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Bank of England Growth and Hazards
11:32:16 - 02/13/2014
The Bank of England forecast the U.K. will be one of the fast growing economies this year. Though, the BOE is also stressing that the quality of the recovery needs to improve if this is actually going to last. Currently, economists feel that the recovery in England is neither balanced nor stable.
Tapering to Continue
12:53:35 - 02/12/2014
The Federal Reserve will continue to wind down one of its highest-profile easy money programs unless the economy takes a serious downturn. This was what Janet Yellen said in her inaugural public appearance since becoming the Federal Reserve’s chairwoman.
Yellen Say Labor Market Recovery far from Complete
10:32:42 - 02/11/2014
The Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen said that much more work is needed to restore the labor market to health. Mrs. Yellen also said that she pledges to maintain Ben Bernanke’s stimulus tapering policies in appropriately measured steps. The growth of the labor market has picked up, but Mrs. Yellen understands that it is still very far from complete.
EU’s Debt Addiction
10:01:45 - 02/10/2014
In EU rules, banks can rate all debt issued by the bloc’s 28 national governments as risk-free. This allows any increases in the EU’s capital requirements to be avoided. This essentially encourages investors, as lenders borrow at low cost from the European Central Bank and push the money into state debt that offers higher returns. As we can see the European Union has developed a serious lending addiction that could jeopardize the entire recovery.
European Central Bank New Stimulus
20:35:17 - 02/09/2014
European Central Bank President Mario Draghi put the entire Eurozone on alert for possible interest rate cuts and for additional stimulus measures as early as March. This announcement comes even after the bank opted to keep its monetary policies unchanged for the time being.
Men in Prime Working Ages Don’t Have Jobs
12:38:54 - 02/06/2014
“More than on in six men ages 25 to 54, prime working years, don't have jobs—a total of 10.4 million,” according to the Wall Street Journal. Some of these men are looking for jobs, but many of them are not. Some of these men had jobs that were overseas and some simply lost their jobs to technology.
Workers Fall Short of Forecast
10:54:53 - 02/05/2014
Companies added fewer workers than what was projected in January. Economists are blaming the poor weather conditions and are saying that the colder-than-normal weather limited progress in the U.S. job market.
Affordable Care Act Hurting the Economy?
11:10:33 - 02/04/2014
The Affordable Care Act is projected to reduce the number of fulltime workers by close to 2.3 million people by 2021. Not only is the Affordable Care Act reducing the number of people working, but it has accounted for 2 million less people to register for insurance this year alone! It seems that the concerns of many Americans with this act were not too far off. The new law is already damaging the economy.
US Manufacturing slowdown
19:12:03 - 02/03/2014
U.S. factories posted their worst month since last may. Many economists feel that this should be expected as cold weather usually reduces work orders and creates weaker economic growth abroad. “The Institute for Supply Management on Monday said its broad index plummeted to 51.3 from 56.5 in December. Any reading above 50 still indicates expansion, so this shows that we are still growing but, at a slow pace.
U.S. Jobless Claims Climb
12:07:43 - 01/31/2014
The number of people who applied for U.S. unemployment benefits rose by 19,000 to 348,000 in seven days! This is the highest level that the U.S. Jobless claims have hit in the past six weeks. This climb comes after a seasonal hiring where temporary employment is very high. Economist expected the jobless claim to rise to roughly above 300,000, but this large of a jump was not expected. The weekly jobless claim is an important report for investors, but it is a bit more volatile than the monthly report.
Existing U.S. Home Sales Slump
10:29:27 - 01/30/2014
Contracts to purchase homes that are previously owned dropped drastically in December to levels that have not been seen sine May 2010. Economist are blaming this terrible slump on two factors and that is bad weather and high borrowing cost. A gauge of pending home sales slumped 8.7 percent after a revised 0.3 percent drop in November that was initially reported as a gain, the National Association of Realtors.” Economist are not too concerned at these figures, but should be looked at as a warning sign if housing sales do not pick up in the month of January.
Markets Tumble
13:19:36 - 01/28/2014
U.S. stocks tumbled to their biggest lost last week in over seven months. This is due to a global selloff that investors fear will only worsen due to extended pullbacks in the central-banks stimulus plan. This drop in the markets extends a fear of investors worldwide, after having a very prosperous year in 2013; the markets are finally starting to react.
Italians Give Up
10:42:04 - 01/27/2014
The Eurozone is going through a very difficult recovery period. Some countries are flourishing while other countries are just holding back the euro. Data will be released later on in the week that economists feel suggests will show a record low jobless rate. This in turn questioning if the Eurozone is really in a recovery period.
The Euro Recovery
14:27:06 - 01/24/2014
The European Central Bank can finally come up for air, after gasping for breath for the last few years. The Eurozone has been in a state of turmoil since the market crash and many investors had been wondering if a recovery was even possible. Currently the European Central Bank is moving towards winding down emergency dollar liquidity facilities that helped lenders weather finical turbulence since 2007.
Argentine Crisis
10:15:18 - 01/23/2014
Argentina has been through its fair amount of economic turmoil. The last time the country was in such a chaotic state was a bit over 10 years ago when Argentina had a hyperinflation scenario. It seems to be that Argentina may be living a very similar nightmare all over again. The country is facing soaring inflation, weeklong blackouts and excessive amounts of looting.

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