This past week saw the global geopolitical focus shift away from U.S. President Donald Trump for the first time in a month. Despite the controversy he stirred up in refusing to back the Israeli-Palestinian Two State Solution idea from the last decade of American foreign policy, all investor eyes were elsewhere. It is the rising populism in Europe, the real story of 2016 and 2017 (so far), that has caught the attention and focus of the global investing community. New polls out this past week and weekend show that populist party election upsets are now possible in not only founding… Read More

This past week saw alarming developments for the United States in several arenas. Unsettling data showed that foreign investors (including key creditors Japan and China) are dumping their U.S. Treasuries at a rate never before witnessed. At the same time, the European Union financial services head threatened to lock out U.S. banks from the European financial system if President Trump moves forward on his recently signed executive order to review and repeal parts of the stricter banking standards implemented under the Dodd-Frank Act. It's not only the U.S. financial industry which is potentially in trouble. Last week saw two major… Read More

Looking at four major financial shocks shows Gold’s outperformance Don’t think you should own Gold right now?  Think again. Here we will consider four major financial shocks and how gold performed versus the most popular traditional asset class the stock market in each of these four scenarios which all occurred within the last 30 years. Black Monday 1987 Stock Market Crash In 1987 stocks fell a whopping 38.9% from their peak to October crash.  At the same time, Gold rose 5%.  Stocks did eke out a paltry 2.26% gain in 1987.  Gold rose more than 20%. Though no one understood… Read More

In another exciting geopolitical week, President Trump introduced radically different immigration and trade policies that threaten the economic prosperity of some nations (and companies) like India and the mobility of refugees. Global reaction to these policies has been far more negative than in the United States where the half the country that voted for the new President supports these evolving protectionist measures. Prime Minister Theresa May from the U.K. came to Washington and was honored with being the first foreign leader to meet with President Trump in the Oval Office. The meeting resurrected imagery of President Ronald Reagan and Prime… Read More

Dow remains above 20,000 while S & P, NASDAQ slip. From a technical perspective, the stock market looks great right now.  Yesterday the Dow Jones Industrial Average advanced 32.40 points to close at another record high after hitting the vaunted 20,000 milestone on Wednesday.  Curiously, both the S & P 500 and the NASDAQ Composite Index each closed lower on Thursday.  And, broader market statistics from yesterday’s action on Wall Street tell an interesting story. (Chart created using Quotestream Media)   Among all listed shares on the New York Stock Exchange, on Thursday, decliners beat advancers 15 to 14 with… Read More

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