You can not have missed the continuing wild swings and dramatic losses in the stock markets the last week and month. They only seem to be getting worse and even accelerating. Now the S&P 500 charts have started sounding dire alarm bells that more selling is on the way. This pattern in question has been aptly and ominously named the "death cross." With the last Friday plunge in the markets, this dreaded sign showed up on the S&P 500 charts. It means that the last 50 day price average fell below the 200 daily moving average. This warning sign of… Read More

This past week saw the Dow Jones crater more than 800 points in a single session. The largest route since October was blamed on everything from the U.S. versus China global struggle for dominance to a bond market inversion that likely means a coming economic recession. Meanwhile, the air continued to deflate out of various bubbles in the economy, and most noticeably these past weeks from the auto bubble. GM announcing that it is closing five North American plants and laying off about 14,000 workers because of slow car sales is a significant moment in the twilight of the decade-long,… Read More

This past week saw some more wildly volatile and negative sessions on Wall Street. One day the Dow cratered around 400 points while the Nasdaq slid further in its correction territory with another three percent drop. Even the mighty five FAANG stocks Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google/Alphabet settled officially in bear market territory. With the Nasdaq having fallen over 12.5 percent in the third quarter, the long-time tech engine that powered the longest bull market in history forward has simply run out of gas. There are all kinds of speculations and reasons for why the markets could be down,… Read More

This past week, legendary billionaire investor and international business deal financier Paul Tudor Jones warned the world that it has taken on far too high an amount of debt. He predicts that this will cause problems for all asset classes and markets in the not too distant future. Jones has a painfully obvious point for those who take off their rose colored glasses. Total debt in the world notched a scary new all-time high amounting to $247 trillion per the Institute of International Finance (the IIF). Economists are starting to wake up to the increasing danger of out of control… Read More

Treasury yields may not be the most interesting subject on the planet, but they are critically important. As you saw the last week, they are also closely connected with Federal Reserve interest rate decisions. When the Fed did not show any apparent intent to change its course on the planned additional upcoming interest rate hikes (even with upheaval and volatility in the global equities and bond markets), this caused the Two Year Treasury yields to spike to their greatest level dating back to June of 2008. That is the same mid-2008 when the Global Financial Crisis and Great Recession were… Read More