This past week saw British Prime Minister May suffer yet another embarrassing setback of her goals to trigger Brexit Article 50 in March. The House of Lords rejected her Brexit bill and amended it for the second time in a week. The PM has vowed to overturn their stalling tactics in the House of Commons in the coming week. Meanwhile in Russia, the country has been celebrating news that despite crippling sanctions from the United States and European Union, their economy has managed to pull out of its longest recession for two decades considerably earlier than anyone expected possible. Even… Read More

This past week saw continued tension and conflict between the 27 members remaining in the European Union and the British who are preparing to reclaim their own destiny and national identity in March as they invoke Article 50 in the Brexit procedures that will require two long years to complete. The rhetoric continues to suggest that material economic harm will come to both the EU member states as well as Britain when it is all finished. Meanwhile, across the pond in America, President Trump received a stern warning from Clinton-era Treasury Secretary Larry Summers. Summers strongly opined that he fears… Read More

Looking at four major financial shocks shows Gold’s outperformance Don’t think you should own Gold right now?  Think again. Here we will consider four major financial shocks and how gold performed versus the most popular traditional asset class the stock market in each of these four scenarios which all occurred within the last 30 years. Black Monday 1987 Stock Market Crash In 1987 stocks fell a whopping 38.9% from their peak to October crash.  At the same time, Gold rose 5%.  Stocks did eke out a paltry 2.26% gain in 1987.  Gold rose more than 20%. Though no one understood… Read More

When it comes to thinking clients, many of them find that they are initially quite enthusiastic about obtaining exposure to physically held gold and other precious metals. What invariably happens is they get into a conversation with their financial advisor and begin to have cold water dumped on their heads in the form of numerous objections. The reaction from many a financial advisor to a client's burning desire to include gold in a portfolio all too often comes down to one of several unfair responses, like: • Gold is a dinosaur, a relic of the past, a pet rock... •… Read More

  Gold has been considered a haven asset and a store and protector of wealth since the dawn of civilization. Its capability to hedge against inflation is well established, greatly aided by the fact it is a rare and limited metal. Many financial advisors will discourage holding Gold or Silver in a portfolio as they are assets that do not carry dividends. This means they do not create periodic cash flows and have to rely on the re-evaluation of price for positive returns.     Diversification and Insurance factors of Gold We are going to take a look at another… Read More

  After a long year of sitting on the sidelines, the Federal Reserve is likely to start raising interest rates as soon as next month. They found reason after reason to hold off throughout the majority of 2016. For March, they abstained from higher rates because the jobs report came out extremely weak. When June came around, they punted because of the market volatility and fears regarding the world economy. In July they were afraid of a Brexit referendum results induced contagion. By September, their excuse was that they still waited for an improvement in the U.S. jobs market. In… Read More

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