Gold Prices The start of the week saw gold prices reclaim the $1,700 level after hitting support levels late last week.  The precious metal was also aided by crashing crude oil prices and continuing concerns regarding coronavirus-induced damage to the economy. Gold hit its lowest point since April 9 at the end of last week due to reports of new treatments for COVID-19.  The price was back to approaching $1,700 by midday Monday though, hitting $1,692, with futures also climbing to $1,709. That could just be the beginning of a continued upswing for precious metal investors however, with TD Securities… Read More

If you've been paying any attention to world news the past few months, you've no doubt heard about the coronavirus.  Not only can it take a fatal toll on it's growing list of victims, but its effects are starting to creep into the daily lives of the general population.  Throughout Asia, we're starting to see increased levels of quarantine, the cancellation of public gatherings like concerts or sporting events, and negative economic impacts. With the fears of a global pandemic rapidly growing, so too does the apprehension of the markets  Could the coronavirus be what finally triggers a worldwide recession?… Read More

These Key Indicators Will Help You Stay Ahead Of The Game Stocks have been riding high and the Federal Reserve has hit the pause button on rate cuts.  Even after some big recession scares in 2019, everything seems peachy again now, right? Not so fast. There are the obvious signs of a recession that everyone knows about.  Falling GDP, high unemployment, a plummeting stock market. Those metrics seem fine, so what's to worry about? The savvy investor looks deeper though, and consequently, they're ready and prepared for trouble before the average person. Those indicators we just mentioned?  Usually, by the… Read More

JIM CRAMER URGES INVESTORS TO HAVE AT LEAST TEN PERCENT OF THEIR WEALTH IN GOLD Investment guru and former hedge fund manager Jim Cramer gives investors valuable advice:  "everyone should have ten percent of their money in gold."  The Mad Money host made his comments during the show's Lightning Round. He also recently highlighted gold as a safe haven to hold long term instead of government bonds.  "Why not own something that yields nothing that holds its value than something that yields negative that doesn't hold its value," he said in an interview with The Street. "It is ridiculous not… Read More

A chart from economist Mark Perry, creator of the Carpe Diem blog, has been making the rounds on Twitter lately and is being hailed as "stunning" and "one of the most important charts about the economy this century". The chart examines the change in prices of various US Consumer goods, services, and wages over the past two decades.  Seen below, it shows how the price of consumer goods with strong foreign competition, such as TVs and toys, have plummeted while the cost of domestic services like healthcare and college tuition skyrocketed. It helps pinpoint the reasons for the recent increase… Read More

These past weeks a new report came out regarding the public finances of the various American states. Apparently it is no longer only the U.S. Federal government that is bankrupt (in debt more than 100 percent of GDP right now and getting worse by the day). Now the overwhelming majority of the states are also drowning in hopeless red ink. What the Truth in Accounting annual State of the States report shared for 2018 is not encouraging for the future of financial markets in the United States. It explains why you need to contemplate what goes in a Regal IRA. Nowadays Gold… Read More

This past week the word came from the largest U.S. investment bank known around the world as Bank of America Merrill Lynch that that the longest running bull market in American history is dead. These are ominous words if they are true, as so many American consumers and investors are still fully invested in the equities' markets. It is a dire warning from a well-regarded and highly respected financial institution not only based in the United States but closely followed by global analysts and economists. This is the latest reason for why you should take steps to protect your investment… Read More

This past week saw remembrance of the ten year anniversary of the Lehman Brothers moment that upped the Global Financial Crisis to a whole new level not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930's. As economists, analysts, policy makers, and investors have all been doing a bit of much-needed soul searching, the questions have come up in the news this past week concerning the source of the next global financial crisis. This is as certain an event as the sun rising tomorrow. One of the biggest questions on everyone's mind in this regard is: will it be the European… Read More

This past week you have continued to hear disturbing news from one of the world's great, powerful, and important banks Deutsche Bank that their finances have continued to deteriorate. A more honest appraisal of their situation would be to say that they have gone from bad to worse. Sadly, this is not only true of Deutsche Bank which is in trouble, but for many, many globally and systemically critical banks around the G7 nations (and other trillion dollar economies) such as Germany's Deutsche Bank, UniCredito Bank and many others in Italy, Banco Santander and others in Spain, and the list… Read More

This past week the markets made more or less new all-time highs. Yet this is a dangerous illusion potentially. In fact September is a notoriously bad month for stocks in the U.S., and in mid-term election years it is even worse. This particular year provides even more pitfalls than usual. It serves as yet another reminder of why you can not put your hope and trust in stocks and the equities markets (or any market for that matter). What you do know and can say with 5,000 years of certainty is that gold offers insurance and protection during market turbulence. Now… Read More

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