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EU  Raises Major Concerns on Spain
10:19:52 - 04/12/2013
Spain is struggling to rein in spending and improve its economic performance. Spain is not the only country that is having difficulties as Slovenia, France, and Italy are also in danger.
The Feds and Sensitive Information
09:21:19 - 04/11/2013
The Federal Reserve regularly has meetings and releases information every six weeks. The information that is released is highly sensitive and the markets eagerly wait for the release of it to get an insight of the direction the Federal Reserve will be taking.
Let Big Banks Fail?
09:41:47 - 04/10/2013
The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond President Jeffrey Lacker feel that their needs to be a change of structure of large financial institution’s. Lacker strongly feels that banks should be left to run on their own without government aid and if they fail, they fail. The financial institutions need to be restructured in order for an actual recovery to take place.
Looking Past the Spring Slump
09:08:18 - 04/09/2013
Analysts were spot on when predicting a spring slump for the U.S. economy. Job growth is slowing down and unemployment continues to worsen as more workers become disgruntled. We are at the very beginning of the spring slow down and with austerity measures in place things will only continue to worsen. Analysts are now moving their concerns to another season, the summer. The Federal Reserve is now facing its fourth summer slump in a row. Those that say we are out of the recession have clearly overlooked things.
Job Growth Slowed
08:39:26 - 04/08/2013
Employers added fewer jobs in March than any month in almost a year. This is yet another huge sign of our economy slowing down in the spring. According to Wall Street Journal, “Just 88,000 jobs were created last month, far below February's 268,000 gain. The unemployment rate, derived from a separate survey, dropped to a four-year low of 7.6%. But the decline was prompted by nearly a half-million workers leaving the job market, not job growth.”
Jobless Claims Rise
15:48:39 - 04/05/2013
The number of U.S. workers filing new applications for unemployment benefits has risen again for the third consecutive week. This is yet another strong sign backing up what analyst believe is a slowing U.S. economy. According to Bloomberg news, “Initial jobless claims, a measure of layoffs, increased by 28,000 to a seasonally adjusted 385,000 in the week ended March 30, the Labor Department said Thursday. That was the highest figure since the end of November.” As more evidence continues to come in, a spring slowdown seems to be inevitable.
ECB Needs Plan B
11:16:57 - 04/04/2013
The European Central Bank President Mario Draghi is under intense pressure to reveal a Plan B. A failed attempt to rescue Cyprus last month sent bank shares tumbling across the euro area and shook up investors’ confidence. Now there are doubts throughout the entire Eurozone about the second half of the economic recovery. President Draghi is weighing his options carefully as the next choice could easily send the Eurozone into a downward spiral.
BOJ Recovering
09:13:29 - 04/03/2013
Just about a year ago Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda gave himself two years of doing whatever it takes to move the world’s third largest economy out of deflation. Kuroda is in desperate need of prices to rise in the next 6 to 12 months or the market is in risk of losing confidence due to the promise that was made. According to Bloomberg news, “The BOJ will boost monthly bond purchases by about 50 percent to 5.2 trillion yen ($55.5 billion) at a two-day meeting starting today, according to the median forecast in a survey of economists by Bloomberg News. Pressure for results is growing amid doubts from economists and ex-BOJ officials over whether Kuroda can meet his deadline.
A Spring Slow Down
09:12:41 - 04/02/2013
Even with financial markets reaching higher levels and small signals of growth for our economy, economist still expect another slowdown in spring. It seems that the United States is just stuck in a cycle where we see minimal gains in economic growth and we just tumble back in the wrong direction during the spring.
College Grads and Minimum Wage
09:04:53 - 04/02/2013
The idea that has been built into our minds is to finish high school and get a college education. We can survive and thrive with a college education. As college graduates are learning, this statement is not holding up. In 2012 284,000 students were working in minimum-wage jobs.
Euro-Zone Opens Can of Worms
09:02:32 - 03/29/2013
The euro is continuing to fall against the dollar and many analysts say that the euro has yet to see its bottom. Analysts are extremely bearish at this point when it comes to any type of investment involving the euro. With such hesitant investors the euro is due to continue dropping. There are an increasing number of investors that are betting the euro will continue to fall and by doing so the situation is only going to worsen.
Cyprus Banks to Reopen
11:03:52 - 03/28/2013
Cyprus banks reopen their doors to customers today for the first time in almost two weeks! Along with the re-opening of banks came new rules to accessing cash. According to Bloomberg News, “The Central Bank of Cyprus’s capital controls will include a 300-euro ($383) daily limit on withdrawals and restrictions on transfers to accounts outside the country. Banks will open at midday and close at 6 p.m. local time.
Spain Struggles to Contain Deficit
08:39:11 - 03/27/2013
Spain is predicted to continue struggling with its budget deficit issues for the entire year. The countries central bank expects 2013 to be a very rough year for the country. Currently Spain is in efforts to renegotiate the country’s deficit target with the European Union. The Bank of Spain forecasted that gross domestic product will contract 1.5% this year.
Bernanke and a Currency War
13:25:30 - 03/26/2013
The Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke was attacked with the charge that the United States monetary easing policies were fueling a global currency war. The United States is maintaining low interest rates that in-turn largely effects international economies and the way they handle their currency. According to Wall Street Journal, “Mr. Bernanke said that many industrialized nations are ‘appropriately’ pursuing easy-money policies in order to boost economic recovery following the 2008 financial crisis.”
Cyprus Agrees On Deal
09:22:00 - 03/25/2013
Cyprus has agreed to the outlines of an international bailout plan that will pave the way for 10 billion euros ($13 billion) of emergency loans and eliminating the threat of default. The deadline that was set was March 25th at midnight. The deal that was struck was said to be in the best interest of both the people of Cyprus and the European Union. According to Bloomberg News, “The euro rose after the provisional agreement was struck that would make Cyprus the fifth country to tap a rescue since the euro debt crisis broke out in Greece in 2009.”

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