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Yellen says Economy Far From Healthy
11:30:11 - 03/31/2014
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is working on easing investors concerns on interest rates. Ms. Yellen is saying the economy is far from healthy and that stimulus will be needed for a good amount of time. There are still many people that are struggling to find work. Jobs are not where they should be. The after affects of the Great Recession are still being felt and it will take a while before any goals can be accomplished.
Firms’ Profits Hit New High
10:01:58 - 03/28/2014
U.S. Corporate firms hit new highs last year. The driving factor for these high profits have been that firms have kept hiring and spending extremely tight within the economic recovery. After-tax corporate profits rose to about $1.9 trillion in the final three months of last year. This is an issue because many economies are guarding their cash instead of putting it back into the economy for new hires. There will come a time where these firms need to and are basically forced to expand in which they will spend money to do so.
U.S. Economy Expands More Than Expected
10:48:59 - 03/27/2014
The U.S. economy grew more rapidly in the fourth quarter than previously estimated as consumer spending climbed by the most in three years. The economy had a great deal of momentum heading into the harsh winter that we faced at the beginning of the year.
More Stimuli for the Eurozone
09:51:45 - 03/26/2014
The European Central Bank officials are extremely concerned with low inflation levels. The are so worried that these levels will damage the economy that they are will to consider additional asset purchases and even negative interest rates to stimulate the economy and bring inflation levels up.
S&P Downgrades Brazil
09:45:46 - 03/25/2014
Standard & Poor’s cut the credit rating on Brazil’s long term bonds to one level above junk. Warning that government accounts were deteriorating, debt is rising and growth is weakening. This is the latest news to come from the South American’s largest economy. The downgrade makes a huge difference from 2008, where Brazilian bonds were awarded investment-grade status amid the financial crisis.
Hints Inside the Feds Statement
14:15:21 - 03/24/2014
Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen caused a market stirrup last week when she suggested that the central bank might start raising short-term interest rates sooner than investors were expecting. The market is certainly moving in the correct direction so an increase in rates should not come as a surprise. The Feds are predicting that by 2016 the jobless rate will reach 5.4% economic output and that inflation will be just below 2%. Yet by 2016 the Feds only see short-term interest rates at 2%, this is very low.
Uneven Wages in U.S. Economy
17:06:49 - 03/21/2014
Wages are booming in some of the segments of the economy, but those gains have masking gains for the rest of the economy for the past five years. Wages are not up across all jobs, clearly some jobs pay much more than others. There are jobs in the economy just not ones that everyone wants to take. This is where the issue lays.
Janet Yellen Rattles Markets
10:09:23 - 03/20/2014
Janet Yellen has caused concern in the investing world in her first press conference. The Federal Reserve said that they intend to keep short-term interest rates near zero into next year, but investors got signs that these rates might come sooner and at a very aggressive pace. The Federal Reserve attempted to minimize concern as Ms. Yellen played down rate-increase expectations, but they clearly failed as stock prices plummeted.
What to Expect From the Feds
15:49:26 - 03/19/2014
The Federal Reserve will conclude its two-day policy meeting today at 2 p.m. EDT. This meeting is the first meeting with Janet Yellen calling the shots. At 2 p.m. EDT the Fed will release a revised policy statement that shows that the Fed’s view of current economic conditions are. It will also show its plans for the $65 billion monthly bond buying program and short-term interest rates. This is what most investors are interested in and should look out for. The Feds will also release forecasted growth, inflation, unemployment and interest rates.
Qualitative Rate Guidance for the Feds
09:32:56 - 03/18/2014
Economists are concerned that the Federal Reserve could adopt qualitative rate guidance for signaling when to consider raising its benchmark interest rates. Currently the Federal Reserve is using a “6.5 Unemployment Rate” to signal that it is ok for the benchmark to be moved.
Manufacturing Rises
09:53:53 - 03/17/2014
Factory production in the United States rose in the month of February by the most it has in the past 6 months. This indicates that the industry has not started to recover from severe winter weather. According to Bloomberg, “The 0.8 percent gain at Manufactures followed a revised 0.9 percent slump in the prior month that was the biggest since May 2009.
China Slowdown
12:27:59 - 03/14/2014
The United States economy has caught a very positive stride in economic growth, though one variable poses a big threat to us. The slowdown of the Chinese economy is now being seen as the biggest threat to economic growth of the United States economy. There are several reasons why a economic slowdown in China will damage our domestic economy. China is our major trading partner and with a slowdown in progress, it is only a matter of time before we start to feel the effects domestically.
Retail Sales Increase
10:52:59 - 03/13/2014
Retail sales rose in the month February. It had been 3 months since the last time we saw an increase in retail sales. This is a direct sign that consumers are starting to shake off the poor weather conditions and that consumer spending is increasing. The month of February saw 0.3 percent advancement in retail sales, much better than the month of January, which saw a 0.6 percent dip in sales.
ECB Gives New Guidance
09:55:32 - 03/12/2014
The European Central Bank has given investors new guidance on interest rates going forward. In the past week, the ECB President Mario Draghi stated that outgap was the primary reason as to why the 18-nation euro area would need low rates even after growth and inflation pickup. Many of the board members of the ECB are backing this up, as they are certain that many monetary challenges await the euro in the near future.
Federal Reserve Could Have to Accelerate Tapering
09:03:58 - 03/11/2014
The Federal Reserve might be forced to accelerate the pace of tapering to take into account the current economy pickup and forecast for the near future. Economists are concerned that if acceleration of tapering is not picked up, a crucial opportunity to remove bond buying at a faster and more stable pace will be missed.

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