This past Saturday, on New Year's Eve, President-to-be Donald J. Trump left open the distinct and upsetting-to-many possibility that he will meet with the Madame President of Taiwan if she passes through the United States any time after he has been sworn in as the CEO of the U.S.A. on January 20th. Trump put it this way, in his one-of-a-kind style when reporters pressed him on whether or not he would physically sit down with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen--- "We'll see." Her travel plans taking her through the continental U.S. are a foregone conclusion already. In fact, she will… Read More

When it comes to thinking clients, many of them find that they are initially quite enthusiastic about obtaining exposure to physically held gold and other precious metals. What invariably happens is they get into a conversation with their financial advisor and begin to have cold water dumped on their heads in the form of numerous objections. The reaction from many a financial advisor to a client's burning desire to include gold in a portfolio all too often comes down to one of several unfair responses, like: • Gold is a dinosaur, a relic of the past, a pet rock... •… Read More

  It has been literally months in the making and now it has finally come to pass. The agreed upon last minute bailout arrangements for world's oldest and third largest Italian venerable lending bank Monte dei Paschi di Sienna are at last in place. This comes not a moment too soon, as the bank's stock shares have been suspended in Milan amidst the announcement that the bank only had four months of operating capital remaining with which to keep its doors open. As major European banks knuckle under Uncle Sam's regulatory fines, British global bank Barclays has proven it still… Read More

  The latest household wealth survey has just been released by the last European institution which still enjoys some shred of credibility, the European Central Bank. As you might expect, the results are not too pretty. The claims of the populist parties are at least partly true--- the gap between the poor and the rich is not in fact closing anymore. Instead it is actually worsening, even in Europe, a continent long proud of its social justice and better income and assets equality. The survey released last Friday showed that fully 10 percent of eurozone regional households now account for over… Read More

  Gold has been considered a haven asset and a store and protector of wealth since the dawn of civilization. Its capability to hedge against inflation is well established, greatly aided by the fact it is a rare and limited metal. Many financial advisors will discourage holding Gold or Silver in a portfolio as they are assets that do not carry dividends. This means they do not create periodic cash flows and have to rely on the re-evaluation of price for positive returns.     Diversification and Insurance factors of Gold We are going to take a look at another… Read More