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France Declares Austerity is Over
10:09:54 - 05/06/2013
The French finance minister Pierre Moscovici has declared the era of austerity over after his German counterpart made an exception and offered flexibility on deficit cutting. The huge decision ends the complaining between the two biggest super powers of Europe.
Eurozone Fears Worsen
07:57:13 - 05/03/2013
The situation in the Eurozone is at a very dangerous level where anything could be the start of a downward spiral. As if the situation in the Eurozone was not already tense enough, French President François Hollande, now finds himself in the unaccustomed position of pleasing no one.
Fed Pressing Ahead With Bond Buying
09:08:34 - 05/02/2013
The much-anticipated news after the Federal Reserve meeting did not disappoint! The Federal Reserve said that they would continue to march forward with the $85 billion a month bond-buying program. The best part of this is that the Feds hinted at possibly dialing up their stimulus packages if the job market or inflation failed to meet set targets.
High-Speed Traders Use Exploits
08:45:23 - 05/01/2013
High-speed traders are using hidden parts of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s computer system to trade on the direction of the futures market before regular investors even have a chance to get information. According to Wall Street Journal, “Using powerful computers, high-speed traders are trying to profit from their ability to detect when their own orders for certain commodities are executed a fraction of a second before the rest of the market sees that data, traders say.”
Business Confidence Drops in Europe
08:30:03 - 04/30/2013
Confidence continues to weaken amongst Eurozone businesses in April and inflation rates are plunging in Germany and Spain. The Eurozone continues to show very poor signs of life. Such weak economic conditions are pushing the European Central Bank to cut its main interest rate this week.
Europe Woes Damage US Companies
11:16:19 - 04/29/2013
U.S. companies are feeling the effects of a struggling Eurozone. As the Euro continues to struggle U.S. companies start to feel a pinch in their sales numbers. Europe is one of our biggest trading partners. International sales are damage with such a strong dollar in comparison with the euro.
Aggressive Gold Buyers In India
08:09:56 - 04/26/2013
Gold took one of its biggest plunges in nearly three decades. Gold consumers in India, the world’s biggest importer, are rapidly buying the precious metal as it is on a one-week rally and many are speculating that this rally will only continue.
Durable Goods Drop
18:22:36 - 04/25/2013
U.S. orders for long-lasting manufactured goods fell in March as businesses cut investments. This is yet another major sign that the economy has slowed down since the start of the year. According to Wall Street Journal, “Durable-goods orders decreased 5.7% from the prior month to a seasonally adjusted $216.28 billion.
U.S. Mint Halts Smallest Gold Coin Sales
08:42:04 - 04/24/2013
The U.S. Mint has temporarily stopped selling its small-denomination gold coins after surging demand ran down government inventories. After a sharp drop in price people feel that the bottom of the gold market has been reached and are desperately seeking to get their hands on physical precious metals.
EU Near Austerity Limit
08:32:35 - 04/23/2013
The people of the Eurozone are close to reaching their limits when it comes to dealing with austerity. The Eurozone public has great reason to be concerned as too much austerity is known to destroy economies. The International Monetary Foundation has expressed their concerns over the impacts of public spending cuts and has been vocal recently.
Japan Expects Rising Prices
09:55:13 - 04/22/2013
A majority of the Japanese public strongly feels that domestic prices are set to rise in the coming year. The information was gathered by a government survey that shows just how effective their anti-deflation policies have been.
Jobless Claims Continue to Rise
16:29:52 - 04/19/2013
The number of U.S. workers applying for jobless benefits rose again for the fourth time in five weeks! This is a clear sign that the economy is not adding jobs at a fast enough pace. The jobless claim was over the expected amount of 350,000 that economist had forecasted. The four-week moving average of claims, which smooth’s out week-to-week volatility also grew by 2,750, the highest since mid February. All signs are pointing towards a U.S. economy that is continuing to falter and lacks much needed job growth.
France Slowing Austerity
08:56:07 - 04/18/2013
When a country is running into major debt issues the government usually decides on certain budget cuts to avoid unnecessary spending. Austerity is a budget cut in a far more severe manner. Austerity cuts are the most serious budget cuts an economy can take.
Precious Metals Price Drop
08:43:10 - 04/17/2013
Everyone is currently asking why precious metals are continuing to drop? We are currently in one the most difficult economic crisis, if not thee most difficult economic crisis of the history of the United States. Some people are fortunate enough that they have not felt the effects of the recession or have yet to feel them. Though, chances are you have already felt them.
China Starting To Feel The Burn
09:02:43 - 04/16/2013
It looks like the world’s second largest economy is starting to feel a slow down in growth. China is starting to notice that their economy is not what it used to be. China recently experienced a party of epic proportions that lifted incomes but left a major amount of debt, corruption and a big mess behind.

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