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Government Re-Opens
08:50:31 - 10/17/2013
Furloughed federal employees were finally allowed to return to work today as this tense two-week political shutdown has ended. Employees of the federal government are finally allowed to return home after they had been left without pay. President Barack Obama singed into law legislation that reopened a partially closed government and most importantly averted a very feared debt-ceiling collision.
Debt Race
10:41:55 - 10/16/2013
Senate leaders in both parties are putting the final touches on an agreement to temporarily raise the U.S. debt ceiling and ending the government shutdown. Lawmakers are racing against the clock to resolve the budget issues and end this stalemate, so financial markets can finally calm down.
Default Mania
08:59:06 - 10/15/2013
Leaders in Washington have been running around like chickens with their heads cut off in attempt to avert a U.S. default. Investors and banks have noticed the uncertainties of Washington and have dumped billions of dollars in government debt!
Economy Optimism Fades
15:55:50 - 10/14/2013
The economic recovery has had its ups and downs. We have recently enjoyed a positive economic recovery, but optimism seems to be fading once again. Economists have felt that a stronger economic recovery is just around the corner.
Temporary Debt Fix Talks
08:52:31 - 10/11/2013
President Barack Obama and House Republicans began discussions Thursday on a GOP proposal to extended the nations borrowing limit for a period of six weeks. House Republicans proposed such on offer only with an agreement from Mr. Obama to negotiate on a broad range of budget issues.
Difficult Road Ahead
11:11:12 - 10/10/2013
Janet Yellen faces a difficult task of re-defining the central bank when it steps back from its stimulus program. The Central bank has had monetary stimulus programs over the past six years to assist the economy in the economic crisis.
Yellen as Leader of Feds
14:46:15 - 10/09/2013
President Obama will nominate Janet L. Yellen as chairwoman of the Federal Reserve today. This marks the end of a longer then usual search to fill one of the more important rolls in the world. Ms. Yellen, 67, has been the Fed’s vice chairwoman since 2010, when Mr. Obama nominated her to the post and she was easily confirmed on a voice vote by the Senate. She would be the first woman to run the central bank.
Fed Sends Unclear Signals
08:30:42 - 10/08/2013
The Federal Reserve’s decision to continue on with there $85 billion a month bond-buying program is becoming costly. As if the plan itself were not costly, the indecisiveness on what to do next by the Federal Reserve is really making the markets stumble. This indecisiveness is just damaging the economy in the long run. Confidence will start to go down if the markets remain in the stat of being unable to predict or get a feel for what the Federal Reserve is thinking.
No Data Puts Economist in a Bind
08:19:33 - 10/07/2013
With the monthly job report being delayed by the government shutdown the Federal Reserve and investors said that they were left unsure whether they would have enough data to forecast economic progress. Without enough data to forecast economic progress it is likely that the markets will begin to suffer.
Treasury Backup Plan
10:00:14 - 10/04/2013
The United States treasury department is carefully shielding its backup plan in the event that Congress does not end up raising the debt ceiling in time. This is leading to market confusion as people are starting to speculate what bills will get paid and what bills will not get paid.
Shutdown Standoff
08:41:13 - 10/03/2013
Both parties met today for the first time since the federal government shutdown. After an our of debating, there was no evidence that either side would be willing to move on the health care law and government spending.
Government Shutdown Continues
09:19:05 - 10/02/2013
The Government is shutdown and the way negotiations are going, we could be without the government for 1-2 weeks. Though, the Government shutdown is not even the primary concern at the moment. As much as we hate to see Republicans and Democrats fuss over the Obama care Law, this is not our primary concern. The debt ceiling needs to be raised prior to October 17th or spending funds will be exhausted by then.
Government Shutdown
08:38:54 - 10/01/2013
After years of pushing things until the last minute and avoiding crises, Congress finally ran out of ways to settle differences. Congress was unable to meet a midnight Monday deadline for funding the government and lawmakers allowed it to shut down.
Budget Standoff
09:13:49 - 09/30/2013
Washington’s budget standoff is scaring businesses and consumers. Pushing issues until the last minute does not exactly scream responsible. The threat of a possible government shutdown or a potentially catastrophic default on the nations debt has consumers and businesses extremely concerned.
Euro-Area Confidence Increases
09:21:33 - 09/27/2013
Economic confidence in the euro area has increased pass what economists had forecasted for the month of September. Showing us that the struggling euro nation is gaining momentum and finally moving in the right direction.

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