In the past week, stock markets have finally met their match in the form of steadily worsening geopolitical news, especially that coming out of the Korean Peninsula. As the rhetoric grows increasingly bellicose there, world stock markets are clearly responding at last. The over half year long run has run into a seemingly impervious brick wall. This geopolitical uncertainty that could quickly descend into stock market chaos around the globe calls for gold in your retirement portfolio. Gold is the only time-tested and historically proven safe haven asset which will offset a declining equities portfolio while simultaneously being easily transportable… Read More

The biggest financial crisis in American history is actually not the $20 trillion U.S. National Federal debt, contrary to what you might believe. Instead it is something else that will impact tens of millions more Americans in the end. It is the fact that a new report from the Social Security Trustees to Congress (just revealed in the past weeks) showed that the shortfall for the social security benefits is now greater than $46 trillion. To help you put this enormous figure into perspective, recognize that it proves to be more than twice as great as the entire Federal debt,… Read More

The world has taken China's continuing rise to superpower stardom (and the accompanying economic growth it brings the world along with it) for granted over┬ádecades now. Yet this appears to have been a mistake, as recent statistics out of the Middle Kingdom now cumulatively show. China's torrid pace of international investment and exports have plunged. In time, this is going to filter through and impact the values of financial assets the world over. Before it makes itself visibly felt throughout the world economy, you need to acquire your share of gold. The yellow metal hedges against economic disruption and financial… Read More

As the stock market continues to make first one high and then another (last Friday it made its eighth latest all time high in a row), you should beware the herd mentality that is driving it relentlessly and seemingly inexorably higher. President Barry James of James Advantage Fund is among the latest financial markets voices sounding the warning alarm on the inevitable correction that the historical statistics prove is bound to hit before long. He mentioned three different crucial factors┬áthat could lead to absolute financial chaos on Wall Street. In fact, the situation surrounding the financial markets in the U.S.… Read More

Unless you have been totally blinded by the current eight year long lasting bull market run, you can not help but notice that the present day stock valuations are insanely high across the board. Consider that the S&P 500 bell weather benchmark trades for an incredible 15 times its trailing 12 months earnings. This compares to a longer range average of only 15. In the best possible case, you can assume that future returns from this point have to be extremely limited. Yet the real warning sign for investors ought to be the ridiculously low levels presently displayed in the… Read More