In the final days of the Obama administration, as the transfer of power gets underway to the new Trump administration, the geopolitical world is as exciting, dangerous, and volatile as ever. The dangers from China and Russia have prompted the incoming Secretary of Defense to warn about the enormous threats to the world order. Fiat Chrysler has been caught cheating on emissions in another market rocking scandal. Hard Brexit fears are rocking the currency world again, and the Turkish Lira has just touched its all time low amid a credit rating downgrade. Gold offers you insurance and protection for… Read More

  The Federal Reserve has only managed to raise interest rates once at the end of 2016, yet they are already threatening to raise them three more times in 2017. Whether or not they succeed in this, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon is predicting that the U.S. interest rates are heading higher regardless. For this and other reasons, Goldman Sachs is forecasting the U.S. dollar and single currency euro to reach parity this year. A search for alternative assets has even caused crypto-currency bitcoin to recently top a thousand dollars, nearing its all time high. All this is happening against the… Read More

  Unbeknownst to most economists and policymakers in Washington, the Republic of China is kicking the can down the road on a national debt crisis time bomb which they have caused themselves with years of expansionary fiscal and monetary policies, per a new report from the global intelligence agency Stratfor. Statfor warned that "China faces business defaults and bankruptcies, low industrial profits, winnowing returns on investment, and the very real prospect of yet another slowdown in the real estate sector," John Minnich their lead analyst wrote. "How well Beijing manages these problems in the months ahead will, to a great extent,… Read More

  Does the Obama administration accusation of Russian hacking risk starting a renewed cold war? By Tony Termini   According to the White House Press Office, President Obama received a classified report on Thursday regarding possible “Russian meddling in U.S. elections.” The report comes a week after the President ordered the closure of two Russian “compounds” in New York and Maryland and the expulsion of 35 Russian “diplomats” from the country.  Whether or not the report identifies a “smoking gun” proving Russian involvement in the hacking is at this point likely a moot point.  The Obama reprisals are water under… Read More

  The New Year has barely begun and yet the geopolitical fallout from 2016 just keeps coming. This was a year in which hedge funds finally witnessed the explosive revolt among their super wealthy clientele, in which India's new war on cash forced the country's manufacturing sector into contractionary territory, and when the independence- minded British managed to blow up the world's greatest financial center of London by voting to withdraw from the world's largest trading block the European Union. You should no longer be in doubt regarding the need for gold insurance to protect your portfolio in troubled times like… Read More