Last week the IIF Institute of International Finance released  a widely followed report. It revealed that worldwide total debt has reached another all-time milestone of $247 trillion through the first quarter in 2018. The non-banking and finance segments made up $186 trillion of this eye-watering total. This brought the debt to GDP ratio for the world to over 318 percent. It was also the first time such a quarterly rise occurred in two years, per the IIF. It happened at a point of all-time record highs in company and consumer debt for a number of the well-developed economies. This debt… Read More

In the last week the news has emerged that the major British and European banks are aggressively arranging highly risky American corporate debt in an effort to increase their slumping bottom lines in other divisions. This has caused some economists and market observers to worry that they are fueling another borrowing craze like the one that brought down the world economy during the Global Financial Crisis from 2007-2009. The Bank of England calls it a significant risk to maintaining global financial stability. These specters from a decade ago are a warning to you that you can not leave the fate… Read More

This past week you saw the U.S. administration renew its pledge to punish those firms that purchase crude from Iran after the reapplication of U.S. sanctions on the Iranians. The response from Tehran was swift and sharp. Iran has contingency plans to close off (or at least hinder) oil shipments from countries that neighbor Iran. They can in fact stop oil from getting out to world markets if they try. Oil prices are already climbing on the overt threat and will only go much higher if they make good on their promise. It explains why you need to invest in… Read More

You have heard a great deal about the ongoing trade war that has officially "launched" this past Friday. President Donald Trump fired the opening salvo with the $34 billion in first-round tariffs on China. There is a point in expounding on the reasons. Economists have come down for and against his arguments that the Chinese must be stopped from "acquiring" (aka stealing) futuristic, sensitive, and leading AI and robotic technologies. It's true that there will never be a stronger position than now for the United States to apply pressure against Beijing. There are several reasons for this. On paper the U.S.… Read More

Last week you saw U.S. investors fleeing domestic stocks at a pace so fast it was a near record. At the same time money that flowed into safe haven Treasuries reached a decade long high not seen since the Global Financial Crisis. While economists are still saying that all is going strong with the American economy, clearly the smart-money investors are not buying the financial media's continuing hype and euphoria. You should be concerned about your investment and retirement accounts given this latest revelation. When geopolitical and economic concerns rise to the surface you need gold in your portfolio's corner.… Read More