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Sluggish Hiring
09:12:40 - 09/06/2013
Employers added 169,000 jobs in August while payroll gains in prior months were lower. This shows us that the momentum in the labor market is slowing down and is not as supportive for the Federal Reserves plan to start tapering their bond buying.
Fighting European Optimism
10:11:06 - 09/05/2013
Mario Draghi is trying to prevent investors from overestimating the European Union’s economic resilience. As things get better in Europe, Mr. Draghi understands that there is still much room for improvement. Mr. Draghi predicted a recovery at every European Central Bank policy meeting since December 2011.
Left Out Of the Recovery
12:21:27 - 09/04/2013
In the past five years, many people have lost their jobs and have had a difficult time finding another. For those that were left behind in the slow economic recovery, time is running out. The recession ended four years after it commenced in 2008 and since then 11.5 million Americans are unemployed.
U.S. Manufacturing
11:08:24 - 09/03/2013
The U.S. Manufacturing Index Rose to a much higher number in August then most economists had anticipated. Most economists predicted that the U.S. Manufacturing rate would take a slight dip from 55.4 to 54. Though, the index rate actually increased to up to 55.7! The manufacturing rate is a major indicator of economic health.
Public Sector Down, Private Sector Up
12:32:53 - 08/30/2013
The public sector dealt with the Federal budget cuts by slashing programs by giving thousands of workers furlough days. Many economists expected the private sector to have a similar reaction and as now those economist were wrong. The private sector appears to have responded to all these upcoming budget cuts with a shrug. The private sector seemed to waive off the sequester effects and future tapering by the Federal Reserve.
Home Sales Drop
08:37:24 - 08/29/2013
Fewer Americans signed contracts in July to buy homes that were previously owned. This is a sign that the rising mortgages are really starting to slow down momentum in the housing market. According to Bloomberg News, “The index of pending home sales dropped 1.3 percent, the most this year, after a 0.4 percent decrease in June, figures from the National Association of Realtors showed today in Washington.”
Consumer Confidence to Increase
08:58:21 - 08/28/2013
Consumer confidence unexpectedly improved in August as Americans became more optimistic about employment opportunities and economic outlook. The average estimate for the Consumer confidence measure was 79. The conferences Board’s index of sentiment advanced all the way to 81.5, a number much higher then expected. Consumers are becoming more confident with increases in the labor force, increases in property values, and wages. The economy is slowly showing signs of improvement.
Li Ka-Shing-Backed CEF Looking For Gold
15:16:58 - 08/27/2013
As the price of gold has gone down the past few months, many investors are looking to enter the market. Savvy investors understand that the window of opportunity to invest in gold is wide open with it currently sitting slightly above $1400.
International Countries Prepare for Tapering
13:26:13 - 08/26/2013
Central banks across the world are starting to prepare themselves for a slowdown and a complete halt of the Federal Reserve Stimulus plan. The Brazilian Central bank is a prime example of international countries that are preparing for the Federal Reserve slowdown. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Luiz Awazu Pereira da Silva, the deputy governor of Brazil’s central bank, said Saturday that Brazil has prepared for the Federal Reserve‘s eventual exit from its $85 billion-per-month bond-buying program.
Banks Bet on September Fed Taper
09:53:28 - 08/23/2013
Wall Street’s biggest banks are doing what they do best and that is betting that the Federal Reserve will begin their bond tapering next month. The megabanks put the greatest odds on the Fed beginning to trim its asset-buying program in September, but they also see a decent chance of it happening in December if the September policy meeting is skipped. One thing is certain and that is that the slowdown will be happening soon.
Feds Stay on Course with Bond Buying
12:51:11 - 08/22/2013
Federal Reserve officials confirmed their planned to start tapering their monetary stimulus program. This confirmation of slowing down the stimulus plan has had impact on not only on the domestic market but international markets as well. The Federal Reserve did however leave it unclear as to when or how aggressively they would move.
Existing Home Sales Rise
08:24:01 - 08/21/2013
Sales of previously existing homes climbed to a higher number than forecasted in July. The numbers jumped to such a high rate that has not been seen since November of 2009. More buyers are entering the market for buying existing homes in attempt to avoid an increase in mortgage rates.
Fed Finds 18 Weak Large Banks
09:26:08 - 08/20/2013
It has been five years since the most wrecking financial crisis in U.S. history and we still have not managed to get our economy back on track. The 18 largest banks still fall short in at least one of five areas that are critical to risk management and capital planning, according to what the Federal Reserve reported.
Inflation Moves Up
13:25:53 - 08/19/2013
Consumer prices rose by a small margin in July as the number of Americans filing new claims for jobless benefits fell to a six-year low. This increase in inflation and decrease in jobless claims will assist the Federal Reserve in pushing forward with their tapering of bond purchasing. According to the Wall Street Journal, “The consumer-price index, which measures what Americans pay for everything from bread to medical care, rose 0.2% in July, the Labor Department said Thursday.
U.S. Jobless Claims Decline
09:07:45 - 08/16/2013
Claims for jobless benefits unexpectedly dropped last week to the lowest level in almost six years! This is a clear single that the job market is continuing to improve. According to the Bloomberg News, “The number of applications for unemployment insurance payments declined by 15,000 to 320,000 in the week ended Aug. 10, the fewest since October 2007, from a revised 335,000, a Labor Department report showed today in Washington. The median forecast of 44 economists surveyed by Bloomberg called for 335,000.

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