Assets(A+ rating from BBB). Collin Plume returned my call within a few minutes and helped me step by step in rolling over part of my IRA. I am satisfied going with Collin Plume and Regal Assets. Thanks

- Gloria R.

7/22/13 - Christian Howard and the Regal Assets team are true professionals. I am a novice when it comes to purchasing gold and silver and they helped me transfer and existing IRA into a precious metals IRA. I did some research on the internet on some of the precious metals companies and after talking to about 3 or 4 of them, decided to go with Christian at Regal Assets. I have not been disappointed with my decision. Christian helped me with my initial purchase and gave me suggestions as to his recommendations for gold and silver. After some discussion, I decided to go with Christian's initial strategy for my Precious Metals IRA. The process progressed seamlessly and I am more than satisfied with my experience with Christian and the entire Regal Assets team. I expect that Christian Howard, Regal Assets and I will have a long and prosperous relationship. 5 Stars to Christian and Regal Assets!

- Jim F.

7/22/13 - Regal Assets employee Collin Plume. I would like to say how pleased I am with Collin Plume of Regal Assets. I was looking to invest some of my IRA in gold. I was very lucky to find Regal Assets and their adviser, Collin Plume. He was extremely knowledgeable about gold and silver in IRA's. Under his supervision I transfered a portion of my IRA to Regal Assets and everything was handled just as Collin advised me about. I highly reccomend Regal Assets and Collin Plume to anyone who plans to invest in gold or silver.

- Jerry W.

7/22/13 - Easy IRA Rollover Experience. I thought that it would be a lot more work to roll over my IRA to a Gold IRA. The process was not much work at all. I received wonderful customer service from Charles Thorngren and all of my questions were answered quickly. Overall I was very pleased with the service that I received.

- Deb M.

7/21/13 - Excellent customer service .I would just like to thank Regal Assets for employing such helpful custodians. Charles Thorngren walked me through the whole process of transferring my funds from an existing retirement plan into the IRA that I now have activated. All the fear and uncertainty was removed from one phone conversation with Charles, and he made this whole process a pleasure to undergo. Thank you again

- Joseph R.

7/11/13 - Ease of Setup. I wanted to say how Adam Maguire made it easy to setup my IRA with Regal Assets. All I had to do was complete some simple paperwork and Adam mostly did the rest. I rolled over my money with simplicity and ease. Thanks Adam....

- Timothy C.

7/10/13 - Great experiance with Christian. Christian and company gave me great service and had good communication. Once I Started the process it went very well and quickly. I was also new to investing in Gold for my IRA but he made it very easy. I would recommend them to friends.

- Rick P.

7/8/13 - 401(k) Rollover – I had a very pleasant experience working with Christian Howard and the Regal Assets team and I appreciated their guidance and professionalism. It was my first time dealing with gold and silver as they helped me roll over a 401(k) balance into a precious metals IRA. One of my biggest pet peeves is when companies and their salespeople/account managers are pushy and either "over" sell or "up" sell their products or services. After reading through many positive testimonials about Regal Assets and their representatives, I decided to try them out. They didn't disappoint at all. Christian was very informative and explained things clearly. He did not push anything on me but rather laid out all of my options and then when I did ask for his opinion or advice, he gladly offered a few options based upon my personal needs and situation. The process went smoothly and Christian and the team always kept me informed along the way. I highly recommend Christian!!...and Regal Assets!

- Bret D.

7/8/13 - VERY GOOD EXPERINCE. I am new to the idea of investing in precious metals. I contacted Regal Assets based on some research I conducted, and I was introduced to the company by a Mr. C Thorngren and all my questions were answered very clearly. I have recently opened an account and am currently investing in precious metals. This has been a very good and pleasant experience for me. 

- Jim P.

7/8/13 - Regal Assets Service Review. I have never had dealings with a company like Regal Assets before, but I do understand whether or not I am being treated with respect. The people helped me open my account without any hesitation. So far, this company and Charles Therngren have earned a five star.

- Duane P.

7/8/13 - This was my first experience with Regal Assets and investing in precious metals. I was totally impressed with the service. Account setup to establish my IRA custodian (Equity Institutional)was handled directly via Regal Assets concierge service. I was informed at every step of the way. The attention to detail and the communication relating to asset direction and ongoing support gave me the comfort level I expect. My concerns and questions were not only answered in a timely manner but a relationship of trust was established. I truly feel that the expertise of my personal account executive offers will yield dividends in the future. I am loooking forward to many more transactions in the future.

- Charles H.

7/7/13 - Outstanding Service and Professionalism. I would like to show my appreciate and gratitude to Mr. Charles Thorngren for his outstanding professionalism and help with not only getting me set up with a Regal Assets IRA account, but also for aiding me in my first purchase. The setup process for transitioning my Roth IRA over to a Regal Assets IRA was easy to do with the guidance that Mr. Thorngren provided me. In addition, I was able to make my first purchase within days of first contact with Mr. Thorngren. The professional and courteous service I was shown was outstanding, and I would recommend friends and family to start up their own Regal Assets account. I continue to have open communications with Mr. Thorngren and feel that our business relationship will continue to grow. I am proud to have chosen Regal Assets and looking forward to working with Mr. Thorngren and other Regal Assets Team Members in the future.

- Ryan B.

7/6/13 - Thank You. I felt I had to do something with my 401K plan,and I was to understand that precious metals was the way to go. I contacted Regal Assets, without a clue as to what I was getting into. Charles Thorngren, and the Regal Assets team kept in constant contact with me, held my hand and walked me through the entire process of transferring funds and setting up an account for me. I would like to say THANK YOU to Charles and the entire Regal Assets team, for helping me through what would probably be a stressful transaction. Great Job Guys, keep up the good work.

- Joel S.

6/29/13 - Painless IRA transfer to Regal Assets. With the with an inevitable market crash in the near horizon, I felt it was a good time to transfer my IRA where I could invest in precious metals. After extensive research, it was clear to me that Regal Assets was by far and away the best choice. I emailed them for information and was promptly called by Christian. He was very patient with me, was very informative and answered all questions to my satisfaction. Christian emailed IRA transfer forms and provided excellent written instruction to simplify the process. I was very impressed and felt comfortable with my decision to go with Regal Assets. I recommend them to anyone who wants to invest in precious metals.

- Robert P.

6/11/13 - Good and Clear Experience for my first time buying IRA Gold. Christian Howard was my guide to explain the process of opening an IRA Gold Account. He made the process easy to follow and gave me a sense of trust in this new and some scary transaction for my retirement money. Thanks very much.

- Jennie F.

6/11/13 - 401K Roll Over. I want to thank the team at Regal Assets for making my transition from my 401K to my precious metals account; I had lost my job and needed to roll over my 401K, I started a home based business and did not know where to turn. I knew I did not want my assets to be subject to the stock market and take another loss as in the past, so I turned to Regal Assets. Regal was very helpful, knowledgeable, and very courteous and answered all my questions which made me feel safe with my decision. This was all new to me and I had no idea what I was doing, but Christian made me feel comfortable and explained the complete process; I was very happy that Regal had people that would work with me and teach me how to invest and explain the pros and cons for investing in precious metals. The Team was also very quick to return any and all missed calls and or emails; very conscience of customers needs. Great hospitality! Thanks Regal A customer for Life!

- Duane D.

6/11/13 - New Account Set-up. I recently transferred my traditional IRA to Regal Assets so that I could own physical precious metals within my IRA. Collin Plume and his associates proved themselves to be both very knowledgeable and helpful in this new venture. Collin returned my phone calls promptly and was "on top" of each stage of the transaction. He had already reserved an initial purchase when my funds arrived at Regal Assets, just awaiting my approval.

- Susan S.

6/11/13 - Very good experience with Regal Assets. I recently decided to roll over my IRA into a precious metals IRA. I ultimately chose Regal Assets after talking to other firms. There is no pressure dealing with Regal Assets whatsoever. They are eager to answer any questions whether it be about taxes or taking distributions. I worked with Christian Howard who is very knowledgeable and made good recommendations for my self directed IRA. I'm very happy with the mix of metals we chose.

- Denise D.

6/10/13 - Awesome Experience thanks to Christian Howard & Team. This was my 1st time buying hard gold and silver for retirement. I heard good things about Regal so I called them. From the 1st call to the last email - it's been nothing but professional and fast service !!!! I have to say that Christian Howard took the time to explain my options and the process and this made all the difference to me !!!! I felt valued and I am so glad I chose Regal. Finally, there's a team working for you and this partly explains why Regal is popular and successful. I fully recommend Regal and ask for Christian Howard when your ready to buy !!! Thanks Christian -

- Michael C.

6/8/13 - Extremely easy to work with Christian Howard at Regal Assets. Working with Christian was extremely easy. He had all the answers I needed and made sure to contact me at each step of the transaction. No surprises, unwanted fees, gimmicks or half-truths. I would recommend working with Christian to anyone that wanted to get started in metals. I appreciate the help even more, since I am new to this market and wanted a some advice before investing. Christian was able to help me decide what to do and how to make the best investments. Thank you for all your efforts.

- Roger A.

6/8/13 - The great gold IRA experience. One is always leery when trying to find a reputable company to do business with, at least I am. I did my research and found regal assets and had complete confidence in them. They walked me step by step with my gold IRA roll over. I hardly had to do anything, I gave the information needed and they took care of everything. I was notified and informed with every step of the process. The individuals I worked with did a fine job and made it a smooth and hassle free transaction.

- Jesse K.

5/21/13 - Pleasure to work with The guys at Regal are very friendly and bent over backwards to get my transaction completed. Thanks guys.

- Mike H.

5/17/13 - Colin Plume was a great help I want to thank Colin Plume for the time and effort he spent helping me to make my IRA transfer. While I was reluctant and hesitant at first, Colin took the time to answer all of my many questions and to offer various options that I was not aware of. I am satisfied with my decision to deal with Regal Assets and with Colin Plume.

- MaryLou V.

5/17/13 - Good experience with Gold IRA purchase. I recently rolled over part of a traditional IRA into a precious metals IRA. Collin Plume was very helpful and professional during the process. The IRA custodian is Equity Institutional (formerly Sterling Trust). I purchased gold bars. Setting up the IRA and transferring the funds are very easy and all happen within a few days. Delivery of the metals to the depository takes about 1 month. Regal Assets seems to be an honest company in the precious metals business. I have no significant complaints so far. I would recommend using Regal Assets and Collin Plume if interested in a precious metals IRA.

- Michael S.

5/15/13 - My expectations were exceededin every way. I am a new customer and was given excellent service by Christian Howard. He was informative, concise and gave me very good advice. I will definitely be doing more transactions with Regal Assets in the near future.

- W. Benjamin F.

5/15/13 - Great job I recently completed my second transaction with Regal Assets. I would like to share my satisfaction With both Regal and my Regal Account Executive, Tyler Gallagher. I am especially satisfied with the byback program. Other companies with whom I spoke were vague in their approach and I didn’t get that warm and fuzzy feeling I was looking for. I will always use Regal when considering precious metals and recommend them to anyone. 

- Angelo C.

5/14/13 - Positive Experience from Step 1. I was looking for a reputable dealer and Regal Assets "popped" up almost automatically. Christian Howard walked me through the process flawlessly. I sent my payment the next day mail and also contacted Christian as to the status from my side of the transaction. He responded as quickly as humanly possible. I appreciated his personal attention to my efforts. His follow ups were very reassuring during this process.

- Bernard R.

5/11/13 - Great Service! After realizing that an IRA backed by Gold,Silver,&Platinum would be worth more when I retire than the big name annuity I was with, I did my diligent research and decided that Regal Assets was the company to make it happen. I contacted Regal and Christian Howard return my inquiry. He explained the change from annuity IRA to a commodity IRA in detail and with much patience. After I made my decision to switch, Christian was with me every step of the way and a seamless rollover was accomplished. The transaction was relatively quick and painless. I am now the proud owner of a commodity IRA with confidence that my investment has a profitable future all due to the expertise of Christian Howard and Adam. Regal Assets can be proud of his professionalism. I would recommend Regal Assests to everyone!

- Mark H.

5/8/13 - 5 stars for Regal Assets and Christian Howard. I just wanted to take a minute to express my thanks to Christian Howard, with Regal Assets for an outstanding job in helping me with my recent gold and silver purchase. I would recommend anyone doing business with Regal Assets, or are in the market to purchase gold and/or silver to contact Christian. Thanks again Christian and Adam !!

- Steven B.

5/4/13 - Knowledgeable, Friendly and Responsive. I can't say enough good things about my experiences with Collin Plume to assist with investing in precious metals. This is new for me and he's made it easy to understand while providing excellent service. I'd recommend Collin for anyone who is interested in learning more about these investments.

- Sherry B.

5/4/13 - Regal Assets is for First-Timers: Thanks, Collin! Collin Plume was most helpful in my purchase of gold and silver. Very knowledgeable and patient with a first-time purchaser. Every step he told me about was the step that happened just as he said. As a result, I will recommend Regal Assets to others.

- Gary M.

5/3/13 - Regal Assets was a Great Choice. I recently contacted Regal Assets through their website after researching companies who could help me transfer an existing IRA into a Precious Metals IRA. I really glad I chose them. Personal Account Executive, Collin Plume called me the next day. Collin is very knowledgeable and took the time to explain the process and answer all my questions. I never once felt rushed and appreciate Collin's professionalism. For my part, the transfer was extremely easy. Some time to read through the documents and about 15 minutes to fill out the application and provide a digital signature and I was finished. Regal Assets took care of everything. My account was set up and the funds were transferred in less than a week. It was even quicker than Collin had thought it would take. Then it was a simple matter of buying the Precious Metals. But be prepared to pay a higher price for the precious metals since these higher premiums are how Regal Assets gets paid. Collin called me the day my account was funded and we worked out the details of the purchase over the phone. I received an email confirmation of my purchase details. Again, Regal Assets handled everything and I just had to wait for the physical metals to be delivered to the Depository. This did take about 3+ additional weeks but it's there now and I can track its progress through my online Equity International (the IRA Custodian) account. Honestly, this whole process was way easier than I thought it would be. I highly recommend Regal Assets and especially Collin Plume.

- Brad H.

5/2/13 - Excellent experience. I began looking around to invest in metals for my IRA several months ago. I called many companies & spoke to many reps asking basic questions as this was a relatively new field to me. Some of the companies couldn't answer basic questions. The best overall, no question, was Regal Assets so I chose them. Everyone I spoke to there was knowledgeable & courteous. Christian Howard, the rep working with me to set up my account, was able to answer all my questions clearly so I understood what I needed. I asked a lot of questions and he always took the time to answer & explain the process as it developed. I feel that I can call at anytime to ask a question. I especially liked all the email updates Christian sent, since my previous company wasn't too cooperative. It was a very good experience. Thanks.

- Beverly M.

4/30/13 - Highly Recommend! This was the first time I invested in the precious metals market. I wanted to move my whole IRA, which is a big chunk of my assets, so it was very important that I had somebody that I could trust to guide me. Charles Thorngren at Regal Assets provided me with great information and let me feel that I was not alone to figure this whole thing out by myself. He showed that he genuinely cared about what the best way for me to invest was. All decisions were made with my best interest in mind. I highly recommend Regal Assets for any investments in precious metals.

- Gabriel T.

4/29/13 - Good Service and good follow up, I almost went with a larger company and am glad I didn't its great working with Collin Plume and like the advice I receive. Todd Benzie

- Todd B.

4/29/13 - An unbelievable experience. It was an absolute pleasure working with Regal Assets. Collin Plume made everything so ridiculously easy it was like a walk through the park.These people know how to communicate.They answer all questions and there is no beating around the bush. Straight to the point. Adam McGuire was also tremendously helpful. My only regret is I wish I had found them earlier. If somebody wants to invest in precious metals call Regal Assets and speak to Collin Plume. You will not be disappointed. You will be well taken care of. I was.

- David A.

4/29/13 - Good buying experience - I'll definately do it over and over again. Collin Plume is very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful as my initial and primary contact. He guided me through the process of converting my existing 401k into a self directed IRA. Adam McGuire was also very professional as far as setting up my IRA. As soon as Collin received my check he called me and locked in the price and advised me well to pick my gold and silver assets. I will be calling him yearly when I get my bonus to buy additional gold and silver. I would recommend Collin and Regal Assets to anyone looking to buy precious metals. Call them first or call them last, I've called them all. I got the best deal and best service from Collin and Regal Assets.

- Daniel D.

4/29/13 - Great Customer Service. Working with KC Derian and Adam Maguire recently to roll my assets in to precious metals has been a pleasant experience. They were very professional and took the extra steps to ensure a smooth transaction. I would highly recommend Regal Assets to any of my contacts in the future.

- Randall W.

4/15/13 - 1st time precious metal invester. After doing a little research and taking that first big step! I contacted Regal Assets. I can say that I have been well pleased with the results. Christian Howard and Adam Maguire's professionalism was outstanding. Their prompt service and knowledge made for an efficient transfer of funds into precious metals. The whole process was made easy and by keeping me informed along the way, kept me at ease. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Regal Assets and Christian Howard to my friends. Thanks Christian and Adam.

- Timothy P.

4/15/13 - Starting a gold IRA with Regal Assets I wanted to take a percentage of my IRA out of the stock market and start a gold IRA. Charles Thorngren at Regal Assets made the move easy and painless. He answered all my questions and helped me achieve some peace of mind. Thank You.

- John P.

4/12/13 - First time investor. As a first time buyer of precious metals, I was pleasantly surprised to find Collin Plume and Adam McGuire to be so helpful. They answered all my questions and made my purchase simple & pleasant. I will buy from them again.

- William H.

4/11/13 - Genuine concern, very knowledgable and NO surprises. Christian Howard knows precious metals I am not an expert in the precious metals market. I did try to do my home work but that only takes you so far. Christian Howard at Regal was able to explain everything in a way that I could clearly understand. The whole process was just as he described. There were no surprises and the level of communication (emails, phone calls) revealed a genuine concern not often found in business. The website is very helpful and easy to navigate. Filling out the necessary forms was made relatively easy because of the format used to pass information between Regal and me. Few times in my 57 years have I been willing to give as strong a recommendation as I give to Regal. I can confidently say you will not regret choosing Regal. I will be doing business with them for many years to come. I guess the best endorsement I can give them is that they have gained my trust and confidence. I shopped around and Regal was the only one that took the time to make sure I was comfortable with all that was happening. At no time did they ever make any derogatory remarks about their competitors. I cannot say that about their competitors! You won't be disappointed for choosing Regal. Thanks Christian.

- Michael L.

4/11/13 - Good experience. After searching and reading much on transferring my traditional IRA into gold and silver, I chose Regal Assets. After requesting more information online, I received a call from Collin Plume who walked me through everything I needed to do. I was very pleased with the customer service from this company. They were always prompt to answer questions and return calls. I plan to purchase gold from them in the near future and hope my good experience continues. The only downside I've had is with their website. You are not able to see any prices unless you create an account. Okay, fine. I created an account, forgot my password and then when the new temporary password is emailed to me, it never works. I was told 2 months ago that the website was being updated. Fine - but it still doesn't work as of today. That has been the only thing that has raised a red flag to me. In this day of technology and doing banking and so much else online, I want to be able to see more info at this company's website online. I was told just to call for up-to-date pricing. Giving only 4 stars because of website. Collin Plume would get 5.

- Michele P.

4/9/13 - Great Experience. I recently rolled over an IRA into Gold and Silver IRA. I did not know much about the metals market other than what I have read and researched on the internet. As I searched on the internet for firm that I could talk to about a potential rollover Regal Assets kept coming to the top of the list. When I called I had all my questions wrote out to get all the information I could. I talked to Christian Howard who was very professional and informative about the gold and silver markets and answered all my questions and even more information for me to make a intelligent decision. Christian personality came across to me as being very trustful person who was attentive to my personal needs and there was no need for me to look any place else to handle my transfer. Over the next two weeks the communication about the process was in place, all the paperwork was handled via email and internet. Christian Howard and Adam Maguire were in constant contact with me during the process, answering all my questions and concerns. This IRA transaction was one of the easiest and quickest I have experienced. All I can say is that this was an awesome experience and I'm very thankful to Christian and Adam. They are a class act and look forward to having the opportunity for additional transactions. I would recommend Regal Assets ( Ask for Christian Howard) to anyone interested in precious metal investments.

- Jack W.

4/8/13 - Great Transaction!! I recently rolled some cash out of my annuity fund into gold and silver using Regal Assets. I was very hesitant at first and did a lot of research before I pulled the pin. It turned out to be much easier than I had first anticipated, and both Christian Howard and Adam Maguire were extremely helpful throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Regal Assets for anyone who was thinking of moving part of their assets to gold or silver. They have earned a 5 star rating from me.

- Mark W.

4/8/13 - Great Transaction and Relationship! I have found Regal Assets and Christian Howard, in particular, to be very professional and courteous. They have dealt with me with propriety, efficiency, and transparency. I would recommend this firm (and Christian Howard) to anyone looking to invest.

- Steve D.

3/29/13 - Excellent Service. Colin made the transfer of my IRA simple and effortless. I have to admit I was a little concerned before talking with Colin and Adam, but they answered all my questions. They are very knowledgeable and made the transaction smoothly. His recommendations were exactly what I wanted. Highly recommend Colin.

- Sherry P.

3/25/13 - Excellent Experience. I have never looked into investments, of any sort, without first extensively researching the program. I did not break this rule with Regal Assets. Althought still a bit sceptical, I moved foreard. I was not diappointed. Christian Howard provided information, service, and recommendations in a very professiinal manner. At no time did I feel presured or rushed with my decsions. I feel I understood exactly the expecations and risks. I look forward to doing busines with Christian in the future.

- Frederick B.

3/17/13 - Best referral I have ever been given. My wife, Mary Ann, did business with Colin to purchase gold. Her experience was so good I decided to trust him with my gold purchases too. Colin is always available and has the answers to my questions. He and everyone there are very helpful. A very good investment and as time goes on I will call him again and again.

- Edward T.

3/14/13 - Completely Satisfied. I appreciated how Regal Assets handled my rollover account. They walked me through the process step by step and answered any questions I had with the existing company. They called and reviewed how my account would be handled. I appreciated the personal interest they gave me. THANKS Regal

- Cliffette M.

3/12/13 - Collin Plume review. I am new to precious metals investing so I contacted Regal Assets to find out more. I was put in contact with Collin Plume who helped guide me in the right direction with some well educated advice. He was very helpful, answered all of my questions quickly, and provided me with all the information I requested. It is nice to find people that still take pride in their work, and I look forward to doing future business Collin and Regal Assets.

- Ron B.

3/12/13 - Gold / Silver IRA. I recently rolled an old IRA into gold using Regal Assets. The process turned out to be much easier than I had first anticipated, and both Christian Howard and Adam Maguire were extremely helpful throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Regal Assets for anyone who was thinking of moving part of their assets to gold or silver

- Chris H.

3/12/13 - Excellent Customer Service. I recently opened an IRA through Regal Assets and was very pleased with the customer service. Charles Thorngren worked with me to select the best blend of assets that will meet my investment goals. It took me several months to move into a Gold and Silver IRA and Charles worked with me every step along the way. I believe he as made every effort to secure the best combination of coins at the best available price. Thanks Charles for listening and working with me.

- William R.

3/12/13 - Regal Assets Gold IRA. Having decided to roll over some of my 401k into gold I did some research and elected to go with Regal Assets,partly because of these reviews. Adam was very helpful in getting my new account set up. Colin saw to it that I was able to get the metals I wanted. They were both very efficient. I must admit that I signed the forms without reading them (my fault) and was rather upset when I found out that I had made them my account representative. Christian was very understanding and went out of his way to make sure I was satisfied with their service.

- Larry M.

3/11/13 - Regal Assets , precious metal, IRA. Collin Plume and Adam McGuire were very professional and helped us roll over our IRA's into Precious Metals. They were very knowledgable and answered all of our questions and made us feel comfortable with the process. I would recommend Regal Assets to all of my friends or to anyone who would like to protect their assets during these uncertain economic times.

- Susan M.

3/11/13 - Great Service - Great Experience. Purchasing gold and silver through Regal Assets has been a rewarding and painless process. Christian Howard was extremely helpful in describing options without pushing a personal agenda. More importantly, he was very patient in answering my questions, never taking offense even at those that were quite pointed. I recommend Regal and Christian Howard to anyone seeking to establish a precious metals IRA.

- Garry R.

3/11/13 - Excellent IRA rollover experience. Collin Plume made the whole process simple and pleasant. It was great to work with him and the other professionals at Regal Assets. The entire process was painless and surprisingly easy. Thank you again for all your help.

- Carla B.

3/11/13 - Adam Macguire and Christian Howard were both very helpful to me in transferring some of my IRA into gold and silver. I appreciated their efforts on my behalf. They answered my questions that I knew to ask. They were certainly kind and easy to work with, and I do feel they were fair and represented the company well. I have no problem with these guys. They did tell me that although the could not put it in writing they have a company policy of offering to buy back coinage at a fair market value. Because of my legal background, I would observe that if I had read the shipping agreement first instead of last, I would have never done business with the company. I did not like the small fine print in the contract that looked like attorney speak. I have no clear idea of how much over the spot value of silver and gold I will wind up paying, since this is givien as a range. Attorneys tend to break people up, not bring them together.

- Louis M.

3/11/12 - Regal Assets and KC. A very pleasant experience for my first time investing in a gold and silver IRA. KC was extremely helpful in helping me roll over my old existing IRA, helping me step by step with the progress. Her attitude was so positive from the very beginning and professional, that I really had no worries about the transfer and account set-up. I would not hesitate in recommending Regal Assets. I would also like to thank Adam for all the help and time he put in as well, both KC and Adam were awesome to work with. Thanks so much...

- James B.

3/11/13 - Regal Assets Precious Metals IRAs. I was very pleased with the excellent service I recieved from Collin Plume and Adam McQuire when they helped me roll over some of my IRA assets into Precious Metals IRAs. They kept me informed during the entire process and answered any questions that I had. I would recommend Regal Assets to anyone that is interested in safequarding their assets for the uncertain economic future.

- Robert M.

3/11/13 - Colin and Adam were especially helpful. I'm fairly new to the precious metal market and have had a great relationship with Colin and Adam at Regal. They were helpful in obtaining the pieces I am interested in which was not such an easy task. They kept in touch with me during the whole process. I wouldn't hesitate at all in recommending them to anyone. I plan to continue my relationship with them.

- D. L. C.

3/6/13 - You will not be sorry investing in Regal Assets. I just want to say working with KC and Adam at Regal Assets was a breeze.I had questions about my investment and KC was able to explain to me the best way to invest my money which I took from my IRA.She and I discussed the economy,where fiat money is going and why investing in gold and silver is the best way to grow your money in a safe way in this ever changing world we live in.I feel comfortable that if I ever had any concerns,both KC and Adam would be there promptly to help.I have spoken to other gold and silver investment companys,I did not receive the same intrest in my investments that this company provided.I am telling all my friends about this company,I believe in them that much.

- Sheila S.

3/4/13 - Best Company out there to deal with. I have done my research on buying gold and silver and no one provides the service level that Regal Assets Provided. They were in contact with me from the very beginning until the very end. What a company what service never questioned their ability ever. They provided truly 5 star service, especially my advisor Collin Plume. He truly offered 5 star service the entire way. Thanks for the good work. I look forward to my next purchase with Regal Assets LLC.

- John N.

2/28/13 - Review of my experiance with Colin Plume and Regal Assets. Colin Plume and Regal Assets Greetings, When I began to think about buying gold I didn't know anything about it or using it as my IRA. I transferred my 401K years before to an IRA and watched as my amount rose and rose. I am a little on the conservative side and I watched the market on t.v. falter and sound very unsafe. Gold was going nuts. I saw an ad for Regal Assets and decided to see. After phoning and dealing with Colin Plume, I knew that my trepidations were uncalled for. He explained everything clearly and quickly. I enjoy dealing with him and look forward to many more productive years ahead.

- Stephen L.

2/27/13 - Regal Assets Lived Up to their Reputation! I wanted to rollover a portion of my IRA. My first phone call to Regal and I lucked out and got Christian Howard. He took care of me and answered all my questions, and alleviated my fears. Regal Assets took care of everything. Sent the paperwork I needed to sign, informed me of the process of the rollover, handled the rollover and made everything very painless. Very competent, helpful and accommodating, and competitively priced. I would highly recommend Regal Assets for all your gold and silver needs.

- Patricia B.

2/27/13 - Kudos to Colin Plume and Adam Maguire I had checked with several precious metal companies in order to rollover my 401K. I found the best prices at Regal Assets. Colin Plume and Adam Maguire were very helpful in making the transfer of funds an easy process. I would recommend them to anyone.

- James J. V.

2/27/13 - Trust and service come to mind as required attributes when dealing at a distance from a precious metals broker. I worked with Collin Plume as account exec and Adam Maguire as shipping agent and found both to be professional, courteous most of all trustworthy. They kept me informed as the process unfolded and delivery was completed. I give them and Regal Assets the highest rating.

- Graham H.

2/27/13 - My new friends at Regal. I was listening to the Laura Ingrahm show on the radio. She had talked about Regal Assets and investing in gold. I thought how nice it would be to invest in gold. Three weeks later an old company that I worked for was offering me to take my retirement now or wait till I retire. They said I could receive as monthly payments or a lump sum. Then I thought about what Laura had said about Regal Assets. So I did some research on Regal Assets and other gold investment company's. I called Regal Assets and Christian Howard introduced himself as my account Executive. He explained all about investing in a gold IRA account. He set up my account and did all the paper work and transferring my IRA into a gold IRA. I look forward to a long relationship with Regal Assets. Thanks Christian

- Joseph P.

2/27/13 - Regal Assets Gold Backed IRA. I have had a good experience dealing with Christian Howard at Regal Assets. He provided me with all the information I asked for with no high pressure sales. I would recommend Christian Howard and Regal Assets to anyone looking for a gold backed IRA.

- Arthur F.

2/25/13 - Traditional IRA rollover to IRA Gold. I was very pleased with the professional service that I received from Christian Howard. I had many questions and he was very patient and understanding. After researching many other compaines and reading the consumer complaints, I reached the conclusion that Regal Asset would be the company that I would trust with my hard earned savings. Looking forward to a long lasting and profitable relationship.

- Rosa J.

2/16/13 - 4 p's of Regal Assets/ Christian. Do not do business with this man unless you want these p’s. Patience, professionalism, personable, passionate… He takes his time to answer any questions, explain the pros and cons of what you are investing in, and speaks to you on a personal level like he is talking to a close relative, so that you know you are getting the best bang for your bucks. I had been laid off for several months, contacted Regal Assets after doing some research;Christian worked fast to get me the money I needed and protected what was left. Several phone calls and paperwork had to be done because my former state retirement system did not want to give up my funds, but Christian came through for me. He cut through a lot of red tape. Phenomenal job!

- Consuela L.

2/13/13 - SO GLAD I FOUND REGAL ASSETS! I knew with the economy and the U.S. dollar tanking, that I needed to protect my savings with gold and silver. Out of the several companies I had spoken with, Collin Plume at Regal Assets gave me the best education on what gold and silver coins I should buy. Not only was Collin extremely patient in explaining things, but when he wasn't available, there were always Christian and Adam around to answer my questions. They all make a great tag team the way they work together. I always felt that I was being taken care of. I also feel after checking around that their prices were very competitive, especially considering the top-notch service!

- Mary Ann T.

2/12/13 - Had been contemplating investing in gold. I did not know I could rollover my IRA into a gold IRA. I went online and discovered Regal Assets, then I met KC Derien she was very helpful and explained how easy it is to transfer money from my IRA into precious metals IRA. KC was great she put me in contact with Adam Macquire wjo helped get the process done. I would recommend KC and Regal to anybody. Thank you KC for doing whta you said you would. Thanks again 5-star

- Terrence M.

2/12/13 - Regal Assets is a fantastic company to be associated with because of Collin Plume, my Account Executive. He orchestrated the transition of rolling over my 401k account to a Self Directed IRA with great ease. He answered all my questions totally and in a very profeessional manner. He made sure that I fully understood the whole process of establihing my account and the acquisition of the precious metals. Adam Maquire from the IRA department who worked very closely with Collin greased the sticky wheels of the 401k custodian to get them to quickly transition the funds transfer to IRA trust account. He even took time to be on the telephone with me when I spoke to the 401k custodian to get the sticky wheels moving. Thank-you guys, I look forward to our continued prosperous association.

- Steven Y.

2/12/13 - Outstanding customer service! I was a first time buyer of precious metals with numerous questions. Thankfully, I found Christian Howard at Regal Assets. Christian patiently answered all of my questions until I fully understood everything. Christian followed through on everything that he said would happen within the time frame he indicated. Christian also put me in contact with Adam Macquire for a IRA rollover, as before with Christian, Adam patiently explained everything and made it all so simple. I would highly recommend that if you want to buy precious metals or add some to your to your IRA, that you contact Christian Howard at Regal Assets.

- Tom C.

2/11/13 - I was thinking of converting my old 401k into an IRA. I called a few companies and talked to some local investors. After talking to many experts, they all seemed to say the same thing. Diversify with gold! I started talking to Colin At Regal Assets. I really enjoyed our discussion because he listed to what I wanted not what he was trying to sell. The staff at Regal has been great. My wife and I feel we made a great decision. I would Absolutly recommend them to friends a family!

- Jason D.

2/4/13 - Easier than buying a Latte. As a first time metal buyer I was referred to Regal and K.C. Derian by a close friend. K.C. made the whole process swift and painless and was able to answer any question I could come up with. This may have been my first metal purchase, but because of the first class service I received, it won't be the last. Watch out Fort knox!!!

- Allen S.

1/30/13 - IRA Transfer Made Easy. When I retired I rolled everything I had saved, through payroll deductions, into an IRA. I was concerned whether or not it would be enough to last. In light of the unprecedented economic turmoil of the last 4 or 5 years I knew I had to do something different to protect myself. When I found out I could invest in gold and silver through my IRA I set the wheels in motion. Somehow I happened upon Regal Assets web site, read everything from top to bottom and became convinced I had found the right vehicle to accomplish my goals. I filled in the info request and the next day got a call from a nice lady named K.C. Derian. She was great! Just what I needed. She didn't try to sell me anything, she wanted to know about me, what I was all about and what I was expecting to accomplish by purchasing gold. She would ask a question then sit back and listen. I felt like I was talking to a friend. She and Adam McGuire took me through the whole process patiently and seamlessly. At the end of the day, I am confident with my purchase and that I have done a good thing. I have to say this, I am not a rich man by any means, but I am well read, I did my research, and sitting back and just let things happen wasn't an alternative. I had to become pro-active on my own behalf. Regal Assets and K.C. Derian gave me that opportunity. They are there to help. Thank you K.C. for your invaluable assistance. 5-stars!

- Kyle K.

1/29/13 - Pleased with the performance. I had been contemplating investing in precious metals for some time. I researched a few firms, read reviews and checked with numerous sources before deciding to try Regal Assets. My family worked hard for our money and we want to make sure we're doing business with a company we could trust and most importantly; contact with questions or concerns. Regal Assets walked me through the entire process and even assisted me when problems occurred with my other investment company. I have been pleased with the professionalism and personalized service this company offers. As my family's finances continue to evolve, I look forward to a long-lasting relationship with Regal Assets.

- Jason H.

1/29/13 - Pain free rollover C. Plume made my rollover as simple as two phone calls and a fax. There is no way it could have been done any easier. All my questions were answered and they have remained in contact with me through every step. Wonderful service !

- Lori S.

1/28/13 - TSP 401k rollover. After researching alot of other companies, I decided to go with Regal Assets. I recently converted my military TSP holdings from TSP to Regal Assets. Christian Howard and Adam Maguire made the process as easy as possible considering dealing with the government. They were very timely and professional at all times. The links to the necessary documents all worked fine. They also kept me informed thru the whole process on what was happening and what needed to be done next. Very Satisfied.

- Jason W.

1/27/13 - Very efficient service! Christian and Adam make a great team! Between the two of them all my questions or issues were taken care of right away. Even though I did not have to be talked into switching my 401K money to a precious metals IRA, it was none-the-less a big and scary move after being in my 401K for 20 years. Christian was excellent at explaining how the process works. There was an issue and a delay getting my money transferred, but Christian worked with me to keep me on track to get the transfer completed. Even though Christian went on vacation around Xmas time, that did not stop the process. Adam keep everything going and answering my questions. He obviously puts in some long hours. I feel 100% confident and satisfied that I could not have been dealing with a more efficient or professional operation. I feel totally comfortable having my account with Regal Assets.

- John B.

1/27/13 - A pleasurable and rewarding experience. Working with Collin Plume and his professional team was such a benefit to my financial well-being. He handled this entire transaction with the utmost courtesy and promptness. Even when I would forget to do something, sign a form or follow through on some aspect of this transaction, he would gently remind me of my obligations. He took the time to explain every aspect of the process and I felt totally comfortable and at ease with him. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family. Thanks Collin!

- Timothy S.

1/27/13 - The best way to open a precious metals IRA After doing a lot of online research I made the decision to go with RegalAssets in opening a precious metals IRA. Christian and Adam clearly reviewed the process required to open an account. I was still in the process of getting the funds from a 401k to an IRA so I could do a rollover. They were able to walk through my paperwork step by step and have all appropriate documentation sign to get the account where it would be available to add funds. Once I completed my rollover I worked with Christian to get the paperwork in to complete the rollover. He made every step smooth and simple, even getting precious metals prices locked in the day before the funds were in my account. Stepped through my options for the type of account and guided me every step. I would not hesitate to work with Christian and the RealAssets team in the future. They have great communication skills and are available to answer questions at any time.

- Michael S.

1/16/13 - This was my first time to purchase gold and Silver for an IRA account and I couldn't have more more pleased than I was with Mr. Collin Plume of Regal Assets. He was the first to respond to my request to Gold Investment Companies and answered every question I had to my satisfaction. He took care of all the paperwork and accomplished the IRA transfer I requested in less than one week. I'm looking forward to working with Regal and Mr. Plume in the future.

- Larence M.

1/14/13 - I just made a $6 figure gold purchase through Regal Assets. Christian Howard helped me. Christian, Tyler and the team at Regal are simply extraordinary... ...And I just opened my gold and silver today! Wow! Talk about the best Christmas present that I ever could have given myself. Re: Christian, Tyler and Regal 5 stars. I shopped around a huge amount. I even tracked down Nathan Lewis, the author of the extraordinary "Gold: The Once And Future Money" and wow, with the way things are going I would be in a panic regarding my investment portfolio if it weren't for precious metals. Anyways, here's what I have to say about Regal: I'm preparing to make another $6-figure purchase through them again in the next several weeks. Enough said. Thanks guys!

- Michael L.

1/14/13 - Magnificent Firm. I researched dozens of firms in handling my IRA Transfers and precious metals purchases. Mr. Tyler Gallagher, CEO you should be extremely proud of your staff. I highly recommend Regal Assets. High praises for the polite professionalism of your receptionist to my Concierge Adam and my broker Christian. They have been efficient, polite, professional and right on the ball in a clear and concise manner.

- Glenn H.

1/14/13 - He was strait forward and honest. I initially contacted Collin Plume when I was in search of a company to help me transfer some of my IRA investments into precious metals. From the onset Collin has been more than helpful; He was strait forward and honest. I had contacted nearly a dozen companies comparing fees, services, etc.. When I was done “doing my homework” I called Collin back, obtained additional required information and got the process rolling. I am very satisfied with my first purchase and I feel more secure with my precious metals backed investment than any of the retirement investment vehicles that I have used over the last 15+ years. To make it that much better my wife actually approves of my decision and is encouraging me to make future investments as soon as possible.

- Artz J.

1/5/13 - Very satisfied with my purchase To K.C. Derian at Regal Assets Hi KC, I wanted take the time to let you and Regal Assets know what a pleasure it was doing business with you. First off, I avoided all those Infomercials on TV and Radio. Something about them bothered me - Ginsu Knives anyone? This was my first purchase of Gold & Silver and was a little apprehensive with making a major purchase like this over the phone. But after talking with KC numerous times over a couple weeks she put my mind at ease. Being a novice at this, KC offered various options and asked many questions as to my reasons for my purchase and my goals. Read and listen to the news about our growing debt, printing money with nothing backing it up, no Federal budget in 3 years, excessive spending, etc, and you'll realize my concerns for our countries economic future. My shipment arrived via Registered UPS early this evening within the 7 days as promised. I was very excited as was almost like a Christmas present to myself. The box was very well secured with heavy filament tape, impossible to open by hand. Inside, the goods were protected by a "FraudStopper" bag for extra security. Everything about my order exceeded my expectations and I am very pleased. Thanks again and I plan on doing business with Regal Assets again in the future and highly recommend your company to others. 

- Cliff S.

1/3/13 - I wanted to thank KC at Regal Assets for being such a great help in transferring my self-directed IRA. KC was great at answering all my questions, and really helped make the entire transaction smooth and easy.

- Kimberly V.

12/30/12 - Collin Plume was very helpful in rolling over my IRA. He answered all my questions, was very responsive. Everything that he told me on the phone was confirmed in a letter that I received after the transaction was completed. I had no worries during the rollover process. Adam Mcguire also spent time with me on the phone setting up my account and was also very patient in answering my questions. Looking forward to working with them and Regal Assets in the future.

- Ania C.

12/28/12 - Christian at Regal Assets was very helpful I was a first-time investor in gold and had many questions. Christian Howard took the time to explain everything to me. He helped me make an educated decision. He made the overall process clear to me at each step. I am very satisfied with the experience.

- Robert K.

12/27/12 - Just wanted to say thanks for a fast and responsive service in setting up my IRA from a 401K. Couldn't have been easier. Asked lots of questions and Collin was very helpful in explaining the process. Overall very pleased and will recommend to others.

- T.M.

12/26/12 - A difficult transaction made easy by Regal Assets. I had a rather unusual situation in which an old Roth 401k plan from a previous employer was being held by a third party custodian. I tried to have the funds rolled over into another account but the paperwork, pin numbers, account numbers and the hoops I was directed to jump through made it just plain difficult for a working person with not allot of time to sit on the phone listening to background music. K.C. Derian of Regal Assets took control of the situation and guided me through all the forms and questions and even talked to the third part cusdodion with me to get this failing 401k account transferred. Now I own precious metals as part of our portfolio. I couldn't be happier with Regal Assets and K.C. Derian's dedication to getting the job done. thanks again K.C.

- Douglas M.

12/26/12 - Regal Assets is one hundred percent recommended. I had decided to take some of my rollover mutual funds account and invest in a precious metal IRA account. After much research I contacted Regal Assets and set up a communication with Adam Maguire and Collen Plume. They were both instrumental in helping me decide to go with Regal because I would own actual physical metals. They explained how everything works, steps I had to take, all in a way I could easily understand. They gave me several options to choose from while showing me pluses and minuses of each option. I am thrilled to be a customer, to see my account grow, while my remaining 401K seems to be shrinking. I would highly recommend giving them a call.

- Kenneth C.

12/26/12 - Review of Regal Assets and Collin Plume. My knowledge of metals, and how to move my "generic" IRA to metals, was minimal. I worked with Collin Plume and he and Adam McGuire had great patience with me and answers to all of my questions. I was treated as a valuable customer even though my investment was not that big. It is very exciting to have part of our family's portfolio in metals! Thanks Collin!

- Chonda B.

12/25/12 - Christian Howard was assigned to my rollover 401k. He has been very responsive, prompt, professional and courteous. I had several questions regarding precious metals and found Christian to have all the answers. Please enlist his services with confidence.

- Dan C.

12/25/12 - I now own precious metals. After watching my IRA mutual funds offer little to no returns, I decided to look into an IRA precious metals investment. My wife did extensive research on the different investment firms out there and we contacted many of them - only to find what a hassle the transfer was going to be, along with obnoxious sales reps calling none stop. Being new to the precious metals investment world, we had many questions to be answered before we wanted to make a commitment. Regal Assets was our choice for investing; they took the time to explain the entire process through email responses and a LIVE person. WE told our rep the amount we wanted to invest and the percentage of each metal we wanted to buy, he made his recommendations, which we sat on and did more research. After much anxiety, wondering if we were making the right decision - we made our purchase according to the advice of our Regal Asset rep. We thought the tough decision was made and we were on the way to making a profit. Not so fast - the credit union we were transferring our IRA from seemed to find ways to delay the transaction. Through the persistence of our Regal Assets rep, the transfer was complete and I'm a happy customer who owns precious metals. The results are exciting to watch on the money channel, even my kids follow along and make comments about precious metals.

- Tim H.

12/24/12 - Easy IRA transfer. I was interested in transferring some IRA funds into precious metals and had actually first contacted another dealer with some questions. What I got was a pushy salesman who kept calling me back daily. I knew I wanted to buy some gold, I needed information on the process. Needless to say, I did not call him back. I then contacted Regal Assets and spoke with Christian Howard. He was laid back but helpful. He answered questions but wasn't pushy. He gave advice when needed. The process was very easy thanks to Christian and the other folks at Regal. I would recommend them highly if you are planning to add metals to your IRA.

- Scott R.

12/23/12 - In preparation for my introduction of physical metals into my portfolio, I thoroughly researched a number of firms. Regal Assets, based in southern California, had excellent reviews. I have had excellent service in terms of communications, electronic and email, with Collin Plume and Adam MaGuire, who I have been working with. I would thoroughly recommend Regal Assets to anyone considering adding physical metals into their portfolio. My experience with Regal Assets has been excellent.

- Mark S.

12/19/12 - Regal Assets - Excellent Provider count on professional service, up-to-date communications, and competitive pricing. Regal assets is an excellent provider of valuable commodities.

- Bill T.

12/18/12 - We are new to the investment into precious metals so I heard about Regal Assets on the Laura Ingraham show. I called and talked to Collin Plume and he was very helpful and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable and safe with my investment. I highly recommend Collin and will call him for future investment.

- Nick M.

12/17/12 - Regal Assets, LLC Follows Through. As A new member paperwork with appropriate authorizations are essential. While processing all of the required documents my Personal Account Executive diligently followed up with me to ensure my experience was as promised (Prompt, and Professional). Great Job I will continue to do business with Regal because of the service K. C. Derian provided.

- Thomas G.

12/15/12 - Exceptional Service I recently worked with Collin Plume at Regal Assets to rollover my 401K. He answered all of my questions and explained the whole process and what to expect. After talking to Collin he created some possible directions for my rollover and kept in touch with me while I made my decision. When I decided the direction to proceed he made the transition as easy as possible. I would like to thank Collin and look forward to working with Collin in the future.

- Nicholas D.

12/14/12 - Competent, Professional, and a Pleasure to Deal With Our experience with Collin Plume from Regal Assets was superb. We were close several times previously to working with other gold dealers, but they all hounded us with follow up. Collin provided all of the information we needed, answered our questions, and was patient while we decided what we wanted to do. A tremendous, confidence-inspiring process all the way around.

- G.S.

12/13/12 - Regal Assets satisfied customer. Collin Plume is very professional and helped me roll over my 401k accounts without any issues. He is very knowledgeable and with his expertise I was able to set up my account and complete my transaction in a very short amount of time. I can't say enough about this company and their commitment to their clients. Thank you again Collin and all the team at Regal Assets.

- Roger B.

12/12/12 - Regal Assets Shining Star K.C. Derian has provided a painless transition for two of our old 401K accounts that were sitting idle and fluctuating with the whims of Wall Street to two physical 70/30 gold/silver accounts. Her extreme professionalism and phone mannerisms (she even laughs at some of my bad jokes) puts the Asset in Regal. Her service for both myself and my wife Lisa is exemplary and I’m sure will be the same in the future. We both look forward to the time when Regal Assets gets online with account self direction and when we can rely on more of K.C.’s assistance.

- Herbert S.

12/12/12 - This is my first time purchasing Silver and the people at Regal Assets were very helpful in assisting me in my purchase. If you are purchasing Silver or Gold for the first time, they will assist you in completing your order successfully.

- Frank A.

12/12/12 - Regal Assets exceeded my expectations! Regal Assets worked timely to get my transaction completed. I couldn't have asked for more! They provided excellent customer service, treated me so well, and were very efficient! Regal Assets exceeded my expectations with their services!

- Robin P.

12/10/12 - My experience with Regal Assets was very positive! My questions were answered with great detail and my needs fulfilled. I fell my representative KC is genuinely interested in giving people great service and she was always available to answer any questions.

- James B.

12/8/12 - Just bought my first amount of gold and silver and Collin Plume walked me through the entire process without a hitch. Collin gained my trust and kept me up to date on the transaction, shipping, and quality check of the metal upon arrival at my home. Thank you and when I need your services again I'll call Collin and Regal Assets. V/r Ed Harkreader

- Edward H.

12/5/12 - I have just concluded yet another transaction with Collin Plume at Regal Assets and was impressed with Collin's knowledge and attention to detail. He listened attentively to my questions and then offered his advice. He gave sound,rational answers to my questions and gave me his own opinion on the precious metals market and how it related to my needs. As always, he kept me fully aware of the status of my order from the moment I placed it until it arrived on my doorstep. It is always a pleasure to work with a professional who takes pride in what they know and what they do.

- Sean J.

11/29/12 - I was new at investing in precious metals and really didn't know where to go. I called Regal Assets and Christian became my account representative. He walked me through all the steps required to roll over an old 401k from a previous employer. I had many questions, and Christian was there to answer AND explain everything. He never left me confused. I will recommend Christian and Regal Assets to anyone who is contemplating a rollover from a traditional 401k to precious metals. I plan on doing business with them for many years to come. Thank you Christian.

- Cecilia W.

11/21/12 - Collin Plume helpfulness moving assets from an old employers 401k into an precious metals IRA can be a scary process when you've never taken such a drastic step before, but Collin Plume and Adam Maguire made me feel comfortable throughout the process. Everything was explained to me and I was updated all along the way. Regal Assets took care of all the paperwork and setting up my new account, moving the funds to my new custodian via the rollover itself, and then chose a metals mix that matched my own gold/silver ratio desires and also made recommendations on which coins/bars would be best suited for me. I would highly recommend Regal Assets as a metals broker for your Precious Metals IRA. Thanks to Collin & Adam

- Mark L.

11/21/12 - Great service I was recommended to Regal Assets by a friend and I am completely satisfied with the excellent service from my account rep, Collin Plume. He and his team provide personal service, attention to detail and timely follow-up. They answered all my questions and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a trusted advisor for asset management.

- Gerry E.

11/19/12 - Your service has been excellent. I have really appreciated your help. He was a lot of help in choosing which gold coins I should buy.

- Bob C.

11/19/12 - I contacted Regal when I was looking to transfer my 401K from the government. I spoke with Collin Plume and he thoroughly explained the benefits, the costs, and the strategy for diversification into precious metals. After a number of phone conversations it became clear Collin was educated and informed. I feel confident I made the right choice. I look forward to working with Collin as my portfolio develops and the value increases. Thanks Collin

- Joe O.

11/19/12 - Collin Plume was very helpful through the entire process. He is very knowledgeable about Silver and Gold and personally walked me through the educational process, the ordering process and, most importantly, the Delivery and Satisfaction process. I would highly recommend Regal and Collin Plume for your next Metal purchase.

- Ted B.

11/13/12 - After extensive research of options for a portion of my retirement investments, I came across Regal Asset's website. This lead me to discussion with Collin Plume. Collin answered all my questions in great detail and gave me the time to make my decision. After about 2 weeks, I opened a traditional IRA (Gold/Silver). The transferring of a portion of my 401K to Regal Assets was smooth with no delays on Regal Assets side of the transaction. This is my first time investing in precious metals and Collin offered suggestions as to a mix between gold and silver and answered all of my questions. Since my investment in precious metals, I have spoken with Collin and future options. I highly recommend Regal Assets and Collin Plume to anyone interested in diversifying their investment portfolio into precious metals.

- Steve J.

11/12/12 - Collin Plume at Regal Assets I am so pleased with the service provided by Collin Plume at Regal Assets. He made the process of rolling over my Roth IRA into a precious metals IRA so easy. He helped me every step of the way and actually did most of the work for me. I truly believe that what sets most people apart in the same industry is customer service, you just don't see that level of customer service anymore (especially in this industry - I know from working in it). Collin, I want to thank you publicly for all of your help and personal time you took answering questions for me, just to ensure we were on the same page. I would recommend Collin Plume and Regal Assets to anyone interested in investing in precious metals. Excellence all the way around!!!

- Matthew F.

11/1/12 - Great experience working with Christian I always do my homework before doing business, & my research paid off. Buying gold for the first time was a bit scary for me. Regal Asset's Christian Howard made my first "gold" experience golden. Being a novice to precious metals, he patiently & politely addressed my questions & concerns.(And I ask a lot of questions!) Although moving my IRA to gold took some time & involved several steps, Christian & his team were there to help with paperwork & keep me up to date on the progress. I was treated professionally each time, & never felt that I was being "sold." I know my calls & emails will promptly be returned, & feel comfortable contacting him. I look forward to continuing the relationship as I am able to increase my holdings & my knowledge of gold & silver.

- Sharon F.

10/29/12 - KC Derian, has been very helpful, as this was my first purchase of gold. KC did not push me to make any purchase, rather she was very good about giving me information. KC took her time and did not push me and that made me feel more confident in the information she was providing. Thanks KC, you are an easy person to interact with. Your family must get the same warm feelings. Thanks again

- Ben C.

10/23/12 - Collin Plume at Regal Assets scored big time in my book. Regal Assets definitely stood out of the crowd, to be my solution provider for what to do with my old 401K's. And I'm very glad I made that choice. I worked with Collin Plume from start to finish, & he was a master at helping me figure out exactly what I wanted, & why I wanted it. He had several lengthy conversations with me, to find out exactly what worked best for me. And now I'm a very proud owner of a gold & silver IRA, that will be excellent for my retirement in 20-30 yrs. I couldn't be any happier with what he did for me, & I'm looking forward to getting his advice for future precious metal investments. Thanks Collin...

- Gene E.

10/23/12 - I agree with the positive reviews concerning my experience with Christian Howard and Regal Assets. From start to finish the experience was professional, simple, and whatever he said he would do, he did it well and in a very timely manner. In my case, I needed to roll over an existing IRA to one that could hold physical gold so I did my homework ahead of time looking for companies that came highly rated. I was not disappointed. I would recommend both Christian and Regal Assets and will continue to use them for any future transactions.

- Susan M.

10/22/12 - I was very cautious about investing in precious metals, but K.C. made the process and the decisions very easy. Her knowledge and professionalism made me feel very comfortable with my transacations, though I admit I was still holding my breath until I actually had possession of my metals. I now breathe easy knowing I made a sound investment. Every question I had, she answered and explained to me before completing any transactions. She followed up through the whole process with emails and phone calls, and even the shipping department kept in contact with me once my order went into their que. I feel I didn't just gain a new business relationship, I also gained a friend. Thank you, K.C., for all your help and patience.

- Linda C.

10/23/12 - I recently transferred my rollover IRA account and opened an traditional IRA account with Regal Assets. Collin was simply outstanding and took care of everything and the process was an absolutely seamless transition. This is my first time investing in precious metals and Collin offered suggestions as to a mix between gold and silver and answered all of my questions leaving me with ZERO doubt. I highly recommend Collin Plume & Regal Assets to anyone interested in investing in precious metals.

- Rob G.

10/21/12 - Christian Howard is GREAT. My account Executive is Christian Howard. I spent a long time looking for a company to provide a precious metals IRA and it was Regal Assets that I finally contracted with and it was because of Christian. Anyone who has delt with these companies know the high pressure sales and bad advice provided by some of these salesmen. Christian was polite, helpfull and informatiive in my selection of precious metals for my IRA. He is also helpfull after the sale if you contact him he gets right back to you with any help you require. I highly recommend Regal and especially Christian Howard!!

- Greggory T.

10/18/12 - I can't say enough good things about my Personal Account Executive Collin Plume. He was very helpful in explaining how to invest in coins and made the process easy to understand. I would recommend Collin to anyone who is looking for professional help and guidance.

- Sherri B.

10/11/12 - Terrific company all the staff have been extremely helpful and courteous. It has been a pleasure working with Christian Howard and I feel his expertise is outstanding. I feel comfortable with them handling my financial future. His recommendations are right on the mark.

- Brian N.

10/11/12 - I recently opened a traditional IRA (Gold/Silver) rolling over a portion of my 401(k). I'm still employed and I know rolling over a 401(k) from one account manager to another can meet with some hassles. Collin took care of everything and the process was seamless. This was my first time investing in precious metals and Collin offered suggestions as to a mix between gold and silver and answered all of my questions. This was a great experience and I highly recommend Regal Assets and Collin Plume to anyone interested in investing in precious metals.

- William T.

10/11/12 - After researching a number of organizations regarding the acquisition of Gold & Silver, we selected Regal Assets as an organization to do business with. We have found the people at Regal Assets to be very informative, responsive, and genuinely concerned about our financial position. From the CEO whom we have had conversations with, to KC Derian, requests have been answered by phone, email, and hard copy in a very timely manner. KC in particular worked to set up our account quickly and informed us of the progress throughout the transaction. There has been follow up to us regarding setting up of 401K accounts, outright purchase of precious metals, and general conditions of the metals market. We have indeed utilized and talked to several people within Regal Assets and would recommend them to others for consideration in acquiring Gold & Silver.

- Bill L.

10/10/12 - I have just recently been able to work with Mr. Christian. He is always very professional, polite and knowledgeable. I had many questions on transferring an 401k Acct to a gold IRA. Mt previous investment counselor had objected to the notion of converting to gold. Christian was very courteous and ready to answer all my questions. His patience is to be commended, he was more than ready to work at my speed and knowledge. I had for years sought help with my 401k only to be told they cold not advise me on anything. Christian was eager to answer all my questions. He is a true asset to your team. Thank you Pastor Phil Goins

- Phil G.

10/10/12 - My first time investing in precious metals was a smooth transition thanks to Colin Plume. He answered all my question, gave me sound advice for investing and was never trying to hard sell me in any one direction or another. Overall a great experience and I highly recommend Colin's expertise to anyone investing in precious metals.

- Chris F.

10/8/12 - Regal Assets, LLC: A Great Company! My dealings with Regal Assets have been made most pleasant by dealing with Mr. Collin Plume. Collin has answered dozens of questions and assisted me in creating a Gold IRA by withdrawing funds from my government employee Thrift Savings Plan. I have been very concerned about losing value in my retirement plan. I did not realize until recently that at age 59 1/2, I could withdraw any amount from my plan and transfer it to a Gold IRA. Thank you, Collin for providing me with the answers that I needed to do this. I am very impressed that Regal Assets, LLC is rated AAA with the Better Business Bureau.

- Al F.

10/4/12 - My Personal Account Executive is Christian describe him, he is polite, knowledgeable,understanding, and professional. He listened to what my interest and needs were and helped me to make the most appropriate choice of investment plan for me. He was not pushy which is a huge plus in my book of doing business! He responded to emails and phone calls quickly and was there to help me each step of the way...thank you Christian

- Darlene S.

9/29/12 - Exceptional service I have been thoroughly impressed with Collin Plume and the Regal Assets team. Transferring my IRA to Regal wasn't the least bit stressful, especially since I have gotten numerous emails and calls from Collin throughout the process. They have lived up to the reputation that I gathered from the internet postings.

- Jim M.

9/29/12 - Collin is good as gold I can't say enough about Regal Assets and especially Collin Plume. He has been a pleasure to work with throughout my IRA transfer. He answers calls immediately or calls right back, and emails regularly to keep you informed. I never felt out of the loop, and since this is my life savings, that was important to me. I had a bad experience with a prior precious metals company, but thanks to Collin and his team, I feel like I am in great hands. Thank you.

- Karen M.

9/28/12 - Regal Assets Precious Metals IRA. I choose to invest my money in Regal Assets because they have a solid reputation. Christian Howard provided invaluable assistance in setting up the accounts, and walking me through the process. I highly recommend them for precious metals IRAs.

- Don C.

9/26/12 - Christian Howard - Very helpful and professional I recently contacted Regal Assets to set up a precious metals IRA. My main contact was Christian Howard, who was very good to explain how things worked and what was involved to get things set up. Through the whole process Christian was very professional and helpful. I would recommend him highly. 

- Jack L.

9/25/12 - I recently made the decision to get my retirement account out of the stock market and into physical metals. After a lot of research, I decided to go with Regal Assets. After setting up the account, I had a rather lengthy phone call with Colin Plume who finished setting up the account. Colin took his time, a lot of it, to answer any questions I had, and I never felt like he was rushing me off the phone. I highly recommend Regal Assets and I'm sure after speaking with him you will be very comfortable that you are making the right decision with your retirement money.

- Mike D.

9/24/12 - Collin Plume is the best choice to handle your precious metals transaction. While researching Gold/Silver-Backed IRAs, I was first impressed with so many positive reviews about Collin Plume at Regal Assets. As I continued my research, I read a post by Collin in response to a client's concern. Collin's response was professional, easy for a novice to understand and he provided his contact information in case the person still had concerns or questions. I decided to contact him and leave a message for him to call me. Not only did Collin call, but he also emailed me that he had attempted to call me and would answer any questions I might have about a roll-over. When we talked, Collin never tried to persuade me one way or the other; but, he educated on the various options available and suggested I discuss them with my husband. Collin spoke truthfully, while another organization I conversed with did not speak with truth. I am so pleased that Collin is handling my IRA and trust that he will provide me with information to make the most effective choices for my IRA.

- Ellen Z.

9/24/12 - I had listened to all the sales pitches before finally giving Regal Assets a call and boy am I glad I did. When I called Regal Assets, Christian and his staff were extremely helpful. They explained the process and what to expect before I even committed to buy. When I made the move to invest, Christian was there every step of the way to insure it was a seamless transaction. The entire organization treated me like their most important customer. I will recommend Regal Assets to all my friends.

Thanks Christian, your the Best!!!!

- Stephen M.

9/20 /12 - I overnighted via USPS funds to purchase silver. The USPS failed to get a required signature from REGAL ASSETS and my funds got "lost" because of where USPS finally left them. I came home from a surgical procedure, still under anesthesia, and quickly wrote an unnecessarily caustic letter to find out why I had heard nothing from Regal. Christian Howard, extremelypolite and kind to me, answered my questions and resolved the issue very quickly and efficiently. I am most impressed with Christian and delighted with Regal Services. I am very pleased to say the silver is now in my possession. I give him a 5-Star rating or higher, if such was possible.

- Gloria L.

9/4/12 - I have recently opened a account with Regal Assets. Collin Plume was very helpful during the process. He has been accessible every time I had a question. I would recommend Collin.

- Kenneth J.

9/4/12 - My experience in the realm of gold and silver investment was filled with intrigue that was tantamount to fraud. I won't name the firm I was dealing with, but it starts with "American Bullion." Christian Howard with Regal Assets was able to pull me out of the morass of the hard sell, and provided me with a solid position in precious metals. Thanks, Christian!!!

- Erik L.

8/31/12 - When I first started in buying gold and silver I went to goldline because they advertised on tv. When I talked to the Representative he wanted to sell me some gold and silver really bad like a used car salesman. I thought his price was to high and told him I wanted to shop around. So I ended up at Regal Assets and talked to Tyler. He told me things that I did not know about gold and silver and got me really educated on the subject before we talked about price. After that he did not pressure me to buy but let me know that the price he quoted would not last forever because gold and silver was going up all the time. A few days went buy and I decided to buy from Tyler and I`m glad I did. The price beat Goldline by a large margin. Later Goldline called me back and tried to sell me some gold and I told them that I went with Tyler at Regal Assets and he just went off his rocker and told me that they were liars and cheats and not to do business with them. I hung up the phone and they consistency to get me to get my money back from Regal Assets and buy from them in their case was to expensive. I told them not to call back anymore. On ocassion they still call and try to sell me gold and silver. But I`ve done business with Tyler for over 2 years now and never had a problem,got my gold and silver on time, they were professional all the way and I would recommend them to any of my friends and neighbors.

- William H.

8/27/12 - I had been researching precious metals and checking with numerous sellers (Blanchard, Goldline, Start with Gold, etc.). I was actually about to tell a representative what I wanted when he had to take care of a “really rich old man” who needed immediate assistance in completing a transaction, he apologized and said he would call me back. From the time he hung up, I started browsing and the link for Regal Assets, LLC came up. I filled out the form and sent it off. Collin Plume called me less than 5 minutes later. He was respectful, knowledgeable and had a varied clientele from Preppers to CEO’s. I explained how much I had to invest at the moment; he made suggestions on what to purchase and why. He listened to the list I had chosen and told me the pros and cons of each pick. Within half an hour we had concluded our transactions and the product arrived on the 8th day. About the 6th day, I had a minor panic attack. I had looked up the references and verified that your company was backed by the BBB but with so many scams and scammers out there I suddenly thought California is a long way from the Midwest and what would I do if I lost my money. Collin talked with me, reassured me, and gave me several ways to contact him. Since my purchase all items have increased in value. I will be happy to do additional business with your Company and Collin in the future.

- Brenda S.

8/17/12 - “Hands down you are the best Regal Assets!! Your recommendations are true and your prices are just and guess what? Your Account Rep Christian Howard was very informative and a great all around person. He provided detailed information, responded to all concerns, and returned calls in a timely matter. There is no doubt you are the best around!” Thank you and Best Wishes!

- Juan T.

8/14/12 - I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate Collin Plume, Cristina De La Fe and Christian at Regal Assets for their wonderful assistance when rolling over an IRA into a Precious Metals IRA after I was recently laid off. They are the greatest! They helped me through the process of transferring my funds, ensuring all the paper work was completed correctly, that my account with Delaware Depository was set up correctly and finally helped me determine what precious metals I should buy to suite my needs. Since this was all new to me, they explained every aspect of my roll over patently and thoroughly. I look forward to working with this team throughout the growth of my IRA. They give me peace of mind when I think of my account. Thank you Collin, Christina and Christian. P.S. Oh, Did I mention they are the greatest?

- Michael M.

8/14/12 - Moving my old under performing 401ks was as easy as I have seen, in fact the problems encountered where on the old 401k company side and Collin Plume and Regal Assets team worked through them. Collin answered each question I had with knowledge and professionalism, helping guide me through the process.

- James M.

8/10/12 - I have been really good service and attention from Collin Plume, he call me and explain me what was better for me and I got the coins perfect, thank you!!!

- Pedro Jose Q.

8/9/12 - I recently opened a IRA for the first time utilizing precious metals. Mr. Plume of Regal Assets was extremely patient and provide precise and experienced information for my initial move to gold and silver investments. Mr Plume's knowledge and tailoring my portfolio to my needs was invaluable. I would and shall recommend Collin and Regal Assets to my family and friends.

- Edward W.

8/8/12 - Thanks Christian Howard. I recently opened a precious metals IRA with Regal Assets. At first I was very nervous because this one one of my first experiences purchasing precious metals and I was using my life savings retirement funds to do this with so I wanted to be assured that my funds were used properly. Christian Howard was excellent at answering all my questions and put my mind at ease. He helped me at every step in rolling over my existing IRAs into a precious metals IRA and made me really understand how different and advantageous Regal assets are from their competitors. Once again, thanks Christian.

- Victor P.

8/6/12 - Tyler has always been very helpful, friendly and professional. It has been a pleasure to work with him. He always tell us about the deals that are on and gets the best price for us. He has always gone the extra mile to please us.

- Mary & John W.

7/27/12 - I wish to express my pleasure with regard to my dealings with your company in the purchase of three gold American Eagles. I especially appreciated my dealings with your associate, Collin Plume, who I found very informed and helpful. This was my first purchase of gold, and he made the dealings go very smoothly. I would be pleased to deal with your company again when the time comes to increase my exposure to precious metals.

I would strongly provide Collin with a five star rating out of five stars.

- Hank F.

7/1/12 - I learned about Regal Assets from a talk program and decided to give them a try. Am I glad I did. Collin is my account officer and took time to determine my needs. He also has put together an A TEAM to continue to help the customer if he is away. This is superior customer service and smart thinking! Give them a try. You will be happy you did.

- Daniel H.

6/26/12 - It was this past month, May 2012, that I became acquainted with Regal Assets and Christian Howard when I was researching precious metals IRA accounts. I had been researching these companies since April. Of the companies I found I chose to call Regal Assets and it was Christian Howard who returned my call. Christian was very good at answering the many questions I bombarded him with and now, thanks to him, I understand precious metals accounts. I was so delighted to learn I had other investment options than through the stock market. I decided to join the Regal family and Christian became my Account Manager and Cristina De La Fe became my Personal Account Concierge. They assisted me every step of the way in helping me roll over my account to Regal. I look forward to my continued opportunity to work with Regal and Christian. Great Experience!!!! Thank you Christian and Cristina.

- Sarah K.

6/12/12 - Collin Plume and his partner Cristina make an excellent account team. I would recommend Regal Assets for your precious metals investments. And if you get Collin as your account executive, I am confident you will be writing a glowing testimonial like this one yourself. The email communication keeps you well informed as to the status of your order. Shipping is within their own parameters (and if not, you receive an extra American Silver dollar). But, with so much of your investment dollars moving back and forth, you want to know you have a team working with you. You wont be disappointed. This is a terrific team. Thanks to Collin and Cristina for another great transaction. Regards.

- Lawrence T.

6/11/12 - I was highly pleased with my service provided by Collin Plume at Regal Assets, LLC during my last purchase. Collin certainly went above and beyond when he was able to accomodate my purchase quickly and efficiently. Kudos to the group!

- Matthew S.

6/10/12 - Just would like to say it has been an extreme pleasure to work with Collin Plume at Regal Assets. He has always returned my phone calls and always been extremely great explaining any questions I have thank you Colling for all your help and hope to do mre business with you in the future. Thank again Rod.

- Rodney C.

6/6/12 - I have purchased metals from Christian on three severe occasions . Each time he very professional and knowledgeable . I highly recommend Regal Assets

- Irene F.

5/7/12 - I began working with Colin over ten months ago. I had just suffered a significant loss through another investment company and while I still recognized the importance of investing, I was very apprehensive about making another financial commitment. Colin was extremely patient and helpful in assisting me to select the investment vehicle most suited to my resources and risk tolerance. Colin is very knowledgeable and I especially appreciate that he makes himself readily available to discuss clients' concerns and investment strategies. I have been very satisfied with our transactions and look forward to continuing to work with him.

- Donna C.

2/2/12 - Christian did a good job of explaining option for investing for a first time investor. He followed up appropriately and professionally.

- William K.

9/9/11 - I recently purchased precious metals from Regal Assets with the sound advice of my representative, Christian Howard. At first, I was unsure of what exactly to purchase for my portfolio, however, after consulting with Mr. Howard, I was confident that his advice was exactly what I was looking for. Not only was Mr. Howard extremely knowledgeable about precious metals, he also earned my trust because of his personal attention. He was always on top of my order and kept me informed all the way. My entire experience was really something that was extraordinary. It left me thinking that I will most definitely purchase more precious metals very soon and with Christian Howard as my portfolio consultant. I believe Regal Assets to be a reputable, sound and honest company and it was a pleasure doing business with them.

- Joan S.

8/26/11 - I'm happy to recommend the service provided by Regal Assets. At this time gold is in high demand and Regal Assets made a diligent effort to provide my order. The shipping did take a little while, but given the high demand for gold in general right now, and their guarantee of a free silver eagle if your package doesn't come in seven days of shipping, it turned out awesome for me. I want to give a special thanks to Cesar Vasquez, because although I grew nervous and impatient, he was ready anytime to address my concern. When I call, I'm going to be asking for Cesar. Thanks again, will order again FOR SURE. Latest purchase 8/26.

- D B.

8/3/11 - I am very pleased to report that I received my first package of precious metals from Regal Assets today. Putting my dollars into gold and silver is something I have pondered for a while. I can't tell you the peace of mind I feel now that I have a tangible investment that is regarded as "precious" in every country around the entire globe. One doesn't have to know much about politics or economics to understand that the dollar continues to buy less and less every day. The interest that my bank pays on my savings doesn't even come close in comparison to the decline of its value. I work way too hard for this to happen. The realization of this is what finally got me to call Regal Assets. I would like to thank my account manager, Collin Plume, for all of the advice and information that he gave to me based on my situation. I would strongly urge anyone reading this to call him. He made the entire experience, from start to finish, comfortable. I am satisfied and grateful beyond my expectations. I look forward to making another order soon.

- Robert R.

7/31/11 - Being new to the precious metals market, I was very skeptical about the reviews of various companies I was reading about. Regal Assets was last on my list, but I wish it was the first! Christian was the gentleman who answered my phone call. He detailed the whole process and answered all of my questions. I can weed out "fake" people, and he isn't one of them. There was no sales pressure in deciding what I should purchase and why. After the transaction, Emily kept me updated with daily emails about my purchase which arrived on time. Both were available to answer any further inquiries I had. Hat tip to Christian,who set my mind at ease, otherwise I would not have bought into precious metals. Great company, great associates, with great communication. Something very rare in business today. Highly Recommended!!

- John H.

7/23/11 - I was very blessed to have Christian answer when I dialed the eight hundred #. He gave me a the answers I was looking for without being pushy!!!!! He also helped me with a very aggressive company that was pushing the wrong type of product on me. I can not tell you how many times he was there for me ( over and over ). He always honored his word. I give him the highest rating in all areas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Dog B.

6/24/11 - I would like to thank Emiley for her exceptional service and dedication in processing my recent order. She made every effort possible to keep me informed and herself available to answer my questions throughout the process.

- Dennis P.

5/31/11 - As a first-time buyer of precious metals, I felt that the experience with Regal Assets was excellent. Their price was less than that of their competitors. Tyler was patient and friendly in explaining how transactions occur. Emiley was also helpful and friendly in answering my questions and keeping me updated on the order's status. She is serious about good customer service. (Available 24/7 for questions!) The order was processed and arrived within a week of placing it.
In short: competitive prices, friendly service, fast delivery. I will be purchasing from Regal Assets again in the future."

- Kevin D.

5/26/11 - Tyler and Emily collaborated to provide excellent product and service at a competitive price, from time of purchase through delivery. I will do business again. Recommended

- Michael Z.

5/13/11 - I am a new investor in metals. A new experience for me. I appreciate help and information received from Emiley and Tyler in setting up a rollover IRA account and advice on my purchases. I will continue to build my IRA and plan to make personal investments through Regal Assets in the future.

- Jim H.

5/4/11 - The order took longer to receive than I expected this time, but Emily kept me well informed along the way.

- Kathy C.

1/4/11 - To whom it may concern,
I have been working with Tyler Gallagher for the past 6 months. He has been absolutely incredible helping my husband and I with our transaction of selling our precious metals. I did not know him prior to our conversation, but there was something about him. I felt a sense of trust right from the beginning. I was referred to your company from Sterling Trust. I had had a bad experience with another company prior to my first conversation with Tyler and he was wonderful and patient with me. I am 73 years old and my husband is 79 and we needed to expedite our funds because we need the funds sooner than we expected. Tyler advised me to wait until we could at least make a profit because when he got the account we had held the funds for almost a year and still did not have additional monies from when we purchased them.. I took his advise and it certainly helped holding the metals as long as we did. Tyler is definitely an asset to your company and would refer his services to others. Thank you.

- Josephine D.

1/3/11 - This was the first time I bought from Regal Assets. Soon after I placed my order, I was contacted by a representative who went over my order and informed me how the payment and shipping would progress. I also received an email to verify my order and inform me of the delivery date. I was pleasantly surprised with the customer service and how dedicated they were to keep me informed. I will order from them again.

- Dennis K.

12/17/10 - I recently ordered 2 coins. This was a new process for me -- I'm used to buying on line, paying with the plastic, and then getting the email telling me I ordered the product. Tyler was very helpful, kind, and up-beat. Everything he said, he followed up on and was as he said it would be. No surprises and everything as I wanted it. The coins came when they should, and were what the website said they would be. I am very satisfied with Regal Assets and will use them again in the future.

- Diane W.

12/17/10 - Very pleased with recent purchase. Just wished I'd been smart enough to schedule arrival of the package when I was at home. Guarantee it won't happen again. I'll be here. Good follow up by Regal and I'll continue to use them for precious metal purchases. Thanks guys.

- Rory H.

12/15/10 - Buying metals with Regal was a great experience. I was provided very personal service and given excellent advice even before it was clear that I was a serious buyer. There was frequent contact from my account executive Collin Plume, to keep me informed as the order was processed. There was a delay in shipping on the initial order, however the open communication made it easy to resolve and the order was expedited once it was resolved. It turned out the delay was a result of Regal wanting to provide me with a better quality product than was initially prepared for shipment, so the delay was actually to my benifit and the extra effort on their part was appreciated. The metals recived were of excellent quality, and the rate was very competative when compared to other sources. The excellent prices, personal service, frequent updates and fast delivery are all reasons I will definately be buying from Regal in the future.

- Michael L.

12/13/10 - Christian and Tyler take a personal interest in your account and are good at speeding up product delivery. I have high regards for their service.

- C.P H.

12/13/10 - Started my precious metals adventure with very little knowledge.....but after extensive and patient guidance from Tyler at Regal Assets, I felt confident enough to take the leap. He made the buying experience quite pleasant. I plan to continue the relationship with REgal Assets. I hope the selling experience is just as nice! :)

- Kari P.

11/27/10 - First time client of Regal Assets. Placed order online and locked with credit card. Order was not completed, called for verification and was informed credit was for lock-in only. Fortunately price changed little. Re-ordered and subsequent order was processed and delivered with a great degree of efficiency, Their sales personels followup was exceptional, they were responsive and I felt that they valued my business. That's a big deal! I am a licensed precious metal broker and I have dealt with a number of other brokerage houses that while they completed orders successfully, Regal Assets seemed to make an extra effort at providing after purchase communication that was appreciated. Sincerely, Norman Tice Jr.

- Norman T.

11/22/10 - It was a pleasure to work with Regal Assets. I'm a first time gold buyer with mediocre knowledge about the business. Christian, the Senior Account Executive called me to give me some good advise how to invest and how to avoid mistakes. He was following up on all important steps throughout the execution of the order. The execution of the order including shipment was flawless. I definitely can recommend Regal Assets.

- Wolfgang S.

11/17/10 - I wanted to buy some gold and silver but did not know which company to go with. I was a first time buyer and leery of all the companies I found on the internet. I did some research and settled on Regal Assets.I talked with Christian and he provided me with advise on which type to buy and which would be the best investment. I made a purchase and within 2 weeks I had my gold and silver delivered to my house.I would wholly recommend Regal Assets to anyone who is interested in investing in precious metals.

- Ken V.

11/9/10 - Excellent customer service, mr.howard answer to my question with the respect and accuracy of a real expert, they deliver what they promise, highly recommended"

- Jose J.

11/5/10 - Hesitant at first, I just ordered two gold coins to test the waters being that I live on the east coast and Regal Assets is in CA. However, they have been nothing short of excellent from the beginning with communication via the telephone or email. I have received my first coins as promised, have ordered more, and have just now started the process to transfer a portion of my traditional IRA to a gold IRA. I recommend Regal Assets, LLC to assist you with pursuing ownership of precious metals.

- Chris F.

10/21/10 - Tyler was fine to work with even on a small purchase. I have been collecting a few coins since gold was $400. an ounce. Tyler stayed with me with follow up emails and phone calls to be sure money and product exchanged hands properly. His knowledge of gold and silver as well as other fiscal matters was extensive. Had a good purchase.

- Thomas B.

10/20/10 - This is my first time using Regal -- My rep (Tyler) has been spectacular -- very client oriented and super to work with.

- Ellen S.

10/14/10 - Regal Assets is a good place to purchase any gold bullion coins. They will not pressure anyone to purchase something you don't want and the price quoted is firm as of the day you reserve the item (unlike some other companies). My account rep, Christian, was very responsive and also very knowledgeable. My coin was sealed and rated MS-70, the highest available. I would recommend Regal Assets and will use them again in the future."

- Larry W.

10/12/10 - This was my first time buying gold so I was apprehensive. The folks at Regal Assets were extremely helpful and provided very sound advice and guidance. Payment, shipping, and follow-up communications were wonderful. I will buy from them in the future and recommend to my friends and family.

- Bill S.

10/8/10 - Buying things over the Internet,seems to always have that moment of jitters. When you think "Is this the scam". Is this the one that's too good to be true. We all have that moment even if we won't admit it. Especially after you hit that 'send, buy now,check out button'.

With the people over at Regal Assets, they help alive that fear. All thru the buying process. Never have I gotten a autobot when calling. Always a live person answers the phone. If they tell you that, they will call back they do! Even when things get little mixed up you never are wondering why can't I reach someone.(bad tracking number)

Christian and Emiley thanks for all your help. Not only did you fix the problem with the tracking number but the package arrived a day early!!! You might find better prices sometime, but you will not find better service.... Everything I was told is what they did. No hype. Good straight forward answers. And personal calls at every step. Will do business with you again in the future....."

- Jerry B.

10/1/10 - I am a new investor I did a lot of research. I looked at lot of sellers and Regal Assets was the best. Fast service' top grade product,first class knowledge. I wired money on Friday it was verified on Monday shipped on Tuesday and received on Friday. Thank you Regal Assets and Tyler G. I will buy again!

- Dale J.

9/28/10 - My husband and I did quite a bit of research and spoke to several dealers before deciding with which dealer to go.

We are very thankful that our path lead us to Regal Assets. We worked with Christian. Everything felt right from the very beginning - friendliness, personal attention, willingness to understand what our priorities are, deep knowledge of the market, Christian took all the time needed to answer our questions, no pressure to invest in particular type of metals, prompt response to follow up requests, very quick turnaround from the order to shipping plus the best price out there!

Truly the best service from all the dealers we came across. I would feel comfortable investing with Regal Assets again.

- Maija G.

9/21/10 - I am a fairly new investor. I had made purchases in the past with another outfit who's name rhymes with boldtime. Needless to say, my Regal Advisor was very candid with me ( Christian is his name), so much so, it felt like we could be friends...he matched the minting and beat the competitor by over15%--thats alot. It did not feel like a sales pitch but more like a friend giving advice. Of course I did my own research and found that what he said was true--one lie or inkling of hard sales tactics and I bolt Everything went smooth as silk and I would not hesitate to invest again with this company

- Damon P.

9/18/10 - I just made my first purchase (silver coins) from Regal Assets, LLC in Universal City, CA, and I am completely satisfied with the product I bought and with Regal Assets. Their sales representative that handled my purchase was very knowledgeable and professional. He followed up with me after initial order was placed and again when my coins were shipped. They arrived yesterday in good order.

I recommend Regal Assets to all, and I intend to do business with them again in the future.

- Marion G.

9/17/10 - After looking at several gold companys I decided on Regal Assests for my first purchace. Total time was 10 days from the time they got my funds to the day I held my gold. Thank you. Great Customer service, fast shipping. I hope my next purchase moves this smoothly- I would reccoment Regal Assests.
Thanks again.

"**Update- Second purchase went just as smooth as the first! Again I purchaced during a holiday but still 11 days (including holiday and weekends) for my assests to arive! Thanks again

- Teresa M.

9/9/10 - Working with Regal Assets in the Set-up of my Precious Metals IRA was handled professionally, they asked questions, To make sure they understood my needs; rather than just pushing what they feel needs to be sold, like other places I've dealt with. Thank you Regal Assets

- Alan K.

5/27/10 - I have been a customer of Regal Assets for over a year and have made several purchases with them. They are a great company with amazing prices, friendly people, and fast delivery. I highly recommend them to any serious investors looking to buy precious metals.

- Ralph C.