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The gold market has maintained its trading range for weeks. This week appears to be headed in the same direction. On Monday, gold prices were again below the critical $1,850 level. This previous support area has become increasingly important to the gold market as it calls into question who is in charge: the bulls or the bears. The yellow metal did cover some ground last week, however, as the bulls looked to bounce back from recent downside pressure. Until the bulls are able to produce a close above the $1,900 level, momentum players and short-term traders may stay on the… Read More

The gold market is off to a slow start as traders and investors return Tuesday from the Memorial Day weekend.  Rising bond yields and a stronger dollar today are both having an impact on gold. The yellow metal has now sunk below support at the $1,850 level and could potentially see further downside in the days ahead.  Although weaker gold may alarm many of the short-term players, for the long-term investor any price weakness may present an excellent opportunity to buy gold at fire-sale prices. As long as the metal holds the $1,800 price level, any further dips may be… Read More

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