This coming week’s United Nations annual meeting of the General Assembly in New York City leaves many leaders longing for the days when the U.N. could actually do something effective about the host of problems now confronting the world in general. Sadly as they gather for their annual week of speeches and posturing, this could not be farther from the truth this time around.

American President Donald Trump will take the stage for his first time this week and plead with the other nations to more effectively confront the nuclear program of North Korean madman Kim John Um, Iran’s renewed machinations throughout the Middle East, and other crucial worldwide dangers like rising terrorism. Per U.S. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, Trump is to:

“emphasize the need for states to promote peace and prosperity while upholding sovereignty. He will urge all states to come together to address grave dangers that threaten us all.”

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North Korea At the Top of the Troubled UN Annual Meeting’s Agenda

There is no better place to start when addressing potentially cataclysmic world problems now than with North Korea. While the United States ostensibly looks for a so-called peaceful resolution to the long-paused Korean War (which has been officially in an armistice-like frozen pattern since 1953), it is wiling, able, and ready to deploy shock and awe-styled military force if and when the diplomatic efforts of the last two decades finally fail to resolve the nuclear and ballistic missile programs that North Korea has been developing without serious hindrance since the 1990’s.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said it best on the CBS program “Face the Nation” this weekend with his declaration:

“If our diplomatic efforts fail, though, our military option will be the only one left. But be clear: we seek a peaceful solution to this.”

North Korea’s leadership is equally clear that they will eat grass quite literally before giving up their weapons programs. This is the impossible diplomatic challenge that President Donald Trump faces as he prepares to appeal to his allies in the United Nations General Assembly to finally deal with the threat from the regime. The U.S. President could not resist the urge to fire off a clever Twitter salvo against the rogue state leader on Sunday by calling him “Rocket Man.”

Tillerson’s latest efforts revolve around what he terms the four “No’s.” These are

  1. no attempting to collapse North Korea
  2. no trying to change the leadership in Pyongyang
  3. no accelerated timetable for reunifying the Korean Peninsula
  4. no seeking out an excuse to deploy the military force of the United States against the DPRK.

While the United Nations has already passed two tough rounds of crushing sanctions against the North, it has continuously managed to successfully plunge forward with its ICBM missile and nuclear warhead programs alike in violent opposition to the will of the international community that it so gleefully scorns.

Diplomats Argue North Korea Feeling the Squeeze of the Sanctions

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley was also making the news talk show rounds this weekend ahead of the United Nations General Assembly meeting. She stated on the CNN program “State of the Union” that the North has:

“already started to feel the pinch” of another over $1 billion in sanctions. “We have economically strangled North Korea at this point, and they have said as much. If we have to, North Korea will be destroyed.”

Yet the more realistic President Trump similarly weighed in on these supposedly tough sanctions following the last vote on sanctions in the Security Council September 12th by opining that they are “not a big deal.” National Security Adviser McMaster also expressed his doubts on the economic retaliation and whether or not these will be sufficient to stop a regime that has forged ahead with this program without a break since the 1990’s. He told the ABC program “This Week” that the United States has to “make sure all options are under development.”

McMaster talked tough, warning Kim that he will have to give up his nuclear program and weapons because President Trump will not tolerate the threat any longer. When the host queried about the President potentially striking Kim militarily if he steadfastly refuses, he simply said, “he’s been very clear about that, that all options are on the table.”

Photo Courtesy of The New Indian Express

Haley agreed herself with her concurring that when the President talked about raining down “fire and fury” on North Korea, he was not making an idle threat. She went one further by declaring that she will be “perfectly happy” with Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis assuming command with his ready to use military plan should diplomacy ultimately fail.

Yet Trump is willing to play the diplomatic game till its final fruitless end. He next plans to discuss the coming steps in handling the crisis with his allies the Japanese and South Korean leaders. H.R. McMaster warned that people should not be under any illusions about how this ultimately plays out though:

“What’s different about this approach is we’re out of time. We’ve been kicking the can down the road and we’re out of road. There is a military option.”

If that does not motivate you to secure and insure your portfolio with gold, then nothing will.

 Iran Problems Are Back

After a much-touted but poorly agreed upon nuclear deal with Iran which the Obama administration recklessly pursued till its stated end played out, the problems with Iran have returned with a vengeance. This is a second hot spot fire for the nations of the world to hash over at the big meeting this week in New York.

President Trump also has to spend his time and efforts building a consensus to confront the Iranians and their meddling since the 2015 deal. To this effect, the American President will be holding a series of meetings with such countries as Israel, Turkey, and Qatar, the latter itself the subject of a four nation blockade for its past support of terrorism throughout the Middle East and beyond.

Terrorism A Major Focus on the Agenda As Well

Then there is still a third critical area that must be addressed, if not actually dealt with, and this is the rising surge of ISIS-inspired and -backed terrorism going on especially throughout Europe and Asia these days.

The Islamic state’s failed caliphate may have been more or less destroyed in Iraq and Syria, yet their finances are so vast that this richest terrorist group in the history of the world (by far) has been able to effortlessly morph itself into the world’s leading terror-causing agent, capable of blowing up and running down people from Spain, France, and England to Syria and Iraq, to Afghanistan and the Philippines.

This is why Ambassador Haley admitted that the American agenda for the UN General Assembly meeting is so full. Besides plans and efforts to counter global terrorism, she also has attempts at reform of the UN spending and peacekeeping programs to address, the out of control refugee crisis between Myanmar and Bangladesh, and the economic crisis in Venezuela to attempt to manage in only one week’s time. As Haley herself grimly put it this weekend:

“No one is going to grip and grin. The United States is going to work.”

You Need Gold to Protect You From the Countless Crises Which the UN Can No Longer Manage

There are so many problems in the world right now, it is hard for the U.N. representatives from the U.S. and other major Western powers to even know where to effectively begin. Gold will help you to prepare your retirement portfolio in the event that the Nikki Haley and the “masters of the universe” fail in their ambitious endeavors to diffuse a raft of crises which are rapidly spiraling out of control.

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