It is all too true that the Congressional Budget Office remains among the most brutally honest government agencies. Consider their recent blistering report they put out showing that the closely watched American government’s debt to GDP ratio is going to double in value in the coming 30 years.

They have unmasked the ugly truth in bluntly declaring that”the prospect of such large and growing debt poses substantial risks for the nation…” This is a bad but not so bleak assessment as the one offered by a previous Congressional Budget Office director:

U.S. debt is “a serial horror story in which the greatest economic power ever to grace the globe sails directly into self-inflicted crisis, suffering, and decline.”

Those are stark words, and they are not mere exaggeration either. The CBO has been sounding the air raid siren on the imminent debt megabomb for over a decade as they tried to warn each incoming administration that serious and possibly disastrous consequences await the United States in the future. Just look at this U.S. debt graph from the CBO below:

Consider that almost every historically important, dominant power of the past millennium has fallen beneath the overwhelming burden of its own debt and finally resulting financial insolvency. This is true from the Ottoman Empire, to the Bourbon Kingdom of France, to the Imperial Spanish global empire.

The scary part is that the Congressional Budget Office is likely too optimistic with their projections. Looking back at their debt bomb projections for the U.S. in the past proves they are dead-on with the rising debt trend, but massively underestimating how bad the crisis will get sooner than anyone anticipates. Looking back to January of 2007 shows their ten year national debt projections to be wildly understated.

A decade ago, they said for 2017 the part of the national debt which is “held by the public” would amount to a then-staggering $4.2 trillion, or 24.6 percent of the country’s annual Gross Domestic Product. Fast forward to 2017 and the reality is far worse. Today’s publicly held debt amounts to $14.35 trillion, or 76.5 percent of annual GDP.

That is in fact triple the amount the CBO predicted a decade ago. Worse still, that is only part of the debt. Including money the government owes to both the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds (which pay critically needed retiree benefits every month or for essential elderly health care), the actual U.S. debt figure comes in at over $20 trillion, or 106 percent of annual GDP. Despite their best projections, the CBO proved to be off by an eye-watering $10 trillion.

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The CBO is warning you that the clear and present danger is the trend of dramatically rising U.S. national debt. Possibly the worst part of the story is that everybody knows the facts, despite the reality that it is not daily front page news as it should be. It is important to them, only immaterial as it is not an issue affecting the reality on the ground today, tomorrow, or (hopefully not) even in the coming year or two. Yet whether the U.S. government and Americans choose to ignore it or not, the debt bomb is going to consistently weigh on the financial markets more and more in the coming years before finally violently exploding.

The problem is not going to magically go away, but only to worsen with time. This is why gold has to be your retirement portfolio’s insurance policy against the financial craziness your own federal government is practicing on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. Gold will be the financial lifeline that will carry you into the fiscally unsure and unsound American future. When you click here now, you will receive you own no-cost, no-obligation rollover kit from industry-leader Regal Assets that will teach you everything you need to protect your retirement portfolio through a partial diversification of your retirement account into physically held gold.

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