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The Fed and Unlimited Spending
23:43:13 - 01/30/2013
The Federal Reserve recently passed a historical spending mark of $3 Trillion dollars, a terrible sign of how poor our economy is doing. The real shock comes when we look at the Federal Reserve’s latest round of bond buying and analyze the direction it is heading in. With the latest bond buying program in action we will reach $1.14 trillion before the first quarter of 2014.
Feds Stress Test
14:41:25 - 01/29/2013
The Federal Reserve has announced that they are conducting stress test on 30 big financial institutions and it will release results from 19 of those banks on March 7th. The Feds are doing this in order to ensure that these large lending institutions have enough capital to withstand a deep recession and sharp market crash incidents. This will be very important data to take note of.
2013 Outlook Still Grim
13:33:56 - 01/28/2013
Many investors are confused with the recent direction that precious metals have taken. We have to understand that precious metals are an investment and that they have both negative and positive movements that depend on reactions to current economic events.
U.S. Federal Reserve Continues To Set Records
09:28:20 - 01/25/2013
The United States Federal Reserve continues to set records that are only a sign of how poor our economy is performing. The Feds balance sheet topped $3 trillion for the first time as the central bank continues with their aggressive monetary easing policy. It has become very difficult to say when the Fed will stop easing when there is no end in sight to their stimulus plans.
Spain’s Recession
13:35:58 - 01/24/2013
Just at the very moment that we think the Eurozone has hit rock bottom, Spain proves us wrong again. Spain’s central bank said a recession in the euro zone’s fourth largest economy managed to worsen in the final quarter of 2012. It seems to be that Spain is managing their spending issues with their austerity cuts, but at the same time they are damaging their GDP growth. The Spanish economy is one of the major bright red spots in the Eurozone that is leaking more money than it is making. The Spanish economy could be looking at a euro exit if things do not improve.
Bank of Japan on Stimulus
11:56:03 - 01/23/2013
The Bank of Japan agreed to an “open-ended” commitment to ending deflation by purchasing assets and took upon a 2% inflation target. According to Wall Street Journal, “Japan's new prime minister hailed as "epoch-making" a pledge he wrested from the central bank to more aggressively stimulate the economy.
Danger Signs Taken Lightly in 2007
12:00:05 - 01/22/2013
The Federal Reserve officials in 2007 appeared to underestimate the danger signs of the United States economy that ended up leading to one of the most devastating financial crisis’ in history. This is according to a 1,566 page transcript that was recently released from the central banks meeting last year. These transcripts were made public by the central bank after a traditional five-year lag. This transcript provides us with the most accurate view as of yet of why the financial crisis occurred.
Obama Officially Begins Second-Term
13:22:42 - 01/21/2013
President Barack Obama took the oath of office yesterday to officially start a second term that will unfortunately carry over many of the same issues from last year. Obama was sworn in by U.S. Chef Justice John Roberts yesterday at 11:55 a.m. during a quick private ceremony.
Fed Report Growth Shortage
09:29:08 - 01/18/2013
The U.S. economy has been slightly expanding in recent weeks as consumers have recently picked up spending. Though, the weak hiring going on is damaging to the economy. According to Wall Street Journal, “The Fed's Beige Book, a summary of economic conditions across the central bank's 12 regional districts, said the economy grew across all regions at a "modest" or "moderate" pace since November.
China has Competition for Position as World’s Factory
15:18:29 - 01/17/2013
China is losing its competitive edge as a low-cost manufacturing base for the world. Data suggest that makers of everything from handbags to shirts to computer electronics are relocating to cheaper areas like Southeast Asia. This movement illustrates that foreign investments in China have grown weak. This is a due to a major stunt in global growth.
Euro Crisis Slows German Growth
18:29:42 - 01/16/2013
The German economy shrank at the end of 2012 as weaker global demand and recession have spread throughout Southern Europe. This has all lead to a major slide in business investment within the German economy. As key import markets continue to struggle and are heading in negative directions there is much concern about not only the German economy but the Eurozone in general. With such a slow and disastrous global economy, trading is very difficult.
Bernanke to Weight QE Cost
13:35:00 - 01/15/2013
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke indicated that the central bank is now weighing the cost from its $85 billion in monthly purchases of bonds while saying that this odd amount of easing supports the economy. Mr. Bernanke still feels that it is still too early to see the true effects that the stimulus packages are having on the economy.
Trade Deficit Grows
10:46:35 - 01/14/2013
The U.S. trade deficit surged in November as a growing consumer demand increased for importuned goods such as smartphones and cars more than the small rise in exports. The nation’s trade gap grew by nearly close to 16% from a month earlier to 48.7 billion. This is the largest the deficit has been since April. The main reason due to the increase in demand was due to the holiday shopping season as this always gives toward high demand of imports.
Fiscal Cliff Leaves Bitter Taste
11:39:51 - 01/11/2013
Many analysts were left with unanswered questions as the United States made a deal to avert the fiscal cliff by extending tax rates for most Americans and delaying spending cuts. Though, many people are now a bit upset as they begin to question if this was really a good idea for our damaged economy. If we look at a survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal, 18 out of 50 economists feel that the deal made to extend the fiscal cliff was a good one. That means that 36% of the economist surveyed feel good about this deal and the rest feel that the deal was a bad idea.
China Buying Gold Asset
11:46:27 - 01/10/2013
As pressure continues to build on a global scale, countries attempt to hedge against possible future disasters. After failing on a gold take over yesterday China has succeeded in taking over another major gold company based out of Australia. We talked briefly in yesterday’s article that the name of the game is to acquire as much physical gold as possible.

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